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The French are very French.

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-Anatomie de l'enfer, Catherine Beillat


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I'm pretty sure this is the movie they were filming in the rat infested basement below my home: Cthulu. I only got to talk to one of the grips though.

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Sounds like a "Must See" to me. I bet they put the stars up in the Best Western down the street.
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I've always hated Cronenberg... ever since watching Crash at 4am. So, I can't really say what possessed me to watch Scanners, other than the lack of other things to watch. The movies actually get worse without Cronenberg... which I guess says something good for him. The first movies have exploding heads. The third has an exploding pigeon.

If you watch more, Scanners III has gratuitous nudity, monks, a Buddhist ascetic riding a motorcycle, The Blues Brothers, a sexy nurse, underwater exploding heads, a terribly motivated love interest and a sexy woman with a terrible Russian accent. I still like Lifeforce better though.

Bug me no more

While getting a user/pass from bugmenot, i noticed their "NY Times recommends bugmenot" link.

I especially like the bit about stuffing return envelopes with pieces of sheetmetal.

Also, while I'm strongly in favor of the short/tall/grande system, the Lincoln Park shirt sounds pretty amusing.

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And Venti? What is there to be said in favor of the Starbucks system?
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Short = 8 oz
Tall = 12 oz
Grande = 16 oz
Venti = doesn't matter because only starbucks uses it

The beauty of all this is that I can go anywhere in Seattle or to most any Starbucks on the planet and order a tall latte knowing what size latte I am receiving. Whenever I go somewhere with "small" or "large" lattes, how much am I getting? I have no idea! Medium? Fahgettaboutit!
Short, tall and grande quantify the size without making ordering the drink sound like a math problem.
It's like with gasoline... you don't ask for gas by the octane rating, you say regular, plus, or supreme/premium.

Don't make me start on the "Pitcher of Mocha."
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Explain to me why this doesn't make more sense... Oh God I suck.

Small = 8 oz
Medium = 12 oz
Large = 16 oz
XL = 20 oz
XXL = 24 oz
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In Bollywood there is only inneundo.

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-Bride and Prejudice