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Martin Amis and friends visit Robert Graves
08/25/05 @ 04:50:06 pm, Categories: Missleaneus, books, 172 words   English (US)

- Oh don't worry, I said. Just go on as if he's a god.

Graves seemed baffled but on the whole rather pleased to see us. He was perhaps fractionally diminished from the striding colossus of a few years earlier, but still very straight and head-in-air, the ancient coin of his face quite undulled. I introduced my friends and said,
- I'm sorry about this, Robert, but you must get some very weird people coming to see you these days. Now you're so famous.
- Oh, I do, I do. Some extraordinary people come to see me now. Extraordinary people.
The five of us looked out on the rocky acres - spurs and tors, terraces, arthritic olive trees. Then Rob said to Robert,
- Make that mountain open up.
- What?
- Turn it into a volcano.
- What?
- Go on. You can do it. Make that cloud go away.
- Oh, you're -
- Summon a tidal wave.
- You little -
- Make the moon come out.
- Ooh, you -
- Make the -
And Robert got hold of Rob and roughly tickled him.

- Martin Amis, Experience

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A compulsively lazy coffee addict, striving subconsciously to lose his direction in life. Each month seems to usher in either the best or worst time of his life, as if some cosmic resonance were attempting to fling him off this plane of existence with no regard to where he might land.
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