Fucking Scantron Bullshit: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 13:55

On the Nature of Hair Gack: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 12:53

I'm back home finally, and it's really cold. Not like that's anything new. I bought a bottle of the Aussie conditioner I buy when I can't find St. Ive's and it came with a bottle of what must be described as hair gack. Being a self respecting computer genius cum artiste, I would never purchase hair gack, but this hair gack, in violation of various anti-trust precedents, came bundled. And so, it's cold, 2:33am and I have no firewood... the inevitable thing to do was take a shower and revel in my vanity and hair gack.

My excuse for this is a conversation I had with Warren the Window Washer. Now WWW is also an avid photographer, though his vanity most likely pales when set alongside mine. And WWW told me the only pictures that last; repeat viewing quality and all that are the ones with people. Since my friends all suck, it's only me, some plants that Collin didn't quite manage to kill, and the one mouse that refuses to eat the sour cream...

So that's my excuse. That and I haven't slept in a while... which is a classic and tends to draw more pity than: I drank a half bottle of port and now everything's pink and sugary.


Also of note, I've been cutting my own hair even since Charisma bit the dust and Marty began spending his days playing with motorcycles. However, no one seems to comment anymore... I assume this is because my chopping is so disastrous that there isn't anything kind to say. Of course, it could be that the people I know all wear wrinkled jeans and flannel and my burgeoning vanity is the last thing on their minds.

Now I may need to cook something and take pictures of it.

Oh crap.

Hair Gack: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 12:52

I don't get it.: .posted by ben on Oct 27 at 15:10

So, Jesse Barboza just walked into the Trident with a bottle of scotch and a bottle of wine to replace what he stole several years ago. And now, I'm sitting in the Trident with a bottle of scotch and a bottle of wine and I'm a little confused. Why now? It's not like I haven't seen him since he stole wine and scotch that night. So, why now? Is he in some self help group that requires him to rectify old debts, or is he simply a nice guy? I always liked him, and I was never sure why... also, his pixie like ex-girlfriend, who seems to think I'm amusing in a stuffy sort of way. I'm kind of glad he stole that stuff. After all, it didn't make me feel that bad at the time, and it feels very good now.

And the bottle of wine he got me looks very good. Amarone della Valpolicella 1999. mmm valpolicella...

Arg: .posted by ben on Oct 25 at 12:31

It appears that everyone in machine learning, at least the good people, were at one point students of Jordan. Meila, Ng, Singh, Saul, Jaakkola, and Hofmann. Hofmann teaches at Brown and does multi-category (as opposed to multi-class) SVM work and is even young. Of course, he's leaving Brown at the end of the semester, so that idea is fucked.

New American Bar Food: .posted by ben on Oct 24 at 22:16

Still here...: .posted by ben on Oct 24 at 21:50

And Pinhead's over there reading Kiss of the Spider Woman and it's freaking me out, because she shouldn't be allowed to read books I love and defile them with the craziness. It' bad enough she's got all that crazy eyeliner on and is polluting the air with the crazy. At least Mary's old, but Pinhead... she's my age, she could be me, after some sort of psychotic break...

I'm at the Trident: .posted by ben on Oct 24 at 21:30

I'm at the Trident, because that's what I do. And this girl is studying something, which is boring, but fine. The issue is that she is speaking to herself as she studies. I think she's reciting what she's studying, but she has a wispy Kahimi Karie voice, so it's not possible to tell. She just looked at me. I think she suspects.

And then there's some unpleasant girl having on of those deafening in coffee shop cell phone conversations that I love. And, as if all that weren't enough, I haven't eaten today and they're playing the dead. Bah.

cannin dem varmints: .posted by ben on Oct 24 at 15:33

I've been asked a disturbing number of times if I remembered to poke holes in the lid. I did thank you.

Mice like sour cream.: .posted by ben on Oct 21 at 20:49



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