The color is Sex Red, look closely.: .posted by ben on Nov 7 at 16:15

Today Michael was going on about how Porsches are no better than other cars, they're just status symbols... He's such a fool. Speed is not a status symbol... it is its own goal.... and I quote, "have you ever tripled the speed limit?"

Burn Baby Burn: .posted by ben on Nov 7 at 11:17

Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

-Robert Frost

The Beautiful People: .posted by ben on Nov 6 at 17:18

Sophie Ellis Bextor... whoever she is...
Not Everyone Hates Me: .posted by ben on Nov 5 at 18:18

I accused Lucia of conspiracy, which she denied. I am obnoxious and paranoid. Cassie's friends with me again it seems. I apparently manufactured her hatred. Lucia seemed surprised that I thought ending up in bed with someone was a meaningful activity.

I voted Democrat. Idealism is dead. One man in the polling place asked for an "I voted" bumpersticker. They didn't have any. He said he needed one to prove he had voted, so that he could get extra credit in a class of his. So perverted...

The Frozen Foods Section: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 16:26

It's nice that male sculptures are so poorly endowed. It makes me feel better about myself. It's much less depressing than looking at Mapplethorpe pictures.

Tucker's here. He's traveling across the country selling music. One cd is essentially Christian Science rap. John Getzschman made the cd. Incidentally he's the son on my 7th and 8th grade English teacher. I think she thought I was an idiot. At any rate, she liked my sister a lot better than me.

I found out Rodney is racist. He got mad at Tucker for being a white rapper. It was kind of funny.

I've started reading A Course in Miracles. It's somewhat like Science and Health but not quite as arcane. On the downside the language isn't as beautiful as it could be.

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists
Herein lies the peace of God.

-A Course in Miracles, pg 1

The Cassie Fiasco: .posted by ben on Nov 2 at 15:30

I've been mulling over this for just over a week now, and thinking I should write it down so I don't forget. Incidentally, that means it must go up on wasabi.

Last weekend I went over to Betsy's and Lucia's with Cassie. With the encouragment of Lucia and Cassie (and the typical apathy of Betsy) I proceeded to get quite drunk. I sat down on a chair and stared up at people occassionally talking to them. It was a big futon sort of chair... so Cassie sat down to. Not on my lap, but damn close. Even in a more normal state I would have had no problem with this, and drunk as I was potential problems did not even enter my mind.

After going on like this for a while, Lucia came up and said that she'd made a bed for me and Cassie. I was a bit taken aback... but several hours later I ended up in that bed with Cassie. This wasn't exactly what I'd been planning on, but it was pleasant enough. Cassie seemed intent on sex and I initially just wanted to cuddle. She said something about "people like us." I'm not sure why we fall in to the same category, but I shrugged it off.

Cuddling devolved (evolved?) into oral sex which almost evolved into sex. Then, after that was all done with, Cassie said "You know this isn't going to be a regular thing." That was crushing. I could feel my insides knoting up. I was an amazingly unpleasant sensation. She shortly fell asleep, and I sat in the bed for an hour or so wondering what I was doing there.

I slipped my clothes on a wandered around outside for a while, and urinated in a field. I was briefly harrased by some drunk people, and then I collapsed in my car listening to Caruso and Elgar and wishing I could drive home and leave Cassie (It'd been several hours since I'd had a drink, and I was disturbingly lucid).

I decided it would be somewhat unkind to leave Cassie, so I went inside to see if she was awake. She wasn't. I read Ulysses for a while. I got a good snicker out of Lucia only having read 20 pages of it or so... the page where she had stopped was dogeared (rabbit eared I think). Snickering at Lucia for that probably makes me a bad person. I'm getting more comfortable with being a bad person.

I tried to sleep on a couch, but it was unconfortable and cold, so I ended up back in bed with Cassie. She had gotten dresssed while I was out wandering around. I fell asleep and morning came. Lucia woke up and was making lots of noise, so Cassie and I snuck out of the house. Cassie had me drive her home, and that was the last I've seen of her. I've called twice, so I'm starting to get this feeling she doesn't want to talk to me.

Some have speculated that there was some sort of Lucia-Cassie conspiracy designed to make me end up in bed with Cassie. It's so odd that Lucia would say, "I made a bed for you and Cassie." ... I know you're my ex-boyfriend, and I'm trying to put as many people as possible in between the two of us, so kindly hop into bed with Cassie... I smiled and obliged.

It has also been pointed out that you shouldn't sleep with the friends of people you want to sleep with (a la the Rules of Attraction). But, I don't think I want to sleep with Betsy, just to be friends... not like that's ever happening... damn. and now Cassie hates me too...

I'm going to live in a cardboard box.: .posted by ben on Sep 29 at 18:57

So strange... I'm dropping electrodynamics... Topology is boring.
They're all going to die...: .posted by ben on Sep 25 at 14:16

"We got way more mass destruction weapons than they got."
-Ron (One of the owners of Prufrock's, in reference to Iraq)
Zeus Doesn't Like Unified Field Theory: .posted by ben on Sep 20 at 14:46

Beware, you who seek first and final principles, for you are trampling the garden of an angry God and he awaits you just beyond the last theorem.

     Sister Miriam Godwinson,
     "But for the Grace of God"
The Artificial Nigger... that's hard to type: .posted by ben on Sep 20 at 14:15

Flannery O'Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia on March 25, 1925, and died of lupus in Milledgeville, Georgia on August 3, 1964. In these 39 years, she contributed a canon of 2 novels and 32 short stories.

