Guy with gravel voice.: .posted by ben on Dec 14 at 17:10

Morgan has a blog now and we are no more...

The Bad Alex has been giving me unrequested dating advice. Basically, I need to find a woman in town and pursue her. If she realizes she is wanted, then she will want me. At my disposal, I have much evidence to the contrary.

I think I imagined seeing the oranges of Hieronymous Bosch. They never existed. Maybe Miller said that, but I don't remember.

Is that an orange?: .posted by ben on Dec 14 at 17:09

-Hieronymous Bosch, Ship of Fools

giggling: .posted by ben on Dec 14 at 15:09

A girl named something like Aziza likes talking with me because I giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl at a Hanukkah party. She's 30 and shares my love of puff pastry cooking arcana. She also has it made in English Literature because she's some sort of ethnic asian potpourri with a masters degree and a soon to be published novel. Even if I went into English... my mother claims that is a good idea... I would be doomed because of my dual transgressions of race and sex.

Root, God, what is difference?: .posted by root on Dec 10 at 13:43

If you sent me mail anytime in the last day or so, I didn't get it. /var filled up with a 384mb apache access log. Apparently when that happens, mail just gets dropped. Interesting side note: when var fills up, the logs do not say so, since they're all on /var

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I'm having mouse issues. I carefully trapped and released all those mice a month or two ago... but there're still mice and they shit everywhere. So, I thought Eurydice might scare them off, but she predicably caught one.

A dead little baby mouse waiting as a present... and I'm like Binoche in Blue, only less French. So, now I'm trying to rationalize it... and there's so much snow outside, it's not like the mouse could survive or anything. So it's ok that it ended up catfood... circle of life and Elton John and so forth.

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Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

-Philip K. Dick

And now for something I actually enjoyed...: .posted by ben on Dec 2 at 00:28

I am playing an accordion
on a busy thoroughfare

It's too bad that
happy birthday
comes just once a year

-The Russian Birthday Song
(as sung by a cheerless cartoon crocodile)

-Gary Shteynart, The Russian Debutante's Handbook, pg. 447

Vladimir Girshkin once said "thank you" and "sorry" when there was absolutely no need, and often emplyed a bow so deep it would have been excessive at Emperor Hirhito's court.

-Gary Shteynart, The Russian Debutante's Handbook, -pg. 248

Apparently nobody in the Joy crowd had yet thought of writing a small poem that wasn't entirely self-concious or self-referential. NATO planes had not yet been called in to carpet-bomb the city with William Carlos William's collected work.

-Gary Shteynart, The Russian Debutante's Handbook, -pg. 249

metablogness: .posted by ben on Dec 2 at 00:13

I was thinking about vampires... then vampire movies and because I was thinking at infinitly many thoughts per feet (a Collin measurement) I immediatly came to the conclusion that the only reason I'm watching a really bad Wesley Snipes movie about vampires, that I can only assume is based on a comic book of some sort, is that Devin forced me to watch Buffy. But, then I hold Alex responsible too because she likes Buffy and then we all went one merry night to see Underworld.

And not a distance later, my mind was doing the whole I know so many bloggers and we really ought to have a group blog... but that's never happening. Until the evitable happens, go look at GTW, GTC, Adam and Nate being indie. Matt needs a blog.

Strangely, hoopee has linked me. They scare me.

I wrote my GRE essay on Wollstonecraft and I mispelled her name... of course. So, I was smashing my head into the wall at the Trident tonight while reading Vindication... not the real Vindication, but the crappy one. To illustrate:

"Maybe she was reading too many novels with submissive women. Maybe she should write her own novel about a different kind of woman."

-Frances Sherwood, Vindication, pg. 38

And this (anticipating the wrath of my sister) is a bunch of shit. I refuse to believe the young Wollstonecraft thought in this predicable, tedious, mother of all feminism sort of way. Instead I suspect she just wrote what she thought was right and fair... a taste of equality that the contemporary feminism I so detest despertly needs.

So long as I'm digging a dark hole... Knowing nothing of the woman, other than that she is some sort of Enlish teacher, I have convinced myself Sherwood is a lesbian... I've been having issues with that lately... well, ever since Hilary actually... Now I see man hating lesbians everywhere. I think I'm begining to understand how Kristian feels... and reading Rent Girl probably didn't help that too much either.

I've been complaining a lot about male fantasy lesbians lately. The kind in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, the kind in porn that forget they are lesbians when the pizza delivery boy shows up... Real lesbians, the actual kind, are, by definition, not attracted to men.

Sex is stupid.

dead press: .posted by ben on Dec 1 at 02:04

My spaetzle press died. I made spaetzle with a knife. It came out pretty well, but a bit too large.

I've been thinking something bland about art as metaphor for life. Art's all well and good, but no replacement for life. Likewise, a life lived without art is devoid of meaning. Balance young grasshopper.

Spaetzle: .posted by ben on Dec 1 at 01:56



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