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I'm reading a Kundera book that's supposed to be funny. It's called Slowness. It appears to consist entirely of complaints about the Soviets. Soviet block countries lack humor.

Wasabi has a search engine now. It has all kinds of bugs. It only returns the page it finds a match on, not the post. Really, it's a glorified interface to grep.

Somehow I made it back from class and then slept through the rest of the day. I didn't dream. Everything seems artless lately. I wonder if caffeine makes me think I'm creative. I haven't been writing because Apple has my iBook of chocolatey badness.

I'm reading 5 novels or so right now... none of which I have any particular attachment to. I have 100 slices now. I haven't even looked at them yet. Though, it is Friday night... I should be out being cool. Segmentation is not cool.

I ran into a girl the other day. At one point, she believed I "hacked " the wait list for one of those horrid writing classes. The reason she didn't get in is that I had two or three times as many credits as she did... Anyway, she asked me about Betsy... most people know better.

I wonder what Hawaii is like.: .posted by ben on Oct 17 at 23:43

Cause only a fool lean up on, lean upon
His own misunderstanding
And what has been hidden from the wise and the prudent,
Been revealed to the babe and the suckling
In every thing, in every way I say

We'll be forever loving Jah
We'll be forever
We'll be forever loving Jah

Cause just like a tree planted planted by the river of water
That bringeth forth bringeth forth, fruits in due season
Every thing in life got its purpose
Find its reason in every season, forever Yeah!

      -Bob Marley

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Memes are a social construction.: .posted by ben on Oct 17 at 09:26

Ts'ai Chi'h

The petals fall in the fountain,
the orange-coloured rose-leaves,
Their ochre clings to the stone.

      -Ezra Pound

late night confessional: .posted by ben on Oct 17 at 03:56

I got so used to sleeping with one leg on top of Amanda's that to sleep now I must put one leg on top of a pillow. For three years I have slept with a pillow beneath my right leg, and the habit shows no signs of abating.

if not love, then let me keep lust: .posted by ben on Oct 17 at 03:23


As cool as the pale wet leaves
of lily-of-the-valley
She lay beside me in the dawn.

      -Ezra Pound

Photos of food are better than photos of me.: .posted by ben on Oct 17 at 02:17

The book on the table is Being and Time.: .posted by ben on Oct 17 at 01:52

The razor is nice. Shaving in the shower is more fun than standing in front of the mirror, though I miss spots. I miss spots anyway.

Taking pictures is nice too. Some people react strangely though. Rob for instance... I wonder if it's one of those aboriginal soul stealing paranoia things. I need rechargable batteries that we didn't have in Colorado Springs for my camera... I suspect they work better that way.

Didn't see Rakesh tonight... still a happy person (all is relative).

Rearranged the living room. To rearrange it more would involve moving bikes and pianos and such. The dragon passability isn't that bad yet.

I wish the mall crawl were happening. It'd be interesting to see people get crushed while watching from a parking garage. I'm not sure if I'm actually this callous.

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I got a new electric razor. It doesn't cut holes in my face. Supposedly, I can use it in the shower, or with shaving cream, or both perhaps. I am going to test this in the morning. It looks cool too.

The Secret History was good, but I'd like to read a Donna Tart book without all the killing. Sadly, no such creature exists.

I'm trying to decide if I should read more books in the from Devin pile, or go buy some Murakami. Still no sign of DS9 or my hub cap... soon. I should work on the lawnmower.

I got a perfect on my computer architecture final. Flawless victory... I don't know how long it's been since I've performed perfectly on something worth half my grade... This is what comes of going to a mediocre school... Now I only need someone to talk to me. Spending 5 hours there silent is really boring.

Didn't go to the Trident... Didn't see Rakesh. Unrelated to mauling his car, a piece of my Birkenstock fell off today. It is now covered in 2 part epoxy and vice grips.

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Rakesh has apparently decided I did $700 of damage to his 10 year old Audi with my Birkenstock. He wants to get the door repainted... Good for him! If he thinks his paint has faded, let him pay for it himself... I fail to believe that my foot did any damage that couldn't be popped out in five minutes by a mildly competent mechanic... greedy bastard who knows less Greek than I do...

I'm starting to enjoy the theory, not of my own devising, that he views this as a personal assault. A slight against his car is against him.... which is insane, but he's being so self righteous about this (more so even than me) it doesn't seem unlikely. This would never have happened if he'd been riding his absurdly dirt free custom built Nobliette... which is why we should all ride choppers... all the time... even while showering.

Cities need to be redesigned. There should not be roads in downtown Boulder, or in downtown anywhere. Maybe cars are permissible out in the middle of nowhere, but driving them where people need to be walking is moronic.

In Vancouver, a city supposedly friendly to cyclists, pedestrians and the like, 26.5% of the land area of the city is consumed by roads. In downtowns, as much as 42% of the land area is consumed by roads.

My statistics (Some Canadian Government site)

This all all overhead. If the roads were done away with, the downtown could be denser. This would eliminate the need for roads. It's a self reinforcing cycle... more roads implies not enough space which makes us add more roads to create increasingly dismal suburbs.

I'd like to fight this, but it's hard. I bike to school once or twice a week, but that still leaves 40 or 80 miles of driving a week. That's going to get worse as soon as I want to go skiing, not to mention when the road is covered in snow and riding the direct drive sounds even deadlier than usual.

I'm rationalizing my driving... it's not in the city, most of it anyway... It's on a stretch of road where the only cyclist that's going to get run over is me... because I'm the only one that's ever out there.

The final solution, in the eyes of this incoherent diatribe, is to disallow cars from entering the city. Simply put up big parking structures on the outskirts of cities. If you want to come in, you could bike, ride buses, or walk. Hell, they could even legalize rollerblading and skateboarding... probably a lot less deadly than cars are.

The reason this isn't going to happen is, obviously, that people like their cars. Hell, I like my car. Asses like Rakesh seem to view them as extensions of themselves, instead of big chunks of metal. Here's where I start to sound like Moses... the problem is idolatry. I've never understood why it's so significant with cars, lawns, and television, but not houses or books, but this seems to be a fundamental truth. Which is why we need to implement a communist utopia to solve all our problems.

God this is a mess. I must apologize if you bothered to read it.

I am a fucking genius.: .posted by ben on Oct 14 at 17:38

1. Pizza is good.
2. Baked brie is good.

...ergo pizza with baked brie is good.


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