Fuck Mr Wollowsky: .posted by ben on Jan 29 at 19:18:31

I have discovered power chords. I kick ass.

Differential equations sucks. I came into class today, quite confused, and asked my asshole professor question which he said the answers to were in the notes. Well, I took notes, looked at my notes and still didn't get it. I'm not stupid, Mr. Wollowsky is just a prick. Very simple really. So, fuck you Mr. Wollowsky.


Some stuff about the Branch Davidians... They don't seem that bad after all. Go here for more.

"The group that became popularly known as the Branch Davidians are traceable back to a splinter sect that broke away from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (SDA) in 1942. The SDA church is well known for their belief in the imminent return of Jesus Christ to earth, for their special vegetarian dietary restrictions and for their retention of Saturday as their Sabbath.

The breakaway sect was founded by Victor Houteff, who had joined the SDA church in 1919. His beliefs deviated from main-line church doctrine. This became obvious when he wrote his book The Shepherd's Rod in 1930. In it, he outlined errors that he had found within the denomination. The book caused a minor crisis with the SDA denomination; some of its congregations disfellowshipped members who followed the book. Houteff believed that Christ's return would only occur when at least a small number of Christians had been sufficiently purified. He believed that he was a messenger sent by God to conduct this cleansing."

My Hero

when they beat 
on a broken guitar 
and on the streets 
they reek of tropical charms 
the embassies lie in hideous shards 
where tourists snore and decay 
when they dance in a reptile blaze 
you wear a mask 
an equatorial haze 
into the past 
a colonial maze 
where there's no more confetti to throw 
you didn't know what to say to yourself 
love is a poverty you couldn't sell 
misery waiting in vague hotels 
to be evicted 

From the exceedingly strange television show, Lexx. Odd, very odd. Time to go to the trident. Time to read. Time to be happy no new differential equations homework was assigned today. No spelling mistakes this time, the world is a wonderful place.


Pure Energy: .posted by ben on Jan 29 at 11:59:45

I left class early today, feeling like the heroic protagonist from Neal Stephenson's Zodiac. I rode to school of my little red direct drive bike wearing shorts. It had snowed a few inches the night before, and the roads were drenched. Unfortunately the roads were not draining well, so not only did I get wet, I also became the human incarnation of an oil slick (my legs anyway). It burns. I've taken a shower, a long shower, it still tingles a bit. So now, my body is suffering from violent chemical reactions of some sort, all sorts of nasty organic radicals floating about in my system. Not good, not good at all.

So, here I sit, contemplating how I do not understand how to contemplate my differential equations homework. It's due in two hours, and after four more hours of work since last night, I can't say I've learned much.

Why doesn't anyone ever put anything here? Why damn you, why? I know some people look at it, I've looked at the logs, and don't recognize all of the IP's. This is something rare for a nonplatonic site. The fucking spell check still doesn't like the word nonplatonic. Charlatans. . .

Information Society...To Be Free...
Staring at an empty screen
I can sometimes
Feel like dying
Doing what I have to do 
I can almost
Hear you crying
This is how it feels
Funny how it's all so real
This is how it feels
To be free
To be free
Figures slowly come to life
Almost always
They are having
Minor problems minor strife
I can almost 
Hear you laughing
This is how it feels
Using up the time we steal
This is how it feels 
To be free
So this is how it feels to be free

Zen Master: .posted by ben on Jan 26 at 09:36:25

I will become Zen master Ben yet. While I was pouring a cup of chai, I noticed that the top of the container said "refrigerate only once open" instead of the usual "refrigerate after opening." I take this to mean that people notice the general state of the universe, or at least some do, and try to do something different. Perhaps I am thinking this only because I did not get much sleep last night. An interesting quandary. . .


Happy little Zen tale of learning not to struggle with bulls, and achieveinng nirvana above, not that I can read chinese, I just didn't bother to include the translation.

Genetic Shit: .posted by ben on Jan 25 at 09:06:48

I didn't get up at 7:00 yesterday, but I managed to today. I hadn't realized, however, that 7:00 is well before the sun is out in any reasonable sense of the word. This means that it is extremely cold, especially when ones house is heated only to 60 degrees.

My writing class sucks. That particular class is required for my CS major and counts toward the writing requirement for math, so I'm fucked. I got a fucking check minus on my review of some stupid asshole's writing (in 1979 nonetheless) on recombinant DNA. This guy was going on about how any mistakes can (and always have been contained in the lab). Brings me back to two summers ago and the whole monarch butterfly thing.

I think it was genetically engineered sunflower, maybe it was corn. Anyway, the butterflies would try to pollinate the aforementioned plant, but that particular genetically engineered strain was poisonous to them because of all the insecticides breed into that shit. Nasty, nasty stuff...

But, I guess this guy was writing in 1979, so not a damn thing had happened by then. It just seems extremely difficult to contain pathogens in a laboratory if we are designing them for foodstuffs. I'm not saying I don't support genetic engineering, it is an excellent way to advance to a more automated society. If that happens, people could worry about learning, not plowing shit into fields. Seems a much better use of time to me.

Organic farming is stupid, wasteful, and generally paranoid. Well done corporate farming is much more effective, and moves our economy away from producing material goods. This, according to modern economics, is a good things. Look at the Congo, or Russia. They are dependent on diamonds and oil respectively and it is stagnating their economies because they are forced to develop low profit material resources instead of highly profitable technology sectors.

