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Category: Ideas

Hipsters confuse me.

Someone please educate me. What is the explanation for the hipster fascination with dressing up as zombies? I'm guessing it has something to do with the makeup.

posted by graham Email | 08/29/05 | 10:13:48 pm | 0 views | Ideas | Leave a comment

DIY Espresso Machine Temperature Controller

For all you Vivace wannabes out there, here are two pages talking about installing a PID (whatever that stands for) in home epsresso machines (both happen to be Rancilio Silvias).
Pepe's Silvia - Super slick
Hot Rod Silvia - That big two-color control panel looks sweet!

posted by graham Email | 08/09/05 | 03:18:53 pm | 1 views | coffee, Ideas | Leave a comment


Does anyone have any portable CD players they don't want anymore? I need at least one for an idea I've been contemplating. Actually there are two things I want to try. The only requirement is that they work. Oh, and it would help if you don't want money for them.

posted by graham Email | 07/08/05 | 02:17:51 pm | 1 views | null, Ideas | 4 comments

Google vs Nasa

So google released Google Earth on tuesday... Has anyone tried it out yet? I haven't had the chance yet, but I'm kind of curious because it looks exactly the same as NASA's WorldWind.

posted by graham Email | 06/30/05 | 01:10:18 am | 3 views | Ideas, technology | 11 comments

I tried it.

posted by graham Email | 06/10/05 | 04:43:04 pm | 0 views | coffee, Ideas | 9 comments

Bug me no more

While getting a user/pass from bugmenot, i noticed their "NY Times recommends bugmenot" link.

I especially like the bit about stuffing return envelopes with pieces of sheetmetal.

Also, while I'm strongly in favor of the short/tall/grande system, the Lincoln Park shirt sounds pretty amusing.

posted by graham Email | 06/01/05 | 02:15:57 pm | 3 views | Rants, Raves, Missleaneus, Photos, null, coffee, math, books, news, Ideas, random, hci, music, politics, art, movies, technology | 42 comments

Blah blah blah...

As my laptop overheated and shut itself off, I found that my coffee had grown cold and nasty. Then it hit me, like a Steinway falling out the window of a fourth story studio apartment.

posted by graham Email | 04/14/05 | 08:41:57 pm | 0 views | null, Ideas | 3 comments

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