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Here is what is recent and isn't obviously going to get me into trouble:

here is here

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world affairs: .posted by ben on Jun 3 at 12:41

I have a recurring dream where I say "I'll see your postmodernism and raise you the truth." Pelevin and Yerofeev are sitting across from me and they stare at me blankly because they don't speak English. But, Donald Trump smiles benevolently from across the table and then takes all my money because he actually knows how to play poker.

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I blame Pushkin.: .posted by ben on May 31 at 22:49

So when did you first notice you were an idiot, Venya?

I'll tell you when. It was when I heard two polar opposite reproaches being flung at me simultaneously: that I was boring and frivolous. Because if a man's intelligent and boring, he won't stoop to frivolity. And if he's frivolous and intelligent- well, he won't allow himself to be boring. But I, numskull that I am, somehow managed to achieve both.

-Venedikt Yerofeev, Moscow Stations, pg. 28-29

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Boston Critical Mass: .posted by ben on May 29 at 10:13

Academic Wanderlust: .posted by ben on May 26 at 08:05

Even among those who seek but their own personal moral purity, among monks and anchorites, men are to be found who, undermined and devoured by failure, have become barbarous and hopelessly morbid.

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Thoughts Out of Season, Part I

Unemployable Stanford CS Graduate?: .posted by ben on May 26 at 08:05

Devin Picture:

Devin Blog:
I like you too.: .posted by ben on May 25 at 23:49

"We don't even make the simple Greek distinction between erao and philo, eros and agape. With us, everything is just love, whether it's self-sacrificing or possesive, whether it's friendship or lust or homicidal lunacy. It's all just love," he repeated. "Idiotic word! Even on the human level it's hopelessly ambiguous. And when you begin using it in relation to experiences on the level of eternity-- well, it's simply disastrous."

-Aldous Huxley, After Many a Summer Dies the Swan, pg 184-185

Strangling Desdemona: .posted by ben on May 25 at 23:44


sonsie: .posted by ben on May 25 at 23:11

I've been reading a Huxley book that addresses issues of vanity... and it's somewhat bothersome because issues of vanity are what most concern me... along with those of hedonism... neither of which I'm particularly proud of. So here I am sitting in some upscale apartment building somewhere in the yuppie sector of Boston when I ought to be in some hovel in Golden coding... all of this leads to tremendous feelings of guilt... though nothing so potent as to keep me from buying 24 volumes of George Elliot from 1896... I think that's the vanity speaking, but it's difficult to tell the two vices apart internally.

I may go to church twice tommorow... but that's only to present my vanity to heaven in the most repetitive light possible... I'm not sure I have any legitimate intention of reforming in the near future.

yo yo yo: .posted by ben on May 25 at 13:17

I be kickin it old school style in the Boston cafe with the slick coding style. The master C code man scope out the beats and writing up kmeans feats.

Sparse with the post now back to boast. I got the ill support vector classification in the sector with the slickest calloc since Bill can't write malloc.

Collins Grandmothers House: .posted by ben on May 22 at 01:16

Washington Kansas: .posted by ben on May 19 at 13:48

finished season 4...: .posted by ben on Apr 23 at 13:30

Life is being.: .posted by ben on Apr 23 at 13:29

  • Life is catalytic
    • There should be significant deviations from what chemical kinetics predicts
    • Life modifies its environment
    • Life consumes energy
    • Life creates waste products
    • Life is exothermic
    • Life uses thermodynamic disequilibria to build and maintain other thermodynamic disequilibria (in open systems or within a "wall")
  • Life is genetic
    • There will be some system for storing and propagating information
    • There will be molecular distributions with significant capacity for complexity
  • Life replicates and evolves
    • There will be evidence for replication of structures and complexity
    • There may be evidence (structural & chemical) of evolution of form & function

A Draft Protocol for Detecting Possible Biohazards in Martian Samples Return to the Earth
Strategien Gegen Architekturen: .posted by ben on Apr 16 at 13:54


Yesterday I almost got Strategien Gegen Architekturen Volume 3, but some pissy guy decided I had no right to be radio 1190 ripping their music onto my laptop. He types very slowly and will die with architecture.

ochre: .posted by ben on Apr 16 at 13:35

treatise on the morality of paying for food: .posted by ben on Apr 16 at 13:28

The nature of a person can be determined when the bill comes. The stupid or otherwise incompetent will have no money and won't be the least bit worried even if they aren't friends with the people who are going to end up paying.

Certain annoying types will want to haggle over a dollar or two when the meal cost ten times that. This usually betrays a fundamental inability to count.

Other greedy types will attempt to quietly not pay their portion of the bill. If confronted they get comically defensive.

Decent people with jobs, as near as I can tell, either offer to pay for everyone if they're all friends or it's a date. If the offer is rejected they don't push it because that betrays a desperate need to impress others with a credit card (in my case my father's).

Under less extraordinary circumstances, a decent person will pay their bill and leave a tip no less than 20%. This insures that if there there will be no squabbles over the bill even if someone doesn't pay there share... often for the modest price of 50 cents.

I saw some 50 year old men in downtown Golden today having an animated argument over their bill.

I want to be the sort of person that doesn't have these arguments. I want to be the sort of person who lets small sums go to make my life better. To do the cliche thing, money may not buy happiness, but it may buy tranquility.



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