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07.04.2005 @ 12:54:43 PM, Categories: music, null, 88 words  

Once again, another song

Shit Out of Luck, by Greg Brown

They groan as she passes, their time's gone by,
They wasted their lives in anger and sighs.
They groan as she passes, and make a few cracks,
Once it is gone, it don't come back.

They groan as she passes, she don't even see them,
Their sons are not here, but someday they will be them.
And groan as she passes, and whisper "Oh, fuck,"
My best years are gone, and I'm shit out of luck. I'm shit out of luck.

06.04.2005 @ 6:03:56 PM, Categories: nonsense, null, 19 words  


I was looking around at job listings on craigslist, when I came across...


I screamed...
Then I cried.

06.04.2005 @ 5:44:02 PM, Categories: nonsense, null, 142 words  

NLP is stupid, I ate the babel fish...

all language is stupid...

Can you recognize this before it was translated from english to french, to german, to english, to spanish, to french, to english, to chinese, to english, to chinese, TO ENGLISH?

Is perhaps the question order: If ethyl alcohol zuegel and is unworthy the fortune arrow completes suffers adopts surplus them or the arm were opposed the request excessive duty and by opposes tis nobly: Does not color in the order or, sleeps; And by the dream, first states you to complete sorrowful and the friend 1,000 vibrates normals, the meat and is inherits? Tis it respectfully wishes the consumption. Perhaps the color, the sleep has the dream sleep; I, is brings frotante there to stop dying, that this dream dream is possibly comes, if our slatterns balance in death except this for above, they must oppose the detonation elasticity.

04.04.2005 @ 11:17:42 AM, Categories: nonsense