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Wasabi (Wasabia japonica syn. Eutrema japonica) is a highly valued plant in Japanese cuisine, used primarily as a condiment for seafood dishes. More recently it has found widespread appeal in western cuisine due to its unique flavor. Used as an ingredient in dressings, dips, sauces and marinades, wasabi is a versatile spice and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular new flavors. Wasabi has a heat component that unlike chili peppers is not long lived on the palette and subsides into an extremely pleasant, mild vegetable taste that even people normally averse to hot food enjoy.


A snatch is a warm, moist place that looks like a taco and can be eaten as a snack. Most people like theirs with a tube steak in it. Everyone else has their hands in a snatch because it feels good. According to Websters, to snatch means to seize the moment and this happens when you find the joy button. This happens when you have your face buried in one for too long.

Wasabi Snatch:

Something incongruous, such as Emily Dickenson and pornography.


Colorado Springs is home to 22 fundamentalist Christian churches. The conservative element is strengthened by NORAD and the Air Force Academy.

Lincoln is a nightmare and a idol to that town. Their own kind, a Republican strayed to the extremes of liberalism. Ronald Reagan is their kind of man.

Red meat, cowboys, dead Indians, and Star Wars. The movie or the weapon, either will do for Colorado Springs. The lonely place where the idea of massive spaceborn lasers melting dictators into component elements was never abandoned. Milkshakes in Cuba. . .

Math and Pornography:


On the shores of the Mississippi sit three towers of grain. Sticking from them are tin tubes, specially designed to keep rats from the Midwestern gold, grain. In the shadows of these modern monoliths sits a monument to a bygone era.

Once upon a time Lincoln and Douglas, two heroes of mythical proportions dueled here for a piece of the senate.

Lincoln was felled, yet he arose again to claim the presidency and emancipation of a nation. All that is left of this great battle is a small stone circle. In the center a block two feet in height marks Lincoln’s words.

“The sentiment that contemplates the institution of slavery in this country as a wrong is the sentiment of the Republican Party. On the other hand, I have said there is a sentiment which treats it as not being wrong. . . That class will include all men who positively assert that it is right, and all who like Judge Douglas treat it as indifferent and do not say it is either right or wrong.”


More Pictures:

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there's a pair of us -- don't tell!
They'd advertise -- you know!

How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one's name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!
-Emily Dickenson
To Make a Prairie
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,—
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do
If bees are few.
-Emily Dickenson

This is a bunch of stuff that has been floating about in my pictures directory. If I see an interesting picture that isn't porn, it usually goes in there.


"Papč Satān, papč Satān alleppe,"
Cominciō Pluto con la voce chioccia;
E quel savio gentil, che tutto seppe,

"Papč Satān, papč Satān aleppe,"
Pluto 'gan gabble with his clucking tongue;
My all-wise, gentle guide, to me unhappy

-Dante, The Divine Comedy

-Dali, Depiction of the Divine Comedy

Beck - Satan Gave Me a Taco
Cake - Satan is My Motor

If anyone can tell me what part, if any,of the reasoning here is incorrect I would appreciate it. I do not desire to be a racist, it simply seems unavoidable.

Theory of Racism:

Howells discusses physical variations in human populations, in particular, the structure of a Sudanese versus that of an Eskimo, and the shape of Mongoloid versus Caucasian eyes. The slender structure of the Sudanese, and large surface area allows for greater cooling, and long legs for fast movement in the African environment. The small stature of the Eskimo conserves heat, and is more adapted to the slower movements necessitated by the Eskimo’s frigid environment. The Mongoloid eye has a fold which affords protection against a harsh environment. The Caucasian eye lacks this adaptation.

Given the immense variety of physical variations among people I invariably come to one conclusion. If physical structure varies so much among various races, why shouldn’t internal structure vary as well? View the human body as a simple engineering problem. One is given a certain amount of space, and in that space must fit all the essential organs for the functioning of a human. The Sudanese, for example, might have a larger chest cavity, more room for vital organs to support their larger body, while the Eskimo would have less space due to the necessity of heat conservation. The Sudanese heart might, for instance, be a larger organ more efficient than the Eskimo heart in terms of energy consumption, but rather inefficient in terms of space consumption.

