God is.: .posted by ben on Apr 2 at 00:18

God is in my nostrils -Job 27:3

God is there in heaven or in earth -Deuteronomy 3:24
God is in all things -Deuteronomy 4:7
God is a consuming fire -Deuteronomy 4:24
God is a merciful God -Deuteronomy 4:31
God is a among you -Deuteronomy 7:21

God is faithful -1 Corinthians 1:9
God is wiser than men -1 Corinthians 1:25
God is stronger than men -1 Corinthians 1:25
God is holy -1 Corinthians 3:17

God is love -John 4:16
God is eternal life -Romans 6:23
God is the rock of my refuge -Psalms 94:22
God is come unto you -Matthew 12:28

It doesn't say "God is just" or justice or anything depressing like that.
Fanmail: .posted by ben on Apr 1 at 23:42

from Hcues1@aol.com:
Your website is link to illegal activities on AOL and the FBI have been notified.

my response:
and i am afeared.

from Hcues1@aol.com:
And dont forget stupid as hell, you cant even spell.
You should be afraid as its a felony moron

And then whoever it was blocked my address, so I couldn't send them a wit filled response. Say hello to Hcues1@aol.com for me or visit Steve Herlacher's (Hcues1's) website. Steve Herlacher apparently also likes RC cars. Google is so cool. That's what you get for using your real email address to send hatemail... You get posted on wasabi... with porn, lots of porn!!! Assuming that's actually your email address Steve... if it isn't, I guess I look stupid right now... Damn script kiddies.

practise piety aright: .posted by ben on Apr 1 at 23:10

"He who indiscriminately accepts everything in Scripture as being the universal and absolute teaching about God, and does not distinguish precisely what is adapted to the understanding of the masses, is bound to confuse the beliefs of the masses with divine doctrine, to proclaim as God's teaching the figments and arbitrary opinions of men, and to abuse Scriptural authority."
     -Spinoza (Theological-Political Treatise, Ch 14)

"...independence of a citizen soldiery can restrain the rulers of a secular state..."
     -Spinoza (Theological-Political Treatise, Ch 17)

"Tyranny is most violent where individual belifs, which are an inalienable right, are regarded as criminal"
     -Spinoza (Theological-Political Treatise, Ch 18)

"...we have shown not only that this freedom [of speech] can be granted without detriment to the public peace, to piety, and to the right of the sovereign, but also that it must be granted if these are to be preserved."
     -Spinoza (Theological-Political Treatise, Ch 20)
Dasein: .posted by ben on Mar 21 at 13:49

"Being is the being of a being."
-Heidegger (Being and Time)

Revlotution is not an AOL keyword: .posted by ben on Mar 20 at 12:13

You will not be able to stay home, dear Netizen.
You will not be able to plug in, log on and opt out.
You will not be able to lose yourself in Final Fantasy,
Or hold your Kazaa download queues,
Because revolution is not an AOL Keyword...

Revolution will not be right back after
Pop-up ads about eCommerce, eTailers, or eContent.
You will not have to worry about a
Cookie in your browser, a bug in your email, or a
Worm in your recycling bin.
Revolution will not run faster with Intel inside.
Revolution, dude, is not getting a Dell.
Revolution will increase your Google rank.

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword, is not an AOL Keyword,
Is not an AOL Keyword, is not an AOL Keyword.
Revolution will be no stream or download, dear Netizen;
Revolution must still be live.
death: .posted by ben on Mar 19 at 21:12

I have a voice... Kind of.

We've been flinging cruise missiles at Baghdad for an hour or so now... and how does it affect my life? It doesn't. Not one bit. 10,000 could die there, and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.

Jefferson talked about how it was neccesary that the public have a stake in any military action.... That way spurious killing wouldn't occur. I have no stake. Our president has no stake... and the UN might as well be The League of Nations.

People die and I drink Chai.

History Lessons from Toasters: .posted by ben on Feb 17 at 08:19

My toaster has the words "Made in W.Germany" written on it. I think it actually is old enough that it predates the reunification of Germany. My toaster! I guess I have many other things that predate that reunification, but none is such an obvious testament.
Bail off Big Mountains: .posted by ben on Feb 14 at 19:43

Love isn't so bad.: .posted by ben on Feb 14 at 19:34

And on her lover's arm she leant,
And round her waist she felt it fold,
And far across the hills they went
In that new world which is the old.

I beat William Gibson to Death with my bat.: .posted by ben on Feb 12 at 15:20

"I drink to make myself more interesting
(to myself)."

"I drink to make other people more interesting."
-Oscar Wilde

I'm so much crazier that you.: .posted by ben on Feb 11 at 12:02

I call on the gods to
kill those who are happier that I am,
wipe the earth of those that are stupider than I am,
erase uglyness and obesity.

I ask the gods to
fill my life with joy,
make me the envy of at least one person,
let me die before i am useless.

I call on the gods knowing
there is only one true God
and that God does not exist.

PanAm Flight to The Moon Last Year: .posted by ben on Feb 1 at 07:16

"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too." -JFK (Sept 12,1962)
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