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The Collected Works of Claudius Ptolemy

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Alexandria had a library, and what a library. Its opening hours went on for maybe a thousand years. At its height, it had more than half a million books. And that was it, I mean, if it wasn't here, it wasn't worth knowing about. And then in the end, somebody burnt every single book. Nobody knows who, fanatical Christians, fanatical Arabs... take your pick. Religion at work.

-James Burke, Connections 1, Episode 2


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I’ve been watching the first episode of Connections. The connection has to do with the potential collapse of our society, people fleeing cities, that sort of thing. It’s bringing back apocalyptic fantasies I had as a child, no doubt brought on by such unfortunate reading for a child as The Folk on the Fringe, The Peblar Cycle, Parable of the Sower and Schrondinger’s Cat. I’m sure living on the foot of Cheyenne Mountain didn’t help much either. Sure, NORAD is supposed to be nuke proof, but that doesn’t mean the Soviets won’t try, right?

So, I’m having these fantasies again, while Burke continues on. I’m thinking Seattle’s a much better place that Colorado Springs should the end of the world come. I through all my backpacking stuff, my Carharts, my pasta, my knives, and probably a bunch of stuff I’d forget until it was too late… and I’d paddle out past Juan de Fuca while eating far too much Dungeness crab. Now, if I could only start a fire in the rainforest… It may also help to learn how to fish…

So, now I’m thinking about that man in the Brautigan book who eats salmon and tends his kale like a rose garden. I could do that.

Of course, the most important question is: what book do I bring? I’m vacillating between the collected Robert Frost and the collected Dylan Thomas. A bible seems like kind of a waste, since there will no doubt always be a great number of those running around.

Hell's Kitchen

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This show is fucking terrible.

Only Fox could come up with a concept for a show that takes a great chef, shows nothing of his genius and makes everyone look bad.

I was so looking forward to it. Fucking Fox.

It's a fucking reality show. The winner gets a restaurant in Las Vegas. It's broken up into a men's team and a women's team. I assume it has some Survivor-esque elimination mechanism. The major plot device seems to be Ramsay spitting food out.

And, hey, big fucking surprise, a prison chef can't cook haute cuisine.

Who on earth would eat at this restaurant?

Why is this on DVD?

Comment from: Christian [Visitor] ·
Are you kidding? I love that show. I'm thrilled it's finally being released.
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Comment from: Alex [Visitor] ·
I was involved in two separate conversations last week about how great this show was.
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Comment from: Jo [Visitor]
ahh, I loved that show! I'm not sure that I could watch it now, though..
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beautiful people tied to the floor

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The last few episodes of Battlestar have been horribly disturbing, but the writing and acting just get better.

I had an argument with Anwar and Collin when we in high school that those spots of light in eyes are necessary, sufficient indicators of intellect, humor and beauty.

Star Trek: The Great Society

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I am contemplating the death of an old friend.

-Gary Mitchell, Star Trek Episode 2, Season 1

Let's all reinforce negative stereotypes...

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"I don't think he'd be meeting with you just to break up with you. If guys want to end things they just vanish."

-Alias, Reckoning

Also, why did I find this picture at afterellen? Is she going to be gay in a later episode?

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
It's such crap, but I can't stop watching it... why is no one here?
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Comment from: Andrew Johnson [Visitor] ·
Don't say the fuck word.

The Darn News
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I'd rather be watching Star Trek.

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Why do we make television shows about violating civil rights? Tapping lines, killing US citizens for the hell of it, detaining people without trial... There's so much television glamorizing evil things the government shouldn't do and precious little glamorizing the good. The closest thing I can think of is West Wing, but even that is all about politics, saying things carefully and eventually lying.

Were we always like this? Maybe 200 years ago it was better... People actually cared about liberty and freedom rather than guns and death. Though I'm not sure I believe that. There were at least patriots; people concerned with good, not glamour... and those are the ones that history remembers.

Some of the most despicable are the sociopaths like Rich... sitting at the Trident, talking about rocket launchers and killing people and how he's going to fight... Not how he's going to protect the country, people, ideals... no, how he's going to fight. We don't treat him as an insane killer, but an oddity. Isn't it funny how Rich doesn't fit in with the other Boulderites... how his views could be so odd...

I don't like 24 either.

I don't see how we can have a functional democracy and this cultural obsession with vigilantism.

Comment from: devin [Member] ·
It sounds like you hadn't finished watching the pilot when you wrote this?? You don't seem to have a grasp of the premise of the show. I'd recommend watching a couple of episodes to get a feel for it.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I hadn't finished it when I started fuming, but had by the time I started writing... I'm partway into 2 now. I'm not convinced it makes a difference... So now she's legit and still kills people... but now it's good... It's good to have no internalized moral system and makes watching television easier.

She was really bad in Elektra.
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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
I don't mean to defend Jennifer Garner, but Elektra was a spin-off of a shitty movie based on a comic book. It was doomed before it was even written. The only reason anyone paid to see it was because she is hott (double t intended).
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I saw it because I usually like the mindlessness that is a comic book movie... and because it was free... and I was half asleep... and I'd been reading for quite a while... and I'd been on a plane for several hours. There may be more excuses I've forgotten about.
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