Perhaps the principles of phrenology were not entirely wrong. Different races have heads of varying shapes. This means that different races should have varying amounts of space in which to contain their brain. It has been demonstrated that different stimuli affect different parts of the brain, which implies that brain activity is localized. One portion of the brain performs a particular operation, while another serves a separate function. If members of one race had more space in their heads, their brains would develop in that portion of their head. More brain would be available to perform a particular function, implying that race would have a greater innate ability at whatever function that part of the brain performed. Different races may well be innately superior at mathematics, art, social skills, have superior reflexes, anything where a zone in the brain can be identified pertaining to that particular function.

Damn you Howard Stern, damn you. Why can't we simply have nudity, why do we need shirts and nudity? What possible purpose could it serve? Look at how excited they are. Is anyone this excited by pouring water on themselves? Does it entice them to strip? If so, where can I find these people?

I want sushi. It sounds quite good right now, even when considering (ignoring) my vegetarian inclinations. There is this yuppie sushi bar on the mall called Hapa. Virtually all the sushi is named after some sort of sexual act. They have the 69 roll, the orgasm roll, and my personal favorite, the multiple orgasm roll.

The multiple orgasm roll is is salmon roll that has been fried, or something to that effect, and then baked in "the sauce." It is usually garnished with carrots and mixed greens. The whole damn thing cost $13, but tastes good enough to be worth the damnable price.

Currently I have $12 and change in my bank account. If I were to combine that and the few dollars in my wallet, I could be the proud (though momentary) owner of a brand new multiple orgasm roll.

Wild Grapes (From Harper's Magazine, December 1920.)

WHAT tree may not the fig be gathered from?
The grape may not be gathered from the birch?
It's all you know the grape, or know the birch.
As a girl gathered from the birch myself
Equally with my weight in grapes, one autumn,
I ought to know what tree the grape is fruit of.
I was born, I suppose, like anyone,
And grew to be a little boyish girl
My brother could not always leave at home.
But that beginning was wiped out in fear
The day I swung suspended with the grapes,
And was come after like Eurydice
And brought down safely from the upper regions;
And the life I live now's an extra life
I can waste as I please on whom I please.
So if you see me celebrate two birthdays,
And give myself out of two different ages,
One of them five years younger than I look--

One day my brother led me to a glade
Where a white birch he knew of stood alone,
Wearing a thin head-dress of pointed leaves,
And heavy on her heavy hair behind,
Against her neck, an ornament of grapes.
Grapes, I knew grapes from having seen them last year.
One bunch of them, and there began to be
Bunches all round me growing in white birches,
The way they grew round Leif the Lucky's German;
Mostly as much beyond my lifted hands, though,
As the moon used to seem when I was younger,
And only freely to be had for climbing.
My brother did the climbing; and at first
Threw me down grapes to miss and scatter
And have to hunt for in sweet fern and hardhack;
Which gave him some time to himself to eat,
But not so much, perhaps, as a boy needed.
So then, to make me wholly self-supporting,
He climbed still higher and bent the tree to earth
And put it in my hands to pick my own grapes.
"Here, take a tree-top, I'll get down another.
Hold on with all your might when I let go."
I said I had the tree. It wasn't true.
The opposite was true. The tree had me.
The minute it was left with me alone
It caught me up as if I were the fish
And it the fishpole. So I was translated
To loud cries from my brother of "Let go!
Don't you know anything, you girl? Let go!"
But I, with something of the baby grip
Acquired ancestrally in just such trees
When wilder mothers than our wildest now
Hung babies out on branches by the hands
To dry or wash or tan, I don't know which,
(You'll have to ask an evolutionist)--
I held on uncomplainingly for life.
My brother tried to make me laugh to help me.
"What are you doing up there in those grapes?
Don't be afraid. A few of them won't hurt you.
I mean, they won't pick you if you don't them."
Much danger of my picking anything!
By that time I was pretty well reduced
To a philosophy of hang-and-let-hang.
"Now you know how it feels," my brother said,
"To be a bunch of fox-grapes, as they call them,
That when it thinks it has escaped the fox
By growing where it shouldn't--on a birch,
Where a fox wouldn't think to look for it--
And if he looked and found it, couldn't reach it--
Just then come you and I to gather it.
Only you have the advantage of the grapes
In one way: you have one more stem to cling by,
And promise more resistance to the picker."

