also: .posted by ben on Jan 7 at 00:28

Who is the "White Goddess" of Robert Graves? And Chopin and George Sand? Really? Why isn't there a movie starring Juliette Binoche about that too? See page 228 of Fear of Flying for the confusing and inconsequential details. There should have been more fear of the flying. Spellcheck is for Freudians.

The beautiful (without the plastic) writers...: .posted by ben on Jan 7 at 00:26

from left to right: Isabelle Allende, Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda

And now, some words...: .posted by ben on Jan 7 at 00:14

"What happens to people when they die?" I asked her.

"They don't really die," she said. "They go back into the earth, and after a while get born again, as grass or maybe even as tomatoes." This was strangely disquieting. Perhaps it was comforting enough to hear her say, "They don't really die," but who wanted to be a tomato? Was that my fate? To become a tomato with all those squishy seeds?

-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, pg. 75

One day I told him that I had to go home and make dinner for Bennett, he said: "If your Mann is hungry, then you must go home and cook him."

-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, pg. 87

Kafkan? I always thought it was Kafkaesque.

-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, pg. 98

I've skipped long sections of Ulysses too, but I go around telling people it's my favorite book. Likewise Tristram Shandy.

-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, pg. 98

Maybe he actually likes writing. Some strange people do.

-Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, pg. 206

Oh fuck it, is Iris Murdoch really that good looking?: .posted by ben on Jan 7 at 00:14

-Erica Jong

Fear of Flying: .posted by ben on Jan 7 at 00:07

So, I like Erica Jong. But, I can't find any pictures of her from when she was, no doubt, young and beautiful. Instead, she looks old and plasticene. Looking at what she's written since Fear of Flying, her books might be plasticene too... or worse.

But, that didn't stop me from ordering a bunch of books that I should have read ages ago that she kept alluding to. Among them, Colette, de Bouvoir, Tristram Shandy (which I know nothing about)...

Also, I hate John Updike. He analyzes Fear of Flying after the afterword... even after Miller's much more insightful after afterword. His writing is crap. His writing about writing is crap. If he had any decency at all, he'd stop writing an maybe the New Yorker would publish some short stories that aren't crap. Then he compares Fear of Flying to "The Awakening." I was so excited about "The Awakening" when I picked it up, but like so much Updike, it too is crap.

"Containing all the cracked eggs of the feminist litany, her souffle rises with a poet's afflatus. She sprinkles on the four-letter words as if women had invented them..."

-John Updike, "Jong Love"

He gets a bit kinder after that... but I don't care. He's crap. His aversion to all that is ugly and bitter... how I detest him for it... That he has to compare Jong to everything... fucking Catcher in the Rye even... what a bastard.

Found this about...: .posted by ben on Jan 4 at 23:15

There are women I've loved and watched as vulgar hands dissected them for a moment's hideous pleasure. There are others I've felt little for, but touched here or there. And as my fingers move down, I can feel someone watching me, feeling the same contempt for me I feel for myself as I undress their true love.

From the lost posts.: .posted by ben on Jan 4 at 23:15

I have big drives.: .posted by ben on Jan 4 at 17:12

The ancient 8gig SCSI on tom died a week or two ago. Devin finally fixed the alias stuff, since I am apparently utterly incapable of doing so myself, so this is all working again. Of course, all my pictures since July are gone... along with Collin's page, Graham's page and my photos from Seattle.

On the other hand, I met and kissed a devoted reader while shivering pathetically on New Years Eve... I didn't realize I had devoted readers... even in the singular.



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