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Categories: Toys, Bicycles, Cars, Porsche, Motorcycles, Other

iPAQ not so useless after all

As I struggle to write this from an HP iPaq 6515, I am listening to KEXP's 32k mobile stream.
Now who's idea was it to leave out a headphone jack in this thing's design?

posted by graham Email | 01/22/06 | 04:54:13 am | 3 views | music, Toys | 5 comments

Forest Classics

This is about the coolest site I've ever seen. They sell model engines of all sorts, as well as devices you can run off of the engines. See that steam-powered LeMans racer model above? You can buy one that has been adapted for radio control. How sweet is that? I can almost see myself paying the $300 price tag. Oh, and that Stirling engine is pretty cool too.

posted by graham Email | 11/07/05 | 03:15:10 pm | 1 views | technology, Toys | Leave a comment

File Under "things i need"

Can anyone spot me $90,000?

posted by graham Email | 09/15/05 | 12:34:32 am | 1 views | Toys, Cars | Leave a comment

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