yay friday: .posted by ben on Dec 5 at 18:08

I give permission
For this slow spring rain to soak
The violet beds.

-Richard Wright

I hate progress.: .posted by ben on Dec 4 at 23:55

They got rid of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

oh you idiot: .posted by ben on Dec 4 at 22:59

"The great thing is that we've thrown Roddenberry's world out because it doesn't come into play for 100 years after us."

-Scott Bakula

pundit square: .posted by ben on Dec 4 at 22:58

How did Lionel Ritchie spawn this bimbo (the one on the right)? I don't understand genetics... Is the gene that makes you white recessive?

Norm MacDonald: "Isn't Lionel Richie a black guy?"
Paris Hilton: "She's black!"
Nicole Ritchie: "I am black!"
Norm MacDonald: "Is your mother black?"
Nicole Ritchie: "Yes, she's black. Do you want to ask her if she's black?

germans: .posted by ben on Dec 3 at 18:55

I have in front of me the parts of my shifter in plastic bags. They are: pufferplatte, riegel, hebellager, schalthebel, and of course the klinkentraegerplatte. There is also a bag of springs and little metal bars with no helpful German name. There is no manual.

almost no more class... ever: .posted by ben on Dec 3 at 15:29

I heard someone call emacs "GNU Emacs" in casual conversation today. He was trying to impress some inept girl by telling her he knew how to use emacs. I suspect she was not impressed.

uber hot asian writer: .posted by ben on Dec 2 at 23:55

I fall onto the girl who played go. Her face looks pinker than it did earlier. She is smiling.

I try very hard to keep my eyes open so that I can look at my beloved.

-Shan Sa, The Girl Who Played Go

She appears to have a great number of stories and novels... of course they are all in French and untranslated... another reason to learn French...

uber hot asian hipster: .posted by ben on Dec 2 at 23:33

It's me...: .posted by ben on Dec 2 at 20:08

I look at her and have to smile
As we go driving for a while
Looking nowhere in the open window of my car
And as we go the traffic lights
Watch them glimmer in her eyes
In the darkness of the evening

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

-Stpehen Speaks

the speediness: .posted by ben on Dec 1 at 18:46

93 was closed at 72 with many flashing lights. I went up Coal Creek and over to Gross all the time contemplating the platonic essence of car. The dam road is a lot more fun if you don't care about paint chipping.

soul for muffin and mocha: .posted by ben on Dec 1 at 18:46

Have I mentioned that I hate my peers?: .posted by ben on Dec 1 at 11:58

"We actually went into not just the feed forward but uh... some of the feed backward ... uh ... structures."

"Is LaTeX part of Matlab? ... Is it implemented in Matlab?"

It's getting late... time for vicious humanism.: .posted by ben on Nov 30 at 02:50

My first exposure to happy things that were sad was Kristian crying when I put "A Glorious Day is Dawning" on.

After that, there were all manner of such oddities: marshmallow peeps, somber roses, romantic comedies, Conrad Roesch (who I happened to see tonight), the poetry of Goethe, Alba, pregnancy and love,

Of course, happy things that are sad betray nosalgia. For the most part, my childhood was unpleasant enough that I don't have to fear that nostalgia. My worry centers more on avoiding idealizations of childhood that will make me regret my lack of an idylic past. So long as I can avoid those, the future will continue to be better than the past... despite the horrid mistakes I make with astonishing frequency... hand holding and a long history of ineffectual hugs being obvious at 2:50 am.

the pessimistic optimism of soren: .posted by ben on Nov 30 at 02:21

it's modernism: .posted by ben on Nov 29 at 16:35

I'm sitting on this unbelievably warm day and staring at the sky.

When I was littler I used to imagine the clouds were alien spaceships coming to bring remarkable technologies and peace to our pathetic little planet.

Today, I started thinking the same... At the risk of sounding happy, I realized that the clouds are gigantic constructs for regulating the climate. And while this might seem pedantic, for some reason it struck me today as impressive.

Then, without thinking about it too much, I found myself building some terrible intelligent design argument, because clouds are really sophisticated and so forth... I realized that was crap, and moved on to that sort of revisionist intelligent design. As I see it, there are two options:

(i) God created a universe with fundamental constants that made the occurrence of little fluffy clouds inevitable. This seems Cartesian, influenced by a slightly greater knowledge of physics than he had available at the time.

(ii) God created some set of possible universes, though in most of them the constants were such that atoms could not form, or there was only one über atom.

Of course, by God I don't mean some benevolent thing, only something that would put into motion the events we are able to observe from within our universe. So, by God, I mean a metauniverse.

Pointed comment: Gods get to be happy.

complete lack of both skiing and productivity: .posted by ben on Nov 29 at 02:33

Love Actually: Love is only for the rich and beautiful.: .posted by ben on Nov 28 at 17:54

eggs: .posted by ben on Nov 28 at 11:54

This post contains no Josh slander.: .posted by ben on Nov 25 at 12:23

I got a new keyboard for my mac, but when I type, it is still fucked in exactly the same way as before. For instance, when I type "c" I get "c " or when I type "enter" I get "\enter"

Jobs will burn.



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