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Category: Raves

Oh yeah!

posted by graham Email | 02/07/06 | 11:57:07 pm | 3 views | Raves, null | Leave a comment

So the reason I've been poking around on Italian ebay is the fact that my espresso machine has a dead controller and water level probe and I thought that perhaps might have spare parts listed. You know, since everybody in Italy works in either exotic sports cars, fashion, wines, or the espresso industry.

But anyway, I happened across this, and basically now what I'm feeling is espresso machine envy. I never thought it would happen to me!

posted by graham Email | 12/15/05 | 06:57:49 pm | 4 views | Raves, coffee | Leave a comment

14'8", 102 Tons.

I found one of these stickers in the Bauhaus a few days ago. So awesome.

posted by graham Email | 09/22/05 | 10:36:13 pm | 0 views | Raves, seattle | 2 comments

Your knife block sucks

posted by graham Email | 09/02/05 | 04:46:42 am | 2 views | Raves, null, random, art | 1 comment

...and so does your blender.

Who cares if it works well or not. I must have it!

posted by graham Email | 09/02/05 | 04:13:13 am | 1 views | Raves, technology | Leave a comment

Yay! I'm... wonderful?

posted by graham Email | 08/10/05 | 01:38:40 pm | 2 views | Raves, null, coffee | Leave a comment

Bug me no more

While getting a user/pass from bugmenot, i noticed their "NY Times recommends bugmenot" link.

I especially like the bit about stuffing return envelopes with pieces of sheetmetal.

Also, while I'm strongly in favor of the short/tall/grande system, the Lincoln Park shirt sounds pretty amusing.

posted by graham Email | 06/01/05 | 02:15:57 pm | 3 views | Rants, Raves, Missleaneus, Photos, null, coffee, math, books, news, Ideas, random, hci, music, politics, art, movies, technology | 42 comments

FBQ: Frame Builders Questionnaire

You bicycle people must check this out.

posted by graham Email | 05/16/05 | 04:47:25 pm | 0 views | Raves, art | Leave a comment

My spam is better than your spam

This is the message text from some spam (with the subject "how to cover your girl in szperm") I received a week ago. If I hadn't been checking my email on my crappy phone browser I never would have seen this hidden text. Needless to say, I almost crapped myself when I saw it quote Vonnegut.

"Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know.",

"I have been a soreheaded occupant of a file drawer labeled Science Fiction and I would like out, particularly since so many serious critics regularly mistake the drawer for a urinal. -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons, Science Fiction, 1974"

"When I moved to the country I asked my neighbor if he had lived here all his life. His response was \"not yet.\"",

"I want to be old and annoy people pretending I'm deaf. -- Blackadder III",

"Murphy's 11th Law: It is impossible to make anything foolproof, because fools are so ingenious.",

posted by graham Email | 05/15/05 | 11:58:53 am | 0 views | Raves, random | Leave a comment

Bill Nye the Rich Guy

I don't know how many people out there watched Bill Nye the Science Guy when they were younger. It may have been just a Seattle thing. If that is the case, let me assure you that this show was pretty much the coolest Science show ever.
Well anyway, I'm not sure how much you would pay for all 100 episodes on DVD, but I think this is a little extreme.
It makes anime prices look cheap. Hell, it makes Star Trek DVDs look like IKEA drink coasters.

posted by graham Email | 04/16/05 | 03:57:49 am | 15 views | Raves, news | 3 comments

Gorillaz' Demon Days in seven minutes. I love the intar-web.

posted by graham Email | 04/11/05 | 05:08:51 pm | 0 views | Raves | Leave a comment

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