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Melty Plastic Goo

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I'm a little disappointed by the 3d printers out there, at least the hobbyist ones. I'm not sure about the professional machines yet.

I would think these things are going to explode as soon as it's possible to print a 3d printer on a 3d printer. The RepRap people seem to claim you can print one but that's a little disingenuous as you buy all the exciting bits and then print a little plast to help hold them together.

Part of the issue is that I'm having a hard time imagining what you could print out of plastic that would actually be useful. I look around my apartment and virtually nothing is made out of plastic. As many things as I could manage are wood, metal, paper, leather. I am wondering if I go ahead with this wearable thing if it might be useful to fab bits out of plastic on one of these things. Not sure...

Since 3d printers self duplicating seem a long way off, I'm wondering what else there might be.

Some sort of home lithography thing would be fascinating. Just keep printing more and more nodes, maybe buy a bunch of solar cells. If nothing else, I could always aim the thing at making me some bitcoins.

Not terribly exciting either, but better.

What if you could build a little solar powered earth mover? Set it loose on a couple acres in the middle of nowhere in Texas and have it build a modern great pyramid? That seems at least moderately feasible.

I wonder what it would take to get that going...

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I was told there would be flying cars. Now they say I can’t have a car at all. This is not the future, but the numbers keep going up anyway.

Anwar fixed my self-referential camera.

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Reasons I hate eclipse:

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(1) "we don't need main anymore" - apparently the Java convention of using a main method, inherited from C, is too simple. Instead, eclipse keeps programmers off guard with a vast array of config files and an application loader.

(2) "jars are legacy" - my eclipse book actually says this. In the modern eclipseified world we are apparently supposed to blow our jars apart and then glue them back together into eclipse packages... because using existing standards is for sissies.

(3) "by default everything can move" - because no one really wants tabs to stay where they were when the application loaded. Instead, it's better to accidentally click close and have a vital menu disappear. Bonus points: store the current perspective so that even if the user closes the application and reloads it, the perspective is still fucked up.

(4) "confusing and useless sample apps" - sure legions of programmers have learned UI programming from calc and paint examples, but what they really wanted all along was a sample help browser for an application that doesn't exist.


All this said, I do recognize that it's the only even remotely viable alternative to Mircosoft. So, if you want cross platform support, you're probably stuck, like me!


And it doesn't respect arguments to the JVM... classpath being the obvious one at the moment. This, a vision of what the world would be like it programmers ruled.


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-via wikipedia

This old guy is core.

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'51 Raleigh with a 62-42-22 triple, homemade derailleurs, suicide shift on the front.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
God bless America. That crankset is ridiculous.
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sort of sad

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Remember the conversation about space elevators? Well, it doesn't look like they're doing terribly well:

"...LiftPort has all but run out of funds, and the State of Washington's Securities Division has entered a Statement of Charges against LiftPort Inc. dba LiftPort Group and founder Michael Laine."

Comment from: Brian Dunbar [Visitor] ·
The post on /. is correct but the snip above omits some of the details.

The incidents are not related, which might be non-obvious from the post. The Securities Division action has been ongoing for nearly two years. We've complied with the terms of the statement for at least that long. This was the formal notice of how much the fine is. It also means we can attempt to raise funds via investment now, which we could not while the matter was pending.

We've run out of funds because for two years our operating budget was driven by the revenue from the office building Michael (our CEO) owned. This was foreclosed on last month, depriving us of a) income and b) an office.

So, yes. We're in a pickle.
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I will not build a fillet brazed frame.

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I will not make a jig out of extruded Al.

I will not buy stainless dropouts, neither vertical nor horizontal.

I will not buy a torch.

I will not figure out how you fillet braze. Really. I mean it.

I have a problem.

It's a fuck'n Calfee.

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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Lugged bamboo frames are nothing new, but these bars are wonderful.
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Why does this work?

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Anwar I'm looking at you.

So it's an arc furnace. But it's really just an AC voltage source and a big ass inductor (which they call a reactance). So is that all it is? It says that theres's only 30 V on the working side of the inductor, is this just because 60 Hz is too fast to "push" 120 V through the inductor? (Assuming my weak understanding of inductor => opposite current => opposite voltage) And I'm assuming the arc acts like a resistor...