Need Something, Someone: .posted by ben on Jan 23 at 23:57:01

It is currently 11:36 according to the clock on my computer. I am planning on getting up at 7:00 in my continuing attempt to become a morning person. I will get up, stumble down to the trident (after giving my cats some turkey of course) and order a non-caffinated beverage. I won't order coffee because of my insatiable aversion to chemical dependence, a strange result of too much exposure to Christian Science. I will sit, and read a book, pretending to be an intellectual while the Boulderites go about their business as they always do, ordering all their chai and such.

My favorite idiot celebrity:


I had to write something for my computer organization class. Here it is. The actual text is formatted so that it will fit on the index card that it is required to.

1. Name: James Benton Lackey III

2. Name you want to be called: Ben

3. Area of interest: AI, Connective AI, and VR.

4. Email address: ben@nonplatonic.com

5. Why are you enrolled in this course: It is a requirement for a CS degree.

6. What do you expect to learn from this course: I hope to gain some understanding of how real (non 8086) systems are constructed. The only low level Iíve had was a required course on 8086 which was a waste of time

7. What are your career objectives: Iíll probably go to grad school after I graduate next year. Iím thinking about U Washington to study VR, of U Michigan to study AI.

8. What are some topics you would like to see in the course in addition to the syllabus topics: Lectures on potential technology, quantum processors, magnetic ram, that sort of thing, would be interesting.

9. If you had unlimited computing power and memory, what would you want to do with such a systems: The best application I can think of is neuro-simulation. The disparity between processing power of the mind is about 10^4, so in 50 years or so, that will be possible. If we could run our minds on computers, intellectual possibilities would be limitless compared to what we have right now. Our lives would not be limited by cancer, and people would stop worrying about what people look like, and ponder how other people think instead.

10. Comments/suggestions: I know you wonít agree, but I think that if someone knows enough to get a respectable grade in a course without attending, they should not be penalized for doing so. The point of school is to learn, and if they are learning nothing from going to class that is sort of self defeating. The class should be interesting enough without forced attendance to cause everyone enrolled to attend.

Ah, Ezra Pound, what have you done to me? Have I grown so mad that I think education is about learning? Sad, sad it is.


I go looking for pictures of satan, and look what I find.

Satan: Hijacker of a Planet by Louise Edrich....good author, she wrote Tales of Burning Love which is a book with tales of love where people get burned.

The stars are the eyes of God, and they have been watching us from the beginning of the world. Do you think there isn't an eye for each of us? Go on and count

Read the short story (from the Atlantic Monthy) here.

Depressed Artist: .posted by ben on Jan 22 at 23:03:37

Turned to jade are the boy's rosy cheeks;
To his sick temples the frost of winter clings. . . 
Do not wonder that my body sinks to decay;
Though my limbs are old, my heart is older yet.
                              -Li Po

Divine Contemplation: .posted by ben on Jan 18 at 17:01:48

If in this lifetime 
You do not open your mind, 
You cannot digest 
Even one drop of water.

I think I know just enough to be sad. I know more than most other people I had meet, have read more, learn faster, and have actually bothered to think significantly more than the moronic college students and professors I run into. Unfortunately, for all my self-proclaimed intellectual superiority I am not nearly as happy as any of them. Ziggy Marley is an idiot, Bob a revolutionary, but which was happier in life?

I can only hope that if I knew more, then I would be happy. Perhaps I am at a point that lies between the happiness of stupidity, cupidity, and all that and the nirvana that can be attained by truly understanding what the hell is going on.

I was contemplating this paradox a bit earlier. The universe either has some fundamental truth (or truths), or it does not. If it does not, then the fact that the universe has no fundamental truth is in itself a fundamental truth. I guess all this means is that the universe has at least one fundamental truth, even if that truth is false in and of itself. Still, it gives me hope that when I realize one of these is true, I will be a happier person.

Perhaps this state of nirvana past partial enlightenment, and far past the stupidity of the average population, is one of supreme cynicism. Upon understanding everything, one might realize that there is nothing to understand and appreciate the beauty of that. In doing so they would be able to do what I have been unable to do, enjoy life as it is, with imperfections and realize that those imperfections, all the death, sex, and such is somehow beautiful. Then again, maybe they would realize that it all has no purpose whatsoever and say to hell with it all. I've always wondered if that's what criminals, at least the intelligent ones do. Perhaps the clock tower shootings happened because the shooter realized that there was no point, and was trying to kill as many people as possible who had no chance of finding that out on there own. If I were to come to such a realization, would just leave everyone alive to suffer life out in its fullest. Ah, spite.

Insane Librarians: .posted by ben on Jan 18 at 12:54:58

Maybe I'm missing something, but this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Rastaman Vibration: .posted by ben on Jan 18 at 12:27:14

One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain
So hit me with music, hit me with music
Hit me with music, hit me with music now
                               -Bob Marley

Said I don't drink coffee 
For they say 
It's just not right for me 
But what makes me irie 
Is if I could get a little piece of tree 
And build
One good spliff 
Me and my little brothers 
We take a ride 
Gonna teach them 
All the lessons that I have learned in life 
                              -Ziggy Marley

One of these people was somewhat revolutionary, they were actually an impetus for change. The other seems like a pathetic, pot smoking rasta living in his father's shadow with nothing else on his mind. There are so many better heirs to the legacy of Bob Marley than any of his numerous children. Buju Banton, Public Enemy, Wyclef Jean...but why this smiling idiot?



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