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"Sen. Joseph F. Biden, Jr., D-Del., who is leading the fight to block the nomination, responded angrily to the accusation of mistreatment. Anytime a senior official calls in a lower-level one 'and reams him a new one,' he said, 'that's just not acceptable.'"

Via the New York Times.

Biden would be Secretary of State today if Kerry had won.

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Comment from: collin [Member] · http://nonplatonic.com/index.php/collin
04/12/05 @ 13:20
Speaking of Cuba and biological "weapons," I read an article a while back in Wired about Cuba's pharma program. The jist of it is after the collapse of the USSR, Cuba couldn't get a lot of drugs because of our embargo. So scientists there said, "Well shit. We'll have to make our own." And this became some what of an economic engine for Cuba. Some lines that stuck with me:

One beneficiary was Concepcion Campa Huergo, president and director general of the Finlay Institute, a vaccine lab in Havana. She developed the world's first meningitis B vaccine, testing it by injecting herself and her children before giving it to volunteers. "I remember one day telling Fidel that we needed a new ultracentrifuge, which costs about $70,000," Campa says. "After five minutes of listening he said, 'No. You'll need 10.'"

As much as I dislike Fidel, what with the jailing of journalists and suppression of dissent, you gotta smile at something like that. If my first line confused anyone, Biden is reffering to Bolton getting pissed off at some analysts who disagreed with him about Cuba's "bio weapons" program. Which makes one wonder if the fact that they're doing a lot to sneak pharma equipment around the embargo, which threatens government policy and not national safety, has anything to do with Bolton pushing a position that was not backed up by evidence...

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