One by one I lost off my hat and shoes,
And still I clung. I let my head fall back,
And shut my eyes against the sun, my ears
Against my brother's nonsense; "Drop," he said,
"I'll catch you in my arms. It isn't far."
(Stated in lengths of him it might not be.)
"Drop or I'll shake the tree and shake you down."
Grim silence on my part as I sank lower,
My small wrists stretching till they showed the banjo strings.
"Why, if she isn't serious about it!
Hold tight awhile till I think what to do.
I'll bend the tree down and let you down by it."
I don't know much about the letting down;
But once I felt ground with my stocking feet
And the world came revolving back to me,
I know I looked long at my curled-up fingers,
Before I straightened them and brushed the bark off.
My brother said: "Don't you weigh anything?
Try to weigh something next time, so you won't
Be run off with by birch trees into space."

It wasn't my not weighing anything
So much as my not knowing anything--
My brother had been nearer right before.
I had not taken the first step in knowledge;
I had not learned to let go with the hands,
As still I have not learned to with the heart,
And have no wish to with the heart--nor need,
That I can see. The mind--is not the heart.
I may yet live, as I know others live,
To wish in vain to let go with the mind--
Of cares, at night, to sleep; but nothing tells me
That I need learn to let go with the heart.

Frost, Robert. 1920. Three Volumes, &c.;

That about concludes half an hour spent on this thing. Now I'll go fix some links, and see if I care enough to keep it alive. It's also time to go eat some tamales. There's a hunger inside me...

Well, it's getting late. You know what that means...

In a Station of the Metro

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.

-Ezra Pound

This is what I thought to be an interesting rant on the human mind and the possible reconciliation of its nature.

Upon serious internal debate one comes to the eventual conclusion that physical immorality is a difficult thing to attain. Why then, not abandon the physical for that glistening realm of the ethereal so many have dreamed of. If heaven seems unlikely, then extend our lives in cyberspace. The typical picture of this sort of thing is someone trapped inside the machine. Disenfranchised from body, and others. Alone inside a metal box. I digress. Presumably the human mind is responsible for what we consider thought, our personalities, everything that is us (besides our bodies). If that mind could be encapsulated in a computer, then bodies might become unnecessary. Current computers are only 5-10 orders of magnitude less powerful than the human mind. This statistic, of course, applies only to personal computers. I digress. Given Moore's law, which presumes an exponential growth in processing power, it will not be long before the computational power of the mind is surpassed. This however, is the blunt, and stupid intelligence of our computers. The mind is essentially an extremely complex finite state machine. Synapses and neurons, are effectively equivalent to nodes (some of this reasoning is the foundation for neural networks). There is no reason, then why a computer given the proper input could not go about the business of the mind. This is simple.

The two issues that require the most concern as I see it are

(i)how to upload the mind

(ii)interaction of the mind with other information

(iii)downloading the mind

The question of the upload could be accomplished with an extremely accurate CAT scan, or something to that effect. The majority of the mind is dormant much of the time, so that information would not need to be transferred instantaneously. The question lies in capturing an instant of states in the active part of the brain. If different neurons were to be sampled at different times, then this could cause issues. Interestingly, modern computers are already faster (in terms of clock cycles) than the mind, the number of neurons makes up for this discrepancy. This could make the sampling easier, the sampling device would have to run at many times the speed of the brain to sample what it needed to. Once again, apply Moore's law.


interaction of the mind with foreign information is accomplished in the body on the basis of electric impulses. There is no reason why the same physical sensations we experience could not be duplicated by a machine. download...download would be easy if it were cold, but the damage to cellular matter would be incredible. Once, again, the synapses would not be a problem, the issue lies in updating neurons at sufficient speed.

Is the mind more than an FSM? What allows for leaps of faith, intuition, that sort of thing? Perhaps the complexity of the FSM is sufficient to account for these things, what else could it be? sex would become irrelevant, only fun. Once again, I digress. Flash ram to update your memory, load a new program instead of going to school. All art, all science, those things which are usually about memorization could be instantaneous. Education would become about learning, developing constructs, rather than copying them. New knowledge would start to appear again, on a scale no one has seen in 7 centuries, only this time it might actually be new. Space travel would be feasible.

Or, would humanity live a thousand lifetimes in a second, become bored with life, and die. Hopefully some greater conclusion is out there. Perhaps there is bliss in the nothingness of everything, or behind that some greater force, cynical or not...