Should I write the new version of my momentum speculation software in Lisp?

I just read Paul Graham's book, Painters and Hackers. The supposed premise of the book is utter bullshit... he thinks painters and hackers (I have issues with that term too) share a common mindset. I think programmers (hackers are a fiction created by kids who read too much Stephenson and Gibson) are often missing significant parts of their souls while painters, artists, have gone the other way... giving up pragmatism (that word has been recurring a lot lately) in favor of the beautiful... something programmers rarely have a concept of.

Despite all that, he has somewhat convinced me I ought to try to use Lisp to do something. And, I have a thing I want to do, so Lisp?

Comment from: collin [Member] ·
I think you should use Clunk.
When did hell freeze over?
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I think I want GNU Lisp. What I don't know is: do I want ansi or cltl1?
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
In case you were getting worried about the effects of hell freezing over.... don't worry, I still think user experience in open source is crap:

Ok, so I install ansi and cltl1... yay. What do I get? Not an IDE, but a fucking command prompt... as if the two on my desktop weren't enough already, now I have four. Yay!

I sort of knew this was coming... I was half hoping that things would have changed since I was forced to write 5 lines of Lisp in college, that I would be welcomed by some nifty new UI with transparency and cool looking rendered 3D shit... of course, I knew, somewhere deep down, I knew that was naive.

Should I do this? And, dear world, don't fucking tell me that I have the wrong attitude and that I need to change it before I can use this hunk of medium-intentional obscurity...

My favorite, in the install it warns you not to use spaces in the fucking filename. Not really a good sign...

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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
I still contend hell has frozen over.

Shouldn't you be using emacs?
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I thought emacs only had crippled lisp. I'm kind of surprised Devin hasn't spoken yet...
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
This is starting to look like far more of a pain in the ass than it's worth. Here is a free Lisp book. MIT also apparently has their Lisp course available online somewhere, but after reading several things like this while trying to find a decent tutorial, I'm not sure I care.

I both like and dislike programmers simultaneously. I don't really like coding, but I'm good at it... so this is all very confusing. This is probably best characterized by my 10 minute long discussion with Mako on some Debian fork he was running. He reminds me of this guy.
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Comment from: Devin [Visitor] ·

It's the Spivak of computer science. But it doesn't suck.
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
Fist, Spivak is awesome.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
While that MIT book has some aesthetic appeal, I think I'll stick with the Practical Common Lisp book. I'm trying to decide if I ought to print out its 500 pages.

Anyway... I'm using this Lisp in a box implementation now while writing the speculation software in Eclipse. Since I can't make a decision, I'm doing everything twice.
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magnetohydrodynamics are teh sexxx

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Watch the video...


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Once again Coolhunting posted something about bicycles that's unadulterated advertising pap. Cause, who doesn't want a $4k Ellsworth cruiser? But the hub does look kind of interesting.

So it's continuously variable hub. And the design is pretty elegant. Too bad it weighs 4.2kg. Which is twice the weight of any frame I'd put it on.

But, it takes standard freewheels. Which mean it takes standard track cogs.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
You forgot to repeatedly mention the rotating balls.
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l33t cat

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E.E. kittah sez danger to teh voltage!
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Gordon Pask?

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Self assembling electrochemical sensors? [linky]

Anybody every hear of him? Sounds like Widrow's memsistors. It was Widrow, right?

88.1 FM WMBR

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I think the the MIT station is run by a perl script running on a mac calling /usr/bin/say.

Comment from: collin [Member] ·
or Steven Hawking.
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I can get a replacement shock for my Amp.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
You have an Amp? Which one?
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
An old dual downtube B2 soft tail.
It came from our benevolent lord the Dumpster.
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I have a toolbox.

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Anybody wanna go in on it?

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I think it's one of these. Only $1400.

Have you guys tried Annonzilla?

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It looks like an interesting proofreading/annotation engine for webpages.

Does anyone else know of similar software? I wonder if it works on dynamic pages...


Comment from: anwar [Member] ·
The annotations stay loaded -- but if the dynamic page changes, the region information [for the given annotation] will be lost.
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
Is this for Cate? Does it have anything to do with my poor speeling?
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