She looks a lot like Hilary to me.

The Artificial Nigger by Flannery O'Connor

"He might have been Vergil summoned in the middle of the night to go to Dante or better, Raphael, awakened by a blast of God's light to fly to the side of Tobias."

It's not a Bike Path, it's a Multi-Use Path: .posted by ben on Sep 17 at 11:45

I had nothing to do Sunday, so I decided to go out for a bike ride. I went south on the Broadway bike path. The light to cross Dartmouth was red, so I slowed down 50 feet from it, and waited for it to change... When it did, I sped back up to 15MPH or so. 5 feet across Dartmouth I realized the car making a right turn had no intention of yielding to me. 10 feet across Dartmouth I hit the door panel of the car.

The people got out of the car, and were quite apologetic. A fire truck was going by, and stopped. The firemen checked me out to make sure I wasn't dead, and then called the police. It turned out the firemen had just left the another accident where another cyclist had gotten hit.

The police officer showed up (from the other accident) and took down our stories, neither of which conflicted. The officer then told the car driver he could go...and I waited...

Eventually the police officer gave me my ticket. $100 for "bicycle in crosswalk," in addition to a warning that the car driver might sue me for his broken door panel.

Apparently I was supposed to go 3mph across the street, never mind that a bike path with a speed limit of 25mph exists on either side of the street. When the cop said this, I gestured over to the busy bike path, with cyclists buzzing each way at more than 3mph as they are prone to do.

I asked the cop if a car made a right turn into those cyclists who would be at fault... he said the cyclists.

Two things later occurred to me. If I had been on the road, instead of the bike path, this would clearly have been the car's fault.

Additionally, if I had not slowed down at the last moment, instead of hitting the passenger door, I would have ended up under the grill of the car. Then it would clearly be the car's fault... and I would be dead.

I want a Loebner Prize: .posted by ben on Sep 11 at 14:34

Richard Wallace has a child named Linus.

Sept. 10, 2002 BEVERLY HILLS, Cal. (AP) --

Detectives are investigating a complaint that retired astronaut Edwin ``Buzz'' Aldrin punched a man in the face after being asked to swear on a Bible that he'd been to the moon.

Officers were called to the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive Monday and took a report from Bart Sibrel, 37, who said the former Apollo 11 astronaut had attacked him.

Aldrin, 72, had left the hotel when police arrived around 4:30 p.m. and was not interviewed, said Beverly Hills Police Lt. Joe Lombardi.

Sibrel, of Nashville, Tenn., said he doesn't believe Aldrin or anyone else has ever walked on the moon. He said he was trying to confront Aldrin about his 1969 lunar mission when he was punched. Video of the punch aired Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America."

An early morning telephone call left at the office of Aldrin's publicist was not immediately returned.

Entscheidungproblem: .posted by ben on Sep 9 at 16:00

On Computable Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem by A.M. Turing
Chomsky Hierarchy: .posted by ben on Sep 9 at 16:00

Language Grammar Machine Example
Regular language Regular grammar
  • Right-linear grammar
  • Left-linear grammar
Deterministic or nondeterministic finite-state acceptor a*
Context-free language Context-free grammar Nondeterministic pushdown automaton a^n b^n
Context-sensitive language Context-sensitive grammar Linear-bounded automaton a^n b^n c^n
Recursively enumerable language Unrestricted grammar Turing machine Any computable function

Laser Pellet Fusion is the Answer: .posted by ben on Sep 9 at 14:15

The Danes are stupid. By 2030, they're going to have 50% of their country powered by wind. So inefficient... Topology is still boring. Today we talked about unions of intervals (and intersections).

British Lubricants Federation
Business Leaders Forum
Black Leadership Forum
BLF Publications
Berlin Leder und Fetisch
Billboard Liberation Front
Berkeley Law Foundation
British Lung Foundation
Builders Labourers Federation
Radio BLF
Bolinas Lagoon Foundation
Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation

I only post when I'm bored... during school.: .posted by ben on Sep 6 at 13:24

Topology is so boring. It's not inately boring... but it goes so damn slowly. I don't think my textbook even says what a topological space is... at least it's not in the index.

Right now, we're talking about set theory, the null set in particular. I don't think we spent this long explaining the null set in set theory. The teacher keeps using this wallet metaphor, which is perfectly reasonable, just painfully remedial.

Tommorow morning I'm going camping...alone. No one is going to make me go to a bad restaurant...

TK(2,3); Twist=+540 degrees; Azimuth=0 and 90 degrees, respectively.
Jelly: .posted by graham on Aug 22 at 11:17

No blood, no bones, no brain, no eyes, no ears, no heart. No lungs, no gills, no fins, no head, no tail, no teeth. No needs, other than to drift, feed and reproduce.

Oh, to be a jellyfish
I never update: .posted by ben on Aug 10 at 02:37

English is Ambiguous: .posted by ben on Jun 30 at 05:33

Yesterday I saw a bass.
We're never going to be able to parse English.

Chilis: .posted by webster on Jun 29 at 18:57

I don't want to hear that the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album is bad. Now, I don't want to buy it.

Is it just me, or is that cover creepier than ususal? They say it's by a world renowned artist who I've never heard of. That Might be because I'm ignorant. I like the painting, at any rate.



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