My cat skis better than she does.: .posted by ben on Nov 25 at 02:33

No. Yes.

Note the lack of bindings on her skis.

god bless the japanese and their unrelenting creepiness: .posted by ben on Nov 25 at 02:20

Link stolen from boingboing.net

This is worse: jello mold

Increase in sex crime in Japan (or the old reporting issues): link

Even if the otaku types aren't rapists, they're damn creepy... creepier than me... possibly even as creepy as stile (I wouldn't click on it, no telling how many pop ups he has now...). More Truffaut, less anime... unless that regimen turns me into Jim...

question for the musically inclined: .posted by ben on Nov 25 at 01:54

If I were to put bass strings on my pos fender guitar and only used the low pickups and fucked with the levels on my amp would that make it into a bass?

inept: .posted by ben on Nov 25 at 01:37

I've sort of figured out how to use Soundforge. I'm trying to mix beats, but music is a mystery to me. I have a monotonous drum beat thanks to my keyboard. I've been trying to get bass from my keyboard, but it sounds truly bad. I think I'm going to pretend my cheap ass guitar is a bass instead.

I'm also using two computers to mix this, since I can't figure out how to do it on one.

The function in IA that I need to understand is several hundred lines of C voodoo.

have I mentioned that I hate the ivies: .posted by ben on Nov 24 at 19:15

or some strange angel?: .posted by ben on Nov 24 at 16:13

I just typed rm -rf * in my home directory. Yes, I am an idiot. One time I did that in /home and it got through Anwar's directory and a fair bit of mine before I realized my stupidity.

Stupid Japanese Schoolgirls: Japanese Schoolgirl Watch

I admit my knowledge of C is bad... as evidenced by my dislike of the linker, but I was under the impression that code shouldn't go in *.h files. The majority of the non-GUI code for IA is in the *.h files. It's making me nervous.

ga: .posted by ben on Nov 24 at 14:04

I'm being all productive and shit... pretending to be a good person when I come across this line:

//feh. this is currently hosed for > 1 example pair

I don't know how many simulations I ran with lots of examples. The extent to which this code is undocumented blows my mind. I am so going to die if I make it to industry.

Morning happens when I toast my muffins.: .posted by ben on Nov 24 at 13:52

there is no if: .posted by ben on Nov 24 at 02:14

When I die, I want to be reincarnated as God.

My evil is strong.: .posted by ben on Nov 23 at 23:44


"boy; do i regret the day i first decided it would be a good idea to throw up two rolls of sushi."

Ergo I am well adjusted. Yay.

Silkworm size my fries please.: .posted by ben on Nov 23 at 23:17

Oh what a shitty pointless day!

I tried to write for a few hours. Some combination of my crapped over keyboard and an utter inability to hold a thought negated any possibility of that...

I ended up with tedious recounting of my past month or so... It was missing the letter a. I get a new keyboard soon.

Came home... tried to watch television. The sheer lack of anything interesting on TV never ceases to amaze me... Dinner... guilt about work I should be doing... played with my guitar and keymoard for a while. Freestyled angst to myself and the neighbors... too bad for them... Soundforge works now, but the sound card is still rich with the satanic juju.

Then I tried to sleep.

I put on pajamas, turned out the lights, turned off the computer with the 6000rpm fan and sat in bed for two hours... Got out at 10:30... Trident: Cider and Shortbread. Rakesh and Jim were there of course, but no one I wanted to talk to...

I keep trying to figure out the image analogies code. I know I can understand it, only it's difficult to put in the effort when I could be reading.

My grandmother sent me some obscene number of cheery spams... you're only as old as you feel sort of shit... I'm 46.

Soon I will have 400 blows and "400 Blows."

Allow me to reiterate: bondage truly bothers me and I hate "Secretary" and would probably hate "The Story of O" too if I were stupid enough to watch it.

Hundun: .posted by seifert on Nov 22 at 16:52

Have you ever done math with your unconscious mind?

Math and the Uncarved Block: .posted by seifert on Nov 22 at 16:29

Have you ever done math with your unconscious mind?

Math=>The Uncarved Block: .posted by seifert on Nov 22 at 16:18

Have you ever done math with your unconscious mind?

mein people suck: .posted by ben on Nov 22 at 00:37

I would not recommend "The Seventh Seal" to anyone feeling the least bit lonely. I would recommend sushi and that banana bread pudding desert Hapa has instead.

I read for four hours. My vision got kind of blurry. I want to read more, but can't quite bring myself to it. Friday night television is quite bad. It's probably because all the choice demographics are out doing something.

Today was nothing more than an extended exercise in introspection... wish there were something to be introspective about...

Nose bondage... Ga.

I'm worried Wilde's thesis about aging is correct. If it is, the things I see online will be my death.

I can't tell you how much this picture bothers me.

no sushi: .posted by ben on Nov 22 at 00:09

Self Portrait of an Aspiring Hipster: An Ongoing Study of Vanity: .posted by ben on Nov 21 at 18:52



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