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25.03.2005 @ 2:03:01 PM, Categories: math, null, 56 words  

the thing with the stuff

Can you put bounds on the number of self-assembling DNA structure of a given type by formalising to a commutative diagram? Can you look at the dynamics generated by that diagram and show there exists a bijection between cycles on disjoint subsets of the space to set of well formed structures?

I have no fucking clue.

18.03.2005 @ 8:00:39 PM, Categories: math, null, 52 words  

I hate LaTeX

Render this to see the braid word for the title graphic...

$\sigma_{1} \sigma_{3} \sigma_{1} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{2} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{2} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{3} \sigma_{2}^{-1} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{1} \sigma_{3} \sigma_{1} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{2} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{2} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{3} \sigma_{2}^{-1} \sigma_{4}^{-1} \sigma_{1}^{-1} \sigma_{3}^{-1} \sigma_{2} \sigma_{1}^{-1} \sigma_{3} \sigma_{1}^{-1} \sigma_{4} \sigma_{3} \sigma_{4} \sigma_{2} \sigma_{4}$

Oh, and it's pronounced like the rubber, fuckers.





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