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Let's go fly a kite...

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I have 60 drawers.

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And a unicycle.

You don't need a weather man...

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Because of their god awful web design, I'm not linking to the post. And it's kinda old, meh. Did he really say that?

88.1 FM WMBR

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I think the the MIT station is run by a perl script running on a mac calling /usr/bin/say.

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or Steven Hawking.
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Mooninites attack Boston!

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OMFFFFFFFG! TEH TERROR! At least we blew one of them up.

ignignokt: we are mooninites from the innercore of the moon
err: you said it right
ignignokt: our race is hundreds of years ahead of yours
err: man you hear what he's saying
ignignokt: some would say the earth is our moon
err: we're the moon
ignignokt: that would belittle the name of our moon, which is the moon

Cartoon characters causing everyone to flip their shit. Ridiculous "Oh this isn't funny! This was a waste of police resources! This is a serious crime! 2-5 years in prison!" Gimme a fucking break. I have shit in my apartment that looks a hell of a lot more like a "suspicious device," fuck I've seen garbage in my neighborhood that's more dangerous.

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BOSTON -- An Arlington man was arrested after 38 hoax devices were found throughout greater Boston, Mayor Thomas Menino and Attorney General Martha Coakley announced Wednesday night.

The devices were eventually determined to be part of a marketing campaign that involved a character from the cartoon show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

Coakley said Peter Berdovsky, 27, of Arlington, was arrested Wednesday night and charged under a new statute that makes it a crime to place, transfer or possess a hoax device that results in panic. He was also charged with one count of disorderly conduct.
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By the way, does anyone know if they're actually making a movie?
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Salty Whitewater, or Kayaking Boston

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So this is what I saw flying out of Logan to Ohare last week.

[Well not exactly that since I didn't take the picture, arguments about perception and simulacra and all...] It's Paradise Bay in Boston Harbor, and you may be able to tell from the picture it's closed off by a breakwater except for two places which are kicking up a bit of whitewater. [Here's a google maps shot in color and all.] So my thought was, "Well, if I can see it from the plane it might be worth boating."

I went down there today and even though I was delayed and got there an hour before low tide [as opposed to halfway between high and low tides which would have the maximum flow] the southern opening was running at about 800 cfs and the northen at maybe 250 cfs. Unfortunately the bottom at the southern opening is completely man made. It's basically a weir, and as we all know [or should know] weirs equal death. It might be less deadly at a slightly higher tide since the drop wouldn't be as far, but I'm not too hopeful. The northern opening was runnable even when I was there, though it was really boney.

Some back of the envelope calculations give us this...
The radius of the "bay" [it's not really a bay is it] is about 1000 feet. The difference between high and low tide [we all know this varies depending on what phase the moon is in] is about 10 feet. Which mean that about 31 million cubic feet of water flow in or out each low to high [or vice versa] tide cycle [which lasts 6 hours]. Assuming the the flow is constant, or asking what the average flow is we get about 1450 cfs split between the two openings. And since we know that this isn't going to be anywhere close to linear the max flow is most likely going to be much higher.

Hopefully enough to kick up a good surf spot.

Free as in Gawker

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I was just incredibly rude to Stallman. He was sitting outside 1369 where he was jealously protecting a swarm of unoccupied chairs. He was wearing glasses, so I thought he was merely a Stallman lookalike, someone with the character of Gimli, not the warrior prince himself.
“Can I have that chair?”
“No, I’m saving it for them.” He points at two women who appear totally uninterested in RMS.
“Of course you are.” And I stalked off to sit on a bus bench next to the lunatics.

Later a chair freed up, but it was near him. I sat anyway and endured the chatter sarcastically.
“You copy recipes to index cards and then use them. Sometimes you change the recipes and sometimes you even write those changes down. If you have a good one, you might pass it to a friend. They can change it and pass it on again. This is how software should be…”

This elicits blank stares from his followers. They seem to be law students and journalism majors. I think I’m the only one in listening range who knows what he’s getting at.

“The four freedoms… real free software obeys the four freedoms… blah blah blah.” It’s about this time the sinking feeling sets in. I’m thinking thoughts like: “Maybe he’s a professional Stallman impersonator. Professional Stallman impersonator? Elvis maybe, but who going to go to Vegas to see Stallman live… shit… I was rude to Stallman… shit.

