Where have all the writers gone?: .posted by ben on Aug 31 at 17:11

I don't like Nicholas Sparks. He claims the four components of a novel are plot, character, writing style, and length. He also only writes 2000 words a day... I'm not even a writer, and I write more than him. Mostly though, he's a sell out. Anyone who likes John Grisham is. Then there's Steven King. I get the feeling he can actually write, but has dumbed himself down to sell out.

I also think Nicholas Sparks reads too much to be a writer. I do too. We don't actually do anything, so we don't know how people actually act, so our writing sucks. Poor Nicholas Sparks is getting lumped in with me... how sad for him.

And if all that weren't enough, I don't like the way he looks. He's looks like a frat boy, smiling. Take a look at Henry Miller, he never had that nicely pressed polo shirt chic. Now, he was a writer. Or Woolf.

The lyrical murderer is back with another poor hack.: .posted by ben on Aug 27 at 12:14

I've been working on socks a lot recently. It's almo st as big as a real novel, though ther e are issues other than size at stake here.. . unfortunatly. I even rechristen ed one character as Harvey. .. it's safer that way. And while Sara is transparent to anyone who knows me, I think Julia is actually turning into a legitimate character.

Of course, the male characters are all pathetic malcontents... But, you write what you know, right? I think I'll side with Balzac on this issue. Something along the lines of "It's easier for me to write about a city I've never been in. Then, I'm not restricted by reality." And, since I'm writing about contentment, I'm on serious Balzac ground here.

It's very hard to bike to mines. It's almost exactly 20 miles... according to my car anyway. It's been known to lie. There are many hills, and I've run over two bungee cords with the little metal hooks that wrap around your wheels, and then spring violently off into the air. It's really quite scary.

And, I want to scan a picture Graham (Boulder Graham) took of me, but my 350 fried itself, and my nice computer has weirdness with the usb ports.

I'm watching the fourth season of Buffy now. I hear Willow turns out to be a lesbian, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of evidence of her lesbianosity. I hope it's not one of those "I used to be straight, now I'm gay" sorts of things. Giving the fundamentalists ammunition in shows about bimbonic vampireness seems like a bad idea.

I'm finding it's getting harder to write socks as I get farther from college. I hope I can finish it, before it becomes even more unrealistic.

Agent Cooper at Starbucks: .posted by ben on Aug 25 at 10:58

In the middle of my differential geometry class (a misnomer to say the least), I thought it would be kind of funny if Agent Cooper of Twin Peaks fame went to Starbuck's. I picture him complementing the vacant barrista on "damn fine coffee." And for once it would be true. After years of drinking dish water coffee in nasty little cafes, Starbucks would be a welcome change.

I'm at some coffee shop called "Higher Grounds," which I find kind of amusing. However, the coffee is not "damn fine," so I'm thinking about patronizing Starbuck's in the future. The weird part is the coffee is Allegro, the same brand the Trident uses.

Not only is the coffee bad, but there's no one here to talk to... and I have four hours until my next class. My peers don't seem very talkative.

Go here http://mrl.nyu.edu/projects/image-analogies/. I'm using this to label MRI data. It seems to work, but I need more data to do something meaningful. So, I'm doing research, but the only person to talk to about it is my advisor... and the differential geometry teacher, who's apparently in on it too. Where are my peers? The ones that are actually my peers, not just by some technicality.

I also don't think anyone here reads, listens to music, smiles, or watches movies. I keep thinking of the phrase "artless lives," but I don't think that's what I'm aiming for.

Fuck with, and I'll post your ass.: .posted by ben on Aug 13 at 17:43

Feminists are all very concerned with how a man might feel if treated as men treat women, but the converse never seems to interest them. For some particularly chronastic reason the phrase "piece of ass" comes to mind.
Pretty Bicycle: .posted by ben on Jul 23 at 15:24

The Continuation of the Steve Herlacher Saga: .posted by ben on Jul 15 at 15:30

This is fascinating. More in the hcues1@aol.com saga...

So, I get this from siacat1@aol.com:

I saw your "resume" off your website http://nonplatonic.com/wasabiroot/03.07.02/ and was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime?

I responded with this rather witty response:

resume? There are plenty of insane ramblings, but a resume? Now, here is a resume http://ben/resume.html (of course, it is really a resume, and for that reason quite tiresome).

