I find myself wondering...: .posted by ben on Oct 20 at 15:47

what it would be like to know someone named Mandy Fitzpatrick. I think she would have red hair and speak like Dylan Thomas. She would rant about the demise of lovers and skeletons. She would wear all black and Buddy Holly glasses while channeling Ferlinghetti and eating gnocchi. She would also know how to say "Gnocchi."

So... Imagine my surprise when I saw that Mandy Fitzpatrick had sent me email... written entirely in html offering me a fixed mortgage rate of 1.95% for 5 years. I tried to write back, but have yet to recieve either a response or a mortgage. It might help if I had a house.

Shimano Lawsuit Pending: .posted by ben on Oct 19 at 20:48

Of Witch Doctors: .posted by ben on Oct 9 at 21:09

So, I was having a great Saturday night, feeling sorry for myself, reading and pontificating on the nature of love, truth, and so forth. Then Pinhead had to sit down next to me, polluting the air with her crazy. Already, I can feel it, seeping into my skin, working its way toward my brain, until... and now there're people who aren't certainly crazy talking about Graham Greene... and sitting between me and Pinhead, absorbing the crazy... oh thank God.

He's like Vonnegut, only cynical.: .posted by ben on Oct 9 at 21:03

  "I think that I used to detest Doctor Fischer more than any other man I have known just as I loved his daughter more than any other woman. What a strange thing that she and I came to meet, leave alone marry."
-Graham Greene, Doctor Fischer or the Bomb Party, pg. 1

Theory of Currency: .posted by ben on Oct 9 at 18:23

GDP growth is supposed to be something like 3%. US economists like 3% inflataion too, though in Europe they seem to think it ought to be lower. I've heard than a person's willingness to wait is something like 10%. I suspect that willingness is in fact much greater, amounting to 4%.

That number seems right because we then get 3%+3%+4%=10% which is about the average stock growth since 1960 or so. Investment doesn't seem so profitable any more, that is, unless I can push my willingness to wait toward 0%.

I got my A. I got my loans.

The French: .posted by ben on Oct 6 at 16:10

Anna: "Shouldn't love be the only truth?"

A Stranger: "For that love would have to be always true."

-My Life to Live

Fall of Western Culture: .posted by ben on Oct 5 at 00:01

MTV has this show that everyone but me probably knows about. Anyway, some guy pokes around the rooms of three girls with a black light, purpotedly to find semen stains... Then he eliminates two of them on the basis of what he saw in their rooms. One of the three had all manner of Winnie the Pooh paraphernalia. The guy calls her juvenile and she breaks down saying, "I just want to be loved," and "I don't want to be alone." Then, during the credits they show her crying and vowing to avenge herself upon the girl her bested her with a drawer full of hideous pink lingerie.

Fucking Intelligentsia: .posted by ben on Oct 4 at 22:25

I've decided I'm going to give up on intellectualism and all its associated failures. Listening to Josh and his ilk blather on about chaos theory has driven me over the edge, though chaos theory has apparantly restored some girl's faith in math.

Now, I will spend my days listening to shit genre punk and reading Spalding Gray. It's the thinking that killed him... Now, if I only knew about dimensional reduction. 464 is too many.

I also recommend this, though you need sound.

I like Hemingway less now.: .posted by ben on Oct 3 at 16:30

"Soft-core porn director Russ Meyer has left the building. Meyer served under Ernest Hemingway in World War II and lost his virginity with the writer's guidance:

Major Hemingway escorted Meyer to a brothel outside Paris which he controlled, and told him to take his pick of the 15 staff. I picked the girl with the biggest tits, Meyer recalled."

-Maud Newton

Ben can cook.: .posted by ben on Sep 28 at 21:19

not me: .posted by ben on Sep 21 at 16:11

So... Retired 65 year old english teacher man sits down next to me and we talk about the nonexistent danger of being eaten by bears in Chatauqua park. He makes minor witticisms about his lack of knowledge of computers. Then I read in peace for an hour... and a girl whose name I don't know, but really should sits down.

Finally, he leaves. But, not before asking: "Here's a crazy thought... would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?"

So... Is he gay, lonely or both?

sleep: .posted by ben on Sep 12 at 19:50

stupid seth: .posted by ben on Sep 12 at 13:22

I have learned second hand that Seth has completely lost his mind. Though Zula got an email, he could apparently not bother including me in the mass spamming. Praise the lord! Anyway... http://peaceofchrist.blogspot.com/

Signs of Genius: .posted by ben on Sep 9 at 14:15

Afternoon Entertainment: .posted by ben on Sep 9 at 14:13

I just watched three cars guided by doped looking college girls pile into one another in front of the stopped accident investigation van. The van put on its lights and everything was so perfect.

I also just heard a roadie say "The great thing about... is that it's aero.

With all this minor joy, maybe I can be somewhat productive today.

Eggplant and Spinach Fusilli with Tomatoes, Artichokes, Taragon, Oregano, Green Onions, Red Bell Peppers, Capers, Chives and Anything Else I Could Find: .posted by ben on Sep 6 at 16:44

Welsh Rarebit and Chips: .posted by ben on Aug 30 at 09:52

I want to go to Mexico.: .posted by ben on Aug 29 at 21:33

boring: .posted by ben on Aug 29 at 21:32

I tried to ask Collin about making chips and he snapped at me... my dad wants me to replace the perfectly fine brake pads on the old Trek and Stephanie is babbling to the creepy bld man about Sam... and I can't manage to ignore her. That Mad World song though... so good.

And the Steinbeck book on the sea of cortez has degenerated into descriptions of pseudo-scientific dissection.

She's the 100% perfect girl for someone else.: .posted by ben on Aug 29 at 20:11

the best I ever had: .posted by ben on Aug 29 at 20:11

bruschetta: .posted by ben on Aug 29 at 20:10

Within a Budding Grove: .posted by ben on Aug 28 at 14:31

"When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air. You can never catch it again."

-DJ Cam sample

long live my yogurt culture culture: .posted by ben on Aug 26 at 20:42

Hemingway likes Caruso... thanks to Graham I think I now have all Caruso. My culture is the destroyer of your (pathetically inferior) culture... Why is Collin the only person I know who answers his phone?

some food i made: .posted by ben on Aug 26 at 20:33

goodbye Alex: .posted by ben on Aug 22 at 19:24

The unpleasant bald man, a disciple of Randy OReily was telling George that Gene is scared to talk to his unpleasant baldness because he bested Gene in a glorious battle of wits. I find that unlikely, given that his tedious baldness has difficulty forming words. I suspect the explanation is much simpler. I suspect Gene finds his prattle annoying.

Stolen from Neal Stephenson (but I bought his books, so it's ok): .posted by ben on Aug 21 at 21:15



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