The Fossils are mine.: .posted by ben on Oct 8 at 15:00

B-2, or not B-2: That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the slings and arrows of outrageous expense,
Or to take arms against a sea of deficits,
And by opposing end them. To cut; to spend;
No more; and by a cut to say we end
the heartache and a thousand cost overruns
That B-2 is heir to. 'Tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished. To cut; to spend;
To spend? Perchance stretch-out! Ay, there's the rub;
For in those stretch-outs what new overruns may come,
When we have shuffled off deciding,
Must give us pause. There's the respect
That makes calamity of delay.
For would stealth bear the whips and scorns of time,
The lack of mission, the untried technology,
The great expense, the inevitable delays,
The excessive secrecy, and the cuts
That must be made for Gramm-Rudman target's sake.
When we ourselves might today stealth's termination make
With a bare majority. Who would new tax burdens bear,
To pay its $70 billion price tag,
When the dread of a turkey worse than B-1,
A flying bat-winged bomber whose cost per pound,
Is that of gold, puzzles the mind
And makes us rather keep those bombers that we now have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience should make cautious legislators of us all;
And thus the hue of B-2 boosterism
Must be replaced with the sober cast of thought,
And this enterprise of great pith and moment,
Be halted now before it further proceeds,
A handsome bomber yes, but better
Not to be.

Statement by Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-MA, to the House of
Representatives, against the B-2 stealth bomber, July 26.

Sleeping in: .posted by ben on Oct 8 at 12:20

Don't wake me. I plan on sleeping in.

There's a pair of Fossil sunglasses that've been sitting in this computer lab for a week. Am I justified in taking them, or will that make me an even worse person than Rakesh already believes me to be?

fetishism of commodification: .posted by ben on Oct 8 at 09:53

what are they doing in the hyacinth house?
what are they doing in the hyacinth house?
to please the lions in this day

i need a brand new friend who doesn't bother me
i need a brand new friend who doesn't trouble me
i need someone and who doesn't need me

i see the bathroom is clear
i think that somebody's near
i'm sure that someone is following me, oh yeah

why did you throw the jack of hearts away?
why did you throw the jack of hearts away?
it was the only card in the deck that i had left to play

and i'll say it again, i need a brand new friend
and i'll say it again, i need a brand new friend
and i'll say it again, i need a brand new friend, the end

continued late night somethingness: .posted by ben on Oct 8 at 01:03

Why do happy things make me want to cry? And I don't mean the rose. One example would be children's shows... they all present this wonderful world where bad things never happen, yet somehow even the children who watch them frequently end up tormenting others... I just searched for children's shows and ended up with a page detailing the death of Mr. Rogers. This is not what I need. The result of a search for "something beautiful" is (deep down in the images) something called Mr. Hill's Hat, which reminds me of Death to Smoochy. I think that's part of my issue with children's shows... people are in it for the money... and they shouldn't be there... they're screwing with minds, lying to them, and giving them the conception of the world as a place that doesn't desire to destroy them... actually the world's probably apathetic, but you get my point no doubt.

I haven't been writing enough.... that's why this is all coming out this way... best to give it structure, plot, characterization, and all those boring things that English teachers like to torment their students with instead of showing them art. I like art. I want to study art. More than that I want to make it. Art is the only worthwhile thing that people do that lasts. Maybe every once in a while someone genuinely loves someone else, but we're all aware that dies out quickly, permanently, and without question. God bless the Harvard comma. I don't like Harvard.

I really ought to go to bed now... what with the test tommorow and all... not that I have a fucking thing to do once I get home... more television... more movies... maybe even some books... sitting in some coffee shop where the only people who talk to me are even creepier than I am... I wish I weren't so angry... It's mostly at myself... for a million things I've done over the last... well pick any period of time, it's like the continuum hypothesis, the mistakes are so dense it doesn't matter where you look.... That's actually a really clever metaphor that no one will understand... I swear it is.

Must write.

ga: .posted by ben on Oct 8 at 00:26

I like words that aren't words. I like those primal grunts that mean nothing. People should communicate with those more often.

What I do not like are Bezier curves, and their numerous derivatives (not in the curveature sense). Today at the Trident, before I stupidly kicked the car, we were sitting next to a collection of English people. Some were grading papers, and they all seemed more or less content. I was ready to tear my hair out. I need to find something I enjoy doing that I can afford to do.

They don't pay people to have fun... otherwise it would not be fun.

I have an architecture test tommorow, and it's not the good kind of architecture... that is to say the fun kind that people (with some notable, unobtainable exceptions) enjoy. Listening to ugly slavic opera of some sort...

My new favorite song is "Plug me in" by Add n to x. I suspect it's about dildos or something though it could just be my horribly perverted mind at work... I also think they stop singing " plug me in "part way through, and start singing "fuck me in," though once again, this could be a mere machination of my perverted mind... perverted by what exactly, I'm not sure.

I want a digital camera that doesn't suck... then I would start a photo blog that the five people who still talk to me would look at. How come Vonnegut is allowed to be depressed, but I'm not? How come I'm depressed? Why is "How Come" such a horrid construction? Since none of you bastards are going to respond, the answer is fan noise.

When does the angst stop?

ga smer blag urk ak gfa ahh guah yay ooh ahh uah na

My thoughts exactly.

like the ass I am: .posted by ben on Oct 7 at 23:14

...nearly got run over walking across 10th with Devin. As the white Audi went by, I kicked it with my Birkenstocked foot. As I expected, the car stopped, and (not as I expected) out stepped an angry Rakesh... which is unfortunate, because I like him, but he really shouldn't be nearly running me over... (or Devin for that matter). I feel much worse about this than I rationally think I should... though, no doubt, until 10 minutes ago he was telling Eric, Peggy, and god only knows who else what an ass I am.

This is why I have no friends.

blah: .posted by ben on Oct 7 at 16:11

The reason no one has done this segmentation stuff is that they won't share data with anyone. I'd say they don't want anyone to segment it, but I don't think that's it. The explanation is simpler... they're stupid. It irritates me that the difficult part of my research is bureaucracy navigation.

I finally finished Quicksilver today. Don't read it... you might feel obliged to read the other two and that would be a terrible waste of time.

I was at Prufrock's (as always) and people were playing Magic... I watched/offered outdated advice... It was very strange.

There's not really anything I want to be doing right now. I should be doing homework, but that doesn't sound appealing... so I'm just passing time. It seems wasteful. I wish I were one of those people who proudly says "I never get bored," but I'm convinced they all lie.

From this day forward I will wear only linen shirts and The Pants.: .posted by ben on Oct 7 at 15:51

grr: .posted by ben on Oct 5 at 01:13

People who don't understand logos shouldn't talk about it. The irony is far too painful. As a corollary, everyone should listen to me if they're stupid enough to bring up logos and incite a gaggle of ramblings on gnosticism to dance in my mind.

Bicycle rides make everything ok... really.

All art has naked women.: .posted by ben on Oct 5 at 01:12

-Guy Bourdin

problems: .posted by ben on Oct 4 at 00:52

Whenever I think I have real problems, a cat pisses on my bed, and brings it all back into perspective



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