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Hondas suck. That is all.
10/10/05 @ 02:48:06 pm, Categories: Rants, 33 words   English (US)

In case you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself replacing the clutch on your FWD boringmobile, I would recommend following all of the instructions in whichever manual you happen to be using.

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Lambo SUV Redux
10/06/05 @ 03:00:45 pm, Categories: Cars, 25 words   English (US)

Remember the LM002? Well apparently the folks at Lambo/Audi have forgotten it, because they have designed a new SUV - the LM00X.

via Autoblog

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My Crazy Uncle, Part 1
10/05/05 @ 02:47:52 pm, Categories: Rants, politics, rant, 90 words   English (US)

My uncle (on the crazy side of the family, obviously) just sent this link out to the family.

Usually he just sends us crap warning us to sell everything and buy gold because the apocalypse is coming and we'll have to defend ourselves from zombified hippies with our gold-tipped spears. This is just batshit crazy though. Here's an excerpt:

"The purpose of female empowerment is to dissolve the family and to increase our dependence on the media and government, which are both owned and controlled by agents of Illuminist bankers."

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A compulsively lazy coffee addict, striving subconsciously to lose his direction in life. Each month seems to usher in either the best or worst time of his life, as if some cosmic resonance were attempting to fling him off this plane of existence with no regard to where he might land.
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