baiting a red dragon: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 18:14

I have seen the others
and I have discovered
that this fight is not worth fighting
I have seen their mothers
and I will no other
to follow me where I'm going

Take a shower, shine your shoes
you got no time to lose
you are young men you must be living
go now you are forgiven


tonight: a bit of the old ultraviolence: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 17:17

In Slowness Kundera wrote that a man with bad breath could never have a mistress. I know of several binary pairs pointing to the inverse.

yep, that's me: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 17:16

...in my cowardice I became at once a man, and did what all we grown men do when face to face with suffering and injustice; I preferred not to see them...

-Proust, Swann's Way pg. 10

All art has pears.: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 12:40

-Samuel Bak, Between Worlds

The Japanese get all the cool toys.: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 12:27

...Some sort of Hitachi wearable sold only in Japan. Of course, the page is in Japanese so I can't figure out what exactly it is.

the eyes not the ears: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 01:54

It's Saturday night and I'm doing math... I'm going to die alone.

Suppose we have a quarter of the unit circle that we want to fit a cubic Bezier curve to. The circle and Bezier curves are parameterized as:

on the interval

The obvious error function for our approximation is:

This error function has two fundamental error functions associated:


Suppose the unconstrained control points are symmetric. That is, suppose the global minimum is subject to the constraints:

Then, we know that:

Now suppose that:

Then, by annealing on the cost surface below we can find the best fit policy.

I don't understand why the best fit is an unsolved problem. I can do it numerically to arbitrary precision... I just wrote the code. Now I have to prove my 2 claims.

critical path at 1.2Ghz: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 18:39

The Gender Genie thinks a woman wrote my rant about how evil Cassie is. It also thinks that bit from the Iliad about Apollo doing the kill thing was written by a woman.

...holy shit... I just realized this is a naive bayes classifier taking the context free summation of the occurrence of words as input. I wonder if I could do better with a support vector machine...

Friendster says my only friend is Collin. I'm a leaf!

Is the Friendster graph connected? Probably not... but, I wonder if it is connected if you discard unconnected subgraphs with fewer than say 5 nodes.

My PC is underclocked by 50% and hasn't crashed in 5 hours.: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 17:00

I'm fairly certain someone invited me to a party tonight. I can't remember who or where it was.

stabbing nowhere: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 15:22

Claim: Wearing shirts inside out is not indie.

Proof: Indie people are wearing their shirts inside out.

Therefore it is something which identifies one as indie.

Therefore it is not indie.

ontic ontology: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 02:42

If things were all Hobbesian then I wouldn't be lonely like this. I would have forced my way into a community or been killed trying. At least it would be a brief end.

bigger than jesus: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 02:24

I am obscenely and profanely lonely.

self indulgent goth tripe: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 02:09

What happens now?
Have I done something wrong?
Forgive my need to bleed right now
Please forgive my need to breathe
But I've so much to say
And it wouldn't matter anyway.
You're not here to hear these words that I must say
And I'm convinced inside
That there is nothing more

Whose life do I lead?
Whose air do I breathe?
Whose blood do I now bleed?
With whose skin now do I feel?

I have nothing left to say
I have nothing left to feel
Am I supposed to let this go now?
Let darkness come take you away?

-VNV Nation, Forsaken

ontic nature: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 01:55

little tobacco filled phalli: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 01:55

I have only one purpose currently and it is pathetic and hopeless and I am not at liberty to divulge its specific nature because that will only make me appear to be an ass. I wish there were hope. Kafka said, "There is hope but not for us." Somehow I can't imagine anyone cares if I quote Kafka. Somehow I can't imagine anyone cares. At least your depression is only chemical. Mine is fundamental.

My depression is indicative of my artistic integrity. So there.

when it thaws, it will all turn the color of shit.: .posted by ben on Nov 1 at 01:33

I want to devise a virus to bring dire straits to your environment.: .posted by ben on Oct 31 at 19:49

The Trident is closed. The Bookend is closed... and if I try to walk anywhere else my toes are going to fall off.

Whipped cream at The Bookend is thicker and generally tastier than at The Trident. The espresso still sucks though. I want coffee from either Prufrock's, Paris on the Platte or The Bauhaus... but, that's only because they're all a pain to get to.

Everyone loves overseasoned soba.

teh french speaking asian pixie hotness: .posted by ben on Oct 31 at 19:17

I am a kitten

J'aimerais etre aimée
Mais les Dieux ordonnent
Tu es un être humain
Et je suis un chaton

I am a kitten... meow

-Kahimi Karie

no ice in Kopipi: .posted by ben on Oct 31 at 11:49

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck: .posted by ben on Oct 31 at 08:47

I just tore a foot long hole in my fucking $200 Porsche brand fucking car cover trying to peel it off my iced car. I also have a bleeding hole in my finger. Fuck.

burn baby burn: .posted by ben on Oct 29 at 22:50

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.


elven ears: .posted by ben on Oct 29 at 22:40

Unconsciously, I brought a cigarette to my lips, but before lighting up I remembered the gasoline fumes and returned it to the pack. So I sucked on a lemon drop instead. The result; the uncommon taste of lemon gasoline.

- Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase pg. 270
poo-tee-weet: .posted by ben on Oct 29 at 18:52



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