As I look back on these views, and all this writing, it all seems terribly conflicted to more. Pornography and sexism, computers and literature, Ezra Pound and reality. James Joyce.

That man above, if you did not know, is (was) Ezra Pound. He believed that teachers who taught incorrectly, or in some way obstructed truth should be punished as criminals. I agree with that. His views eventually led him to support an infamous Italian dictator. That I do not support. What I do not understand is where his views diverged from mine, and in this I wonder whether I too will turn to fascism in old age.

Here are a few rants and raves from a while ago. I wasn't really sure what to do with them, and I'm fairly sure no one wants to read them, so they'll go right here.


I read an article today in the daily stating that conservatives had adopted the old ideals of liberalism, particularly equality. The conservative ideals of equality seem to be something along the ideal that everyone deserves what they get, particularly from an economic point.

Equality should not be implemented in that matter. Instead all should be given the opportunity to advance regardless of traits which they cannot change. Traits like skin color and physical appearance should be ignored, they will die away eventually anyway. Instead, humanity should focus on the minds, adopted cultures, and human sentiments of others.


Frailty is seen as an attribute in women. It seems contrary to genetics that the weak would be viewed as a sexually desirable. How could a weak women produce viable offspring? The general societal attraction to women on the verge of terminal eating disorder must be some sort of aberration, given time it should destroy itself, through an inability to perpetuate.


I have entered another stage in my disillusionment with education. No one around me seems capable of questioning our teachers, our classmates, not even themselves. The sentiment that our teachers might be doing nothing to help us in our education, much less outright harm, is dismissed as a combination of arrogance and paranoia.

If our teachers are so worthy, so massively intelligent, what are they doing teaching. The axiom, "those who cannot do teach" seems all to apparent in academia.

Most mortifying of all however, many teachers do not even take responsibility for their own actions, choosing instead to blame students. Education, barring some sort of genetic defect, is always at fault. Students given the proper education can excel at anything. Is the reason that male students excel in the arts and sciences, while female students are left in the arts alone genetic or learned?


Women are regarded as inferior to men, it has been that way since the birth of agriculture. While there may have be physical excuses for that, five millennia ago, it is difficult to believe that today, when women have an equal amount of time to devote to what they choose, that they should remain physically, or mentally inferior.

In many cases, this is not the case, instead women who are more intelligent and stronger than men assume an inferiority complex based on belief, rather than any actual demonstration of inferiority. Today, in times which the naive would argue are egalitarian, we have massive prejudices against women in both athletics and academics.

Women in Academia:

Women in academia suffer from conceptions, sometimes subconscious, sometimes not, that they are mentally inferior to men. This has manifested itself in the incredible small number of women in the computer industry and the sciences.

If a women in academic research is successful, she is typical not regarded highly. This may well be due to not displaying traits that men and women are taught to find attractive. Femininity seems to be defined by a frail and helpless nature, and an incapability to act without the support of others.

Women in Athletics:

The supposition that women are weaker than men is absurd. They are simply not expected to succeed in physical pursuits, and as a result do not. One obvious manifestation of our prejudices is the division in sports. Even if one accepts that men are stronger than women in professional sports (something I do not accept), then there is still the question of why athletics are segregated from a young age. Any argument that little league girls are in any manner inherently worse at athletics than males is absurd. If anything, at that age, girls have the advantage. With the earlier advent of puberty they are much larger (and stronger) than their male counterparts from a young age.

I've been playing this damn game a lot lately. I found a few cool things out. If you press f, you can go really fast. If you pause the game, you can then use 't' to move about, my best time on the slalom is now .86 seconds. If only it would snow, then I could go skiing.

She can ski and she is attractive...Hell, she can ski, who cares if she is attractive. The only girl I know who can ski is my friend's sister who says I am a 'dork.'

I just decided that I am sick of hyperlinks. So, here is a site where there will be no internal links. Instead, it will have what we all really want, or at least what my imaginary, yet enthusiastic, audience desires. This site will have a shitload of information on one page that won't take too long to download, and hey, once you've downloaded it you're done, no need to worry about downloading anything more.

I fully accept that this is a sad swipe at stileproject.com and that sort of site, but so it goes. I want my own easy to update forum to rant an rave, and now here it is.



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