And later, with Collin, we’ve got three freedoms:
1: Free as in beer.
2: Free as in speech.
3: Free as in bikes.

RMS pauses a bit to let his wisdom seep in. Then he starts again…
“There’re a lot of free software licenses out there.”
“There’re called copyleft, right?” says a foolish law student.
“The only truly free one is the one I wrote, called the GPL.”

With this my heart sinks. Shit. It is Stallman. He takes off his glasses and I go shit again. He is fucking Stallman. Then the bastard pivots his head like that girl in that horror movie and smirks blindly at me. Crap. I was rude to Stallman.

RMS empties a shopping bag of pulp sci fi onto the table and I go off to get some mango juice…


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"I see you all the time. I saw you twice last week at Harell's."
"That's because I live..."

And she was off, before I could finish speaking. I only had time to look up from my beloved Amis, stare in awe at her all white clothing, thinking this is someone I could get along with, before she was gone. I'll sit hopefully at Harell's until the end of time.

Why did she run off? Were my eyes sizing her up too harshly? Did I not speak with the hipster groan I've been working on? Were my teeth too stained with coffee or did my beard-thing look too scary up close?

Later the regret started to sink in. A week of Allston coffee shop culture and all I have is this pile of unfinished novels, unstarted novels and oblique Amis references.

The only person I've formed a lasting bond with is some obese, insane, and possibly homeless woman who spent an hour folding and unfolding a girl scout uniform, before leveling her ass at me. She farted at me, then went back to setting the brown uniform out and refolding it.

7 billion crabs brand fish sauce

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Maybe I should have realized when I couldn’t find any curry other than a bottle labeled “Curry Powder, product of China” and another label “Madras Curry, product of China” in the entire fucking supermarket. But no, I kept looking. Gave up on the curry, bought a bottle of inferior quality pad thai sauce… also a product of China… some inferior shrimp paste, chili oil and even some fish sauce that doesn’t seem right. I was given the choice between two and three crabs brands. I chose three because increased multiplicity in crabs is desirable.

Several tablespoons of pad thai sauce later I have something that tastes vaguely of tamarind. For once I can taste the tamarind, probably because the sauce has nothing else in it. Adding shrimp paste does nothing. I try a bit of shrimp paste alone. It tastes like corn oil. A sniff of my inferior brand chili oil gives the same result.

Not being able to say for sure, I suspect the Super 88 is a Chinese supermarket masquerading as an Asian supermarket… There doesn’t seem to be a sashimi section. The extreme lack of curry options, or the usual varied selection of pad thai sauces… only one kind of frozen shumai… The only mochi are filled with jelly… picture me looking sadly, rather like something lost and cuddly, at a mere shelf of mochi covered products.

I got pocky. I’m going to eat an entire package, well packet, alone. I’ll perch on the roof while the idiot monkey children set the world on fire.

unholy amounts of garlic

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The idiot monkey children have been quiet lately. Turns out they were planning their latest endeavor, flooding the laundry room to form a bubbly swamp. Wading toward my damp (and bubbly) laundry, I could hear them shrieking with delight, punctuated by the soft thuds as they threw their feces at each other…

It’s quieter here on weekends. The idiot monkey children go get peshed. If they manage to find their way home, and their keys, and the door, they’re too wasted to make much noise… other than soothing gurgle sounds as they drown in their own vomit… until they tip over and it spills onto the floor, burning a hole to the apartment below… good thing I’m on the top floor.

In the morning it’s quiet until at least noon. Occasionally there’re shrieks of surprise earlier, but only in extreme cases… late night drunken amputation… that sort of thing.

Where North Beach is North End

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There are cafes here, but they're the sit with friends (who are in Boulder or don't answer their phones) and talk variety, as opposed to the sit alone and meet people variety, as opposed to the sit alone at your laptop variety. There's cannoli, pizza, gelato, espresso, and probably some decent pasta too.

How has no one mentioned this before? You all suck. Oohh Oooh, let's all eat at some food court in the Prudential Center... yay! Also, there's nothing in the financial district... except for the Quincy Market... minor consideration that it is.

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Yeah, The Financial District sucks ass - nothing to do. Quincy Market, my god, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel if you end up there..ugh.
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They had $1 pineapples.
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