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Lack of Privacy

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The arrow's pointing to Gene.

Or, see the original here. Graham pointed this out.

The guy in the foreground with his head blurred out, wearing the white linen, is always reading A Course in Miracles and that sort of thing. I can't remember his name.

bad ass

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Chris, my exroommate, has some sort of crazy ass wide ass tires that he rides around in the snow... quite a bit of riding around in the snow from the looks of it.

-Slip Angle

Those silly capitalist hippies...

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Do any of us know this guy? Any guesses as to what bridge it was? I'd bet the one on the bike path by the band shell.

Robert Hibbs, 19, was arrested for demanding $1 tolls from joggers and bikers crossing a bridge in Boulder, Colorado. Hibbs claimed to be a troll who owned the bridge. He was apparently tripping on LSD. Hibbs was arrested after demanding that an off-duty deputy pay up. From

The off-duty deputy, who was not identified, told police the confrontation with Hibbs started after the man hit his bike with a broken golf club when he forced his way past without paying. The two became involved in an altercation and Hibbs hit the deputy with a golf club, the police report stated. The deputy said he took the golf club away from Hibbs and struck him in an attempt to defend himself...

Moral of the story: If you're gonna be high as a kite in Boulder, don't hit a cop with a golf club.

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At least I'm good at something.

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I drove way too fast up the canyon, then sat under the stars at Barker until my absurdly fluffy jacket could no longer make up for my linen pants... sang along to the Pogues... got briefly excited when I saw a white Volvo parked in front of my dad's house... before I remember that I was in reality and not the world I inhabit while sleeping... and then I fixed the blog in one instant of genius realization. David Taylor be damned. Hurrah.

The blog is hosted at godaddy now, so I suspect uptime will actually be reasonable.

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