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Upload limits and such
12/04/05 @ 06:03:52 pm, Categories: Misc, admin, 101 words  

I'm just curious what sort of upload speeds people are getting. Uploading 3mb generally takes me at least five minutes, so I usually go AFK while it's going. I've also started using WinSCP so i can resume failed uploads (and send multiple files at once).
It might be nice to raise the upload limit, but I can see Ben's server filling up with junk quite quickly if we do. After all, how long do I need to have my 60mb Hubble pic available?

And how do i make these posts go only to the Admin blog and not to mine also?

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A compulsively lazy coffee addict, striving subconsciously to lose his direction in life. Each month seems to usher in either the best or worst time of his life, as if some cosmic resonance were attempting to fling him off this plane of existence with no regard to where he might land.
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