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Categories: Missleaneus, Photos

Trains are fucking scary.

I learned a valuable lesson today... never assume that an old set of train tracks is no longer in use.

Espresso Machine Salesman: [calmly] You might want to move your truck forward or back farther, there's a train coming.
Me: [runs outside, sees train 25 feet from truck, the rear of which is hanging over the tracks] SHIT! FUCK! SHIT!
Train: [Honks twice]
Me: [trying to start ruck as train inches closer] SHIT! FUCK! SHIT!

posted by graham Email | 11/22/05 | 05:23:54 pm | 1 views | Missleaneus, coffee, random, seattle | Leave a comment

RMS is in my cell phone book.

No kidding.

posted by graham Email | 11/09/05 | 11:25:04 am | 1 views | Missleaneus, technology | 2 comments

Wireless Networks at the King County Regional Justice Center:

posted by graham Email | 11/09/05 | 11:14:40 am | 1 views | Missleaneus, politics, technology, seattle | Leave a comment

Sweet dreams are made of these

Is it a bad sign that I had a dream about reading blogs?

posted by graham Email | 09/10/05 | 02:15:37 pm | 0 views | Missleaneus | Leave a comment

Cyborg Alias

This may be ancient; it seems vaguely familiar to me. Regardless, it's still funny, especially when you input ten of the same letter.

via Bubblegum Fink

posted by graham Email | 09/07/05 | 08:28:29 pm | 1 views | Missleaneus | Leave a comment

More adventures in carbon

Check it yo!

posted by graham Email | 09/06/05 | 10:30:38 pm | 1 views | Missleaneus, technology | Leave a comment

Rubbing salt in the wounds

Betsy's successor has a dirty-blonde doppleganger. She chainsmokes, has endearingly bad teeth, and is sitting in front of the Bauhaus at this very instant.

Everyone is insane. Except for me, of course.

posted by graham Email | 09/06/05 | 01:36:14 pm | 3 views | Missleaneus | Leave a comment

Martin Amis and friends visit Robert Graves

- Oh don't worry, I said. Just go on as if he's a god.

Graves seemed baffled but on the whole rather pleased to see us. He was perhaps fractionally diminished from the striding colossus of a few years earlier, but still very straight and head-in-air, the ancient coin of his face quite undulled. I introduced my friends and said,
- I'm sorry about this, Robert, but you must get some very weird people coming to see you these days. Now you're so famous.
- Oh, I do, I do. Some extraordinary people come to see me now. Extraordinary people.
The five of us looked out on the rocky acres - spurs and tors, terraces, arthritic olive trees. Then Rob said to Robert,
- Make that mountain open up.
- What?
- Turn it into a volcano.
- What?
- Go on. You can do it. Make that cloud go away.
- Oh, you're -
- Summon a tidal wave.
- You little -
- Make the moon come out.
- Ooh, you -
- Make the -
And Robert got hold of Rob and roughly tickled him.

- Martin Amis, Experience

posted by graham Email | 08/25/05 | 04:50:06 pm | 3 views | Missleaneus, books | Leave a comment


Kexp made BB! Hurrah!

posted by graham Email | 07/02/05 | 12:25:18 am | 0 views | Missleaneus | 2 comments

Mos Eisley (AHA HA! SO FUNNY!)

Eisley just invaded the Bauhaus, and I am frantically trying to steal their music, that I may know whether or not their show is worth attending. Is that wrong? I do feel a bit strange stealing music with the musicians less than ten feet away.

The drummer has what looks like a "Don't mess with Texas" money clip (and lots of money). I'm hoping that this is merely a hipster accesory (the clip, not the money).

More later... I must publish this before I get another blue screen of death.

posted by graham Email | 06/14/05 | 09:10:52 pm | 0 views | Missleaneus | Leave a comment

Which One?

Two good shows are happening tomorrow. I can't decide which one would be better.
DJ Krush or Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra?

And how do you make a poll in b2?

posted by graham Email | 06/09/05 | 06:12:45 pm | 2 views | Missleaneus, null | 1 comment

Bug me no more

While getting a user/pass from bugmenot, i noticed their "NY Times recommends bugmenot" link.

I especially like the bit about stuffing return envelopes with pieces of sheetmetal.

Also, while I'm strongly in favor of the short/tall/grande system, the Lincoln Park shirt sounds pretty amusing.

posted by graham Email | 06/01/05 | 02:15:57 pm | 3 views | Rants, Raves, Missleaneus, Photos, null, coffee, math, books, news, Ideas, random, hci, music, politics, art, movies, technology | 42 comments

More radio - M.I.A.

Another KEXP live radio performance/interview. This time it's M.I.A. and her crew. I managed to not screw up getting the stream this time.

26.3mb, 28 minutes 44 seconds. Get it here.

posted by graham Email | 05/12/05 | 05:39:37 am | 3 views | Missleaneus, music | 53 comments

"A Declaration of Independence from the need for Fascism"

This is an excerpt from a two-page paid advertisement in the current Seattle Weekly. Incidentally, it was written by the founder of the bakery that makes the baked goods for my local coffee shop.

As one who claims to be the current incarnation of the person who previously incarnated as Abel, Isaac, Jesus, King Arthur, Thomas Jefferson and Mohandas Gandhi, among others, I believe that it is my role to declare the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the Nation of New Israel and to ask for the support of the leadership of the USA in bringing about this Nation.

The foundation of this Nation (to use the language of Jefferson) will be laid upon such principles and its power organized in such forms as follow:

All persons will be joined in a single union of marriage with their Leader, consummated en masse on a regular basis in the Temple. No nuclear families in this Kingdom, only one great big happy, fully alive, orgiastic, taboo-and-phobia-free family that parties together every night. All men and women will see themselves as brothers and sisters, equal as the children and lovers of their one mother and father. No patriarchy, no taboos, no division into nuclear families, no homophobia, no aversions, no shame, no hiding, no secrets, no sexual repression.

-Arthur Jefferson Fairhall

posted by graham Email | 05/08/05 | 12:00:30 am | 2 views | Missleaneus, politics | 1 comment

British Sea Power

So Ben and I went to see British Sea Power last night at Neumo's, along with The Glasses and The Turn-On's. It was a pretty good show, although I think my right eardrum is toast.

Anyway, they were just on the local indie radio station and they played a few accoustic songs. I ripped the shoutcast stream, but I was stupid and missed the first bit. Sorry.

This is it. It's a 15.2mb 128k mp3.

posted by graham Email | 04/28/05 | 02:57:38 pm | 1 views | Missleaneus, music | 30 comments

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