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Beta for stocks traded on NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX with market value over $1 billion and offerings before Jan 2002. Beta computed from 2002-2005 inclusive with VTI used to represent the market.

Dear Intarwebs...

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How long is film usable after it expires? Specifically 120 Kodak 400UC.
Thanks, you're the best,

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if they're not lying about the cool, dry conditions, that film should be totally fine. after a couple of years, the colors might shift a little, but it'll still work. many years later, i hear it gets pretty nutty...
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Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear.
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Remember being disappointed that El Diablo didn't draw a devil in your crema or whatever? Well this is what I got at Zoka last night. I was impressed.

Flickr Update (now with sets)

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Kick ass picture. Holga?
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Wow. You could sell that.
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Thanks. Yep, they're from my Holga. By the way, Kodak is evil.
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Wrong tone, I like little tubes of toothpaste. They make me strangely happy.

In other news, I now have very little hair thanks to a misunderstanding between me a amiable Englishman with a pair of scissors. He has one of those leather straps that complements a set of straight razors, so I'm almost considering going all the way... never mind what that might do to my burgeoning career... all the cool kids have done it... Though, I've heard from possibly reliable sources that my head is too misshapen to be bald.

sort of sad

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Remember the conversation about space elevators? Well, it doesn't look like they're doing terribly well:

"...LiftPort has all but run out of funds, and the State of Washington's Securities Division has entered a Statement of Charges against LiftPort Inc. dba LiftPort Group and founder Michael Laine."

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The post on /. is correct but the snip above omits some of the details.

The incidents are not related, which might be non-obvious from the post. The Securities Division action has been ongoing for nearly two years. We've complied with the terms of the statement for at least that long. This was the formal notice of how much the fine is. It also means we can attempt to raise funds via investment now, which we could not while the matter was pending.

We've run out of funds because for two years our operating budget was driven by the revenue from the office building Michael (our CEO) owned. This was foreclosed on last month, depriving us of a) income and b) an office.

So, yes. We're in a pickle.
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And that's why his work is better than that god damn fucking bullshit yarn.

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In Mr. Serra’s case you can also call it democratic art because it sticks to pure form that requires no previous
expertise to grasp. There’s no coy narrative, no insider joke or historical allusion or meta-art theme. There’s none
of what Mr. Serra disdainfully calls, in the show’s catalog, “post-Pop Surrealism,” by which he lumps together all
contemporary art that leans for a crutch on language and Duchamp.