evidence that I am dumb: .posted by ben on Nov 21 at 18:20

Vanilla Ice comes after Vangelis.: .posted by ben on Nov 21 at 15:39

"l've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

apathetic pizza bread: .posted by ben on Nov 21 at 14:13

The hood of my car is more flat now.: .posted by ben on Nov 21 at 12:44

stupid irregular english: .posted by ben on Nov 21 at 01:36

Layed -> Laid

Neither do I: .posted by ben on Nov 19 at 15:46

No God Damn It: .posted by seifert on Nov 19 at 15:43

I do NOT want to be a fucking actuary.

Is there a Seifert ring?: .posted by ben on Nov 19 at 15:42

While I can't imagine it would be enjoyable to be a civil servant, I do find it saddening that it is such a miserable occupation... made doubly miserable by the possibility of being both a civil servant and an actuary.

It ought to be a noble and great thing to be a civil servant.

I'm going to be a super hero.: .posted by ben on Nov 19 at 15:38

It occurs to me that I ought to find something more manly to hum while skiing bumps than "Torn's Diner." Maybe then I'd do manly things like bailing off big drops and such. Not that there're any bumps to ski right now anyway...

White Christmas: .posted by ben on Nov 19 at 02:44

I just watched Mother Night. You should watch Mother Night. In particular, the two of you who have an appreciation for Vonnegut mildly akin to my own greater appreciation should watch it... and I should sleep.

Also, the CD burner I found in the garbage works. The identical CD burner I paid $300 for does not work.

syndicate this: .posted by ben on Nov 17 at 08:04

I don't think P+Q redundant data is fully recoverable. I think you need 3 copies and even then it is not certain you're fixing the bit. Unless I forgot my Huffman encoding and am completely wrong...

you get the idea: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 23:52

$ mail
No mail for ben
$ mail
No mail for ben
$ mail
No mail for ben
$ mail
No mail for ben

mu ha ha: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 23:52

I got blood on the P350's cpu fan. Heat sinks are sharper than they look.

The Caruso is very loud right now. I know what "Una Furtiva Lagrima" means.

I had two mochas and some chai today. I suspect I had some food too, but I can't remember right now.

I have aluminum speakers.

My car will rise. Still I sink.

I suspect there exists a homomorphism between the questions "Can lynx display porn?" and "Does god exist?"

There exists a trivial homomorphism between the answers to the questions "Can lynx display porn?" and "Does god exist?"

All I have to do to make my cats happy is give them food.

Jim watches movies alone because no one wants to watch them with him.

Dying alone may be better than dying with someone you don't like... unless they die at the same time.

While I may not have enough Proust to stun an ox, I have enough Philip K. Dick or Arthur C. Clark or Issac Asimov or Orson Scott Card or Star Trek novels to do so.

I wish I could play the electric violin.

A cheese blintz with raspberry sauce would taste good.

The seven plus one: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 22:50

Eight solutions for how to combat lonliness with an IQ several standards of deviation above the mean:

Anwar: Work a lot, quote the Simpsons.

Ben: Buy shit... panic. Play Horowitz really really loud. Have breakfast alone.

Collin: Go insane.

Dave: Ski. Run away to Patagonia.

Devin: Program. Run errands.

Marco: Get married, work a lot.

Scott: Get a girl friend, work a lot... make photocopies for Ben.

Seth: Get blown up while selling Jebus.

I'm so smert.: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 20:34

I like A better.

A: I'm trying to construct 4 dimensional Gaussian hyper pyramids.

B: I'm computing big affinity matrices.

fell down: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 20:30

They're not happy; they just think they're happy.: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 02:40

Now I know a year has 12 days.
Sometimes more but usually less.
Now I've learned not everything has a name.
Or how do you call a thing that eats itself.

This year has one day.
It happens again when I try to sleep.
Problems to wake up? None.
I've got problems to fall asleep.

Red is the colour of being weak.
White is the colour of being asleep.
Red is the colour of being weak.
White is the colour of being a sheep.
Red is the colour of why am I so weak

-The Notwist

Am I supposed to say "the no twist" or "the not wist?" Regardless, I'm indie and cannot sleep. I have 100 pages of mazimal entropy spectralness. I bet you wish you did.

I always hated Robert Service.: .posted by ben on Nov 16 at 02:14

Her Initals

Upon a poet's page I wrote
Of old two letters of her name;
Part seemed she of the effulgent thought
Whence that high singer's rapture came.
--When now I turn the leaf the same
Immortal light illumes the lay
But from the letters of her name
The radiance has died away.

-Thomas Hardy

Fuck Helaman Ferguson. I CNC 30 ton blocks of granite with my mind.: .posted by ben on Nov 14 at 23:46

I'm not sure why I went to see Ann Coulter: .posted by ben on Nov 13 at 23:03



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