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Category: Porsche

Rotrex is cool.

This was going to be a post about the Techart Cayman, but I just realized it doesn't really differ all that much different from the stock Cayman S.

Techart Cayman

So instead I'll direct your attention to Rotrex superchargers and how cool they are. They're belt driven, like traditional superchargers, but they have some sort of crazy planetary friction drive rollers inside that gives them higher impeller speeds and an efficiency close to a turbocharger. This means you don't need an intercooler like with some superchargers, and you don't get any turbo lag.

Now if only someone would develop a Rotrex supercharger kit for the Cayman's M96-derived 3.4L engine (and a limited slip differential), we could see the Cayman spank 911s like it really should. Assuming the Cayman's engine bay is similar to the Boxter's, it shouldn't be too long a wait.

posted by graham Email | 12/27/05 | 12:50:31 pm | 8 views | technology, Porsche | Leave a comment

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