What is called X.: .posted by ben on Apr 13 at 23:37

"The superman is the man who first leads the essential nature of existing man over into its truth, and so assumes the truth."

-Heidegger, What is Called Thinking, pg 59.

I quoted something like the above to Simon Sparks. He was so firm in renouncing my unfounded quotation as un-Heidegger that I began to doubt I'd read it.

And, for good measure, I add this:

"Beauty is a fateful gift of the essence of truth."

-Heidegger, What is Called Thinking, pg 19.

What fresh new hell is this?: .posted by ben on Apr 9 at 11:46

"Writing is a misuse of language, and solitary reading is a sad surrogate for discourse."
-Goethe, Poetry and Truth, pg 330.

"If I love you, what concern is that of yours?"
-Goethe, Poetry and Truth, pg 459. (paraphrasing Spinoza)

"I honor meter and rhyme, for that is what make poetry poetry, but the part that is really, deeply, and basically effective, the part that is really eficial, is the part of the poet that remains when he is translated into prose. This residue is the pure, complete substance, which a dazzling external form can simulate, when it is lacking, or conceal, when it is present."
-Goethe, Poetry and Truth, pg 365.

"Do we not mark those passages in a book which strongly appeal to us? Young people especially..."
-Goethe, Poetry and Truth, pg 365. (underlined with blue bic using a ruler in my copy)

What Dostoevsky said, only in an extremely German way...: .posted by ben on Apr 7 at 15:24

"The about which fear is afraid is the fearful being itself, Da-sein. Only a being which is concerned in its being about that being can be afraid. Fearing discloses this being in its jeopardization, in its being left to itself. Although in varying degrees of explicitness, fear always reveals Da-sein in the being of its there."

-Heidegger, Being and Time, pg 132

My favorite sick culture...: .posted by ben on Apr 5 at 21:49

Nate may have Ashbery on his side, but I have Goethe.: .posted by ben on Apr 5 at 15:26

"I don't want to read what is going to slide down easily; there has to be some crunch, a certain amount of resilience."

-John Ashbery

not my peers: .posted by ben on Apr 5 at 15:24

They are petty fools... yet they think they are clever and subtle.

mu hahahahahahahahahahhaha: .posted by ben on Apr 4 at 21:06

I just got my paper accepted. Fuck my detractors...

the paper

I stayed at the W.: .posted by ben on Mar 26 at 12:25

I'm Irish... or something.: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 20:46

Some crazy lady just read Byzantium in this bar in Todos Santos... now there's an old guy playing the accordion and the people here are all nuts.

Only assholes feel sorry for themselves. -Haruki Murakami: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 19:18

I'm really wretched and I'm not sure what to do.

The current circumstance is that I'm sitting in a hotel room I can't afford that costs 4 times as much as it should... I'm trying to make myself feel better through luxury... and I have no friends here... There's only the sycophantic bellboy to talk to.

I sat alone on the beach for four hours today. I thought it would be nice, but mostly I was thinking of getting back to town so I could talk to Mr. Brown, the owner of Café Brown... They serve tofu tacos... in Mexico.

Goethe wrote about what I'm feeling now. He wrote about books being a poor excuse for actual companionship... and now, here I am... all alone. I don't think I'd be able to survive biking around Europe by myself.

I talked to Americans today... scared them away with my inane chatter. I am so lonely, words cannot express.

I'm in a Mexican approximation of Boulder.

I'm sick of thinking about money... exchange rates and the like. I don't want to drive my car anywhere for a while. I don't like paying for gas. I don't like paying for housing... All this makes me wish I had a job, and then I don't think I'd get this sick feeling every time I bought something.

Playa Los Cerritos: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 19:01

Goethe told me to.: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 10:11

Here's what you're going to do... I hope.

It's 1089 miles from Denver to San Diego according to my guidebook... I-70W to I-15S to I-5S. If you leave Boulder around 5, I imagine you'll get to San Diego about 8 or 9 in the morning.

Cross at Tijuana. It's really easy. You don't need a bond in baja. Then, drive to Enseneda on 1D, not 1. 1 sucks, 1D has a 6USD toll, but big deal... In Ensenada stop at the tourist office right off 1D. Get your tourist cards. The ass at the office will want to keep your ID while you go to the bank. Leave someone there to make sure he doesn't take a two hour lunch break while you're gone. While you're at the bank, change a crapload of money into pesos. They'll screw you wherever you pay in dollars, and there won't be another opportunity for a while. By now, it ought to be 10 or 11 in the morning.

Drive south. B of LA is hot and crappy, skip it. I'd guess you'd hit San Quintin about 5. Keep going. That stuff in Lonely Planet about driving at night is crap... It's fine... unless you get lost in La Paz.

Keep south. Guererro Negro sucks too. It's flat and smells bad. I'd guess you hit it 9 or 10 or so. Now, sure you've been driving over a day now... but you have plenty of people to conscript... though not Alex I guess...

Middle of the fucking morning you'll hit Mulege. It's pretty, but hot. You might camp on the beach up by town there. Don't be fooled by how pleasant it is at night though, it sucks during the day.

South... south always south. Loreto's boring... La Paz is a mini Mexico City (not a good thing). But then you get to Todos Santos. At it's real nice here. The food's good, things grow and you can camp on the beach for free.

The Sea of Cortez is overrated. It's like the Salt Lake, only it doesn't smell quite so bad... and there're no waves. Here, there's surfing, kayaking and even tofu.

Bring any gasoline cans you have... Fill them in the states. Gas can be upwards of 4USD here... and don't linger in Tijuana.

So, send me bitter protests about where you want to go instead... I'll try to check my mail some more, and I can tell you why that place sucked. In the meantime, I'm going to the beach... See you in Todos Santos.

Al Sur de Mulege: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 09:52

Fog in the Central Desert: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 09:52

Bahia de Los Angeles: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 09:51

Baja Norte: .posted by ben on Mar 17 at 09:50

California.: .posted by ben on Mar 13 at 09:09

I got to San Diego around 3, didn't feel like renting a hotel room, so I explored the city for an hour and then fell asleep in the parking space I'm now sitting in. Of course, Sanborn's still hasn't sent me my insurance, so I'm going to go over to the cafe I woke up next to.



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