Can't sleep...: .posted by ben on Nov 13 at 04:47

I just spent the last 15 minutes feeling the broken bits of my car in the dark... This after spending two hours sitting in bed.

Sheet Metal I need:

  1. Bumper
  2. Bit below the Bumper
  3. Driver side headlight part
  4. Bonnet

Other stuff:

  1. Headlight
  2. Headlight covers
  3. Headbadge
  4. New shocks for the bonnet (ever since I bought the damn thing)

Collin says the panels are welded on. I could swear I felt screws holding them all on though. If they are welded on, I could always buy a torch and go at it myself. Buying the torch would probably be cheaper than paying someone anyway.

Parts not related to my recent stupidity:

  1. Short throw shifter (so it doesn't rub on the seat, could be accomplished by cutting and welding the current shifter)
  2. Sandblast, polish and clearcoat the wheels (not sure if the shop's sandblaster is large enough)
  3. Fix Dashboard by covering it with carbon fiber
  4. Replace crapped over cd player
  5. Replace semi-blown out speakers
  6. Rebuild the switch for the brights
  7. Weld over the hole for the passanger mirror and machine down
  8. Floormats
  9. Rubber cover for the clutch pedal (or new pedals)
  10. Parking pass for the garage
  11. Parking pass for outside
  12. Put snowtires on
  13. Blame Rakesh for the missing car cover (totally irrational, but so what?)
  14. And while I'm being unreasonable, I'd like a momo steering wheel too.
  15. Rubber gasket for the driver side door
  16. That little plastic cover for the lights by the parking brake that serve no obvious function
  17. The cover for the dangling wires under the dashboard

At least I have racing seats.

If only it could spray Pine-Sol.: .posted by ben on Nov 13 at 02:08

I got a piece of clumping cat litter in my eye.: .posted by ben on Nov 13 at 00:24

At least my German is getting better...: .posted by ben on Nov 12 at 23:06

Man suche nur nichts hinter den Phänomenen, sie selbst sind die Lehre.

Do not, I beg you, look for anything behind phenomenon. They are themselves their own lesson.


If only it were a simulacrum and not another indicative proxy.: .posted by ben on Nov 12 at 20:20

this used to be my playground: .posted by ben on Nov 12 at 15:52

This was the only sugar based cereal I was allowed to eat as a child. Of course, they stopped making it after a year or so. I don't understand how it didn't sell better. One would imagine a food combining dinosaurs and sugar would be the ideal food for the 5 to 10 year old market.

When I was finally beyond my parents' control, I gorged myself on Lucky Charms. This wasn't entirely voluntary, however, as the vegetarian choices at prin were somewhat limited.

Sadly, eating sugar no longer gives me the same joy it once did. The most sugary cereal I buy now is "Quaker Ohs." I sometimes buy Kamut and Honey, which is the health food equivalent of Sugar Crisp. But usually I stick with Grape Nuts or Special K with the strawberries (which are essentially all sugar anyway).

I have this vague recollection that my dad was the one who allowed us to buy dinersaurs. Because of my mother I associate feminism with a passionate hatred of sugar (excepting coke), though I don't imagine this association is based on anything rational.

I am in awe.: .posted by ben on Nov 11 at 18:56

The pissed off asian is apparently named Ben Lackey.

KRS-one has written a book. In it he argues that hip hop came about from a desire for things. The usual arguement I've heard, which I agree with, is that people like Gil Scott Heron were complaining about how miserable things were.

KRS-one aparently thinks that early rap was about things inner city blacks didn't have. So, if a man wanted a Cadillac he would rap about his bad ass Cadillac with 20 inch dubs and so on. The goal was never to accumulate these goods, only to even the score by pretending to have them. Of course, if this were true Will Smith and his demonic intellectual progeny wouldn't feel the need to collect endless cars and women.

What seems more likely is that hip hop was created from the political musings of its early masters and then co-opted by more materialist aspects which have led to the unfortunate popularity of dullards like Sisqo. The overall development of rap seems to go from people like Gil Scott Heron to Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy... then during the early 90's, rap became popular and, as a result of the combined public lust for violence and political apathy, ganster rap took over, and we got stuck with Dr. Dre and his sociopathic friends. During the late 90's it seemed rap might become a legitimate forum for political dissent again, but along came Jay-Z and Ja Rule and their ilk.

Meaningful rap has been marginalized. MTV wants no part of it and the legion middle class white children worshipping ghetto chic certainly don't care. While there are still polical groups like Gangstarr, Guru, DJ premier, Dilated Peoples and Poor Righteous Teachers, they are the minority.

Since good rap is by definition devoid of Bentleys, the majority of good contemporary rap is apolitical... J5, Blackalicious, Dr. Octagon and Deltron 3030.

if only: .posted by ben on Nov 11 at 18:05

You are connected to 213,238 people in your Personal Network through 5 friends.

I'm also connected to Robert Smith now... thanks to Alex of course.

to annoy devin: .posted by ben on Nov 11 at 01:07

Robert Smith is on friendster. I'm not connected. That makes me sad. If a member of my loyal readership is a friend of his, they should become a friend of mine so that I can pretend to be goth.

printer antagonistic version: .posted by ben on Nov 10 at 20:05

Earlier today there were maybe 3 or 4 thousand people in my personal network. Then I became friends with Graham. Graham is friends with Nate. Nate is friends with Alex. Alex is the network hub.

I am now connected to over 20,000 people and the number keeps growing.

fuck with google redux: .posted by ben on Nov 10 at 15:57

Given that anti-ben slander is doing better on google than my pages, I have created a new fuck with google page. As wasabi probably gets reindexed fairly often, the link is going here. Bow to my genius...

I'm on friendster and as my little cousin says to my sister and should say to me... "You have no friends."

still missing a few: .posted by ben on Nov 10 at 15:37

bow to the modernism: .posted by ben on Nov 10 at 15:36

There is not, and cannot be, number as such.

-Spengler, The Decline of the West vol. 1 pg. 59

increasingly desperate food situation: .posted by ben on Nov 10 at 01:35

so damned awkward: .posted by ben on Nov 9 at 22:21


Roads not yet glistening, rain slight,
Broken clouds darken after thinning away.
Where they drift, purple cliffs blacken.
And beyond -- white birds blaze in flight.

Sounds of cold-river rain grown familiar,
Autumn sun casts moist shadows. Below
Our brushwood gate, out to dry at the village
Mill: hulled rice, half-wet and fragrant.

-Tu Fu

I've thought about worse...: .posted by ben on Nov 9 at 00:27

Matthew 5

27: Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:

28: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.



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