To be cliche about it, you have me at a disadvantage.. You can read far more than you could want to about me online, but I know you only as an email address and a single sentence. So, who are you? Assuming you aren't just a perl script, though if you are, and can maintain a conversation, that's interesting too... Maybe you can tell me your secret, and I can finally beat the Turing test...


Today I got this back from siacat1@aol.com (or hcues1@aol.com):

I mean your "resume" from here http://herlachercues.freeyellow.com/index.html which is linked from your site.

The link is mirrored here. It turns out Steve Herlacher is homophobic. How wonderful is that! The nonsensical email was strange, but this is great. I don't think someone has tried "you are gay" as an insult since I was at prin. It's so bewildering, I'm not even sure how to respond, though it does show homophobia is alive and well.

Which brings me to something I've always found odd about that word. Why, if you hate gays are you called homophobic? Is hate possible without fear? Maybe it's fear of retaliation. Maybe those who persecute gays the most fear that someone will discover they once thought of kissing a man, and they will become subject to persecution, or perhaps their blind, cruel god won't allow them into heaven, but rain fire and brimstone upon them.

The more I think about it, the more it seems self hatred is the issue. I've been watching the first season of Six Feet Under, and I find David great. He's gay, in the closet, and a deacon for a conservative church. The conflict drives him out of the closet over the course of the season. And he attacks some anti-gay demonstrators at a gay man's funeral, which added a light bit to that depressing episode.

It seems that Steve Herlacher is a good part of what is wrong with our society. I suspect the world would be better off without the inconsiderate pool cue toting misogynist (speculation) homophobe that is Steve Herlacher. And I dearly hope google sees fit to associate his name with this complaint (thought currently my "resume" ranks higher than his own page, which is somewhat amusing).

It's Miller time.: .posted by ben on Jul 11 at 18:31

"For the first time in my life, too, I had just met men who were like men ought to be - that is to say, open, frank, natural, spontaneous, warm-hearted."

-Henry Miller, The Colossus of Maroussi (pg. 210)
lain: .posted by ben on Jul 11 at 18:27

Boa - Duvet.mp3
jealousy: .posted by ben on Jul 11 at 18:05

Men have too little humility, women too much.

My wit never fails to defeat me.
Betrayed: .posted by ben on Jul 2 at 02:35

I've spent the last several hours working myself up into a frenzy over this, which really isn't healthy. I've also been trying to decide whether posting a complaint about someone on wasabi is passive agressive, or just plain agressive behavior.

This is sort of like when Hilary told me she'd cheated on me. It was so unexpected, it took me a while to understand how little she cared for me.

I never got an invitation to Anwar's wedding. I assumed it got lost in the mail. Then he (she) cancelled the wedding, and I heard about that second hand too. So today, I finally talk to him, and it turns out I wasn't invited.

His story, which sounds more than a little suspect is that Tina (I think that's her name) read my account of my junior prom, decided she didn't like me, and insisted on not inviting me to the wedding.

This is suspect, because unless your name is Lucia, the account of prom is one of the least offensive things to be found on nonplatonic.com. If you don't believe me, just check the old wasabi pages, particularly when I was checking out all the wacky fetishes the web has to offer (before settling on the pink balloons as my favorite).

So basically, I was betrayed. This makes me wonder if any of my friends would stick by me through anything at all, and I tend to think the answer is no. I think they mostly view me as an eccentric on the way down (to death and destruction) and have little interest in saving me (unless it's Seth we're talking about, in which case he'll always babble on about Jesus and gruesome cross related demise).

It's not only that Anwar didn't stick up for me against his girlfriend, but that he didn't even tell me he was such a coward. Worse still, when he finally did tell me I wasn't invited (after he had nothing to lose by telling me so) he didn't apologise for being a total bastard.

If you want to be my real friend, and stick by me when the going gets tough, I'm accepting applications. And I have this bizzare pseudo-victorian complex, so you'll get absurd loyalty and trust from me.

Josh is always making fun of me because I used to believe the stories he told me. I'm trusting, but I do learn from my mistakes...

Moral: Dating strippers is stupid.

Moral: Friends who value the possibility of sex over your friendship are not your friends.

Moral: Calling people liars (even if they, no, especially if they are) makes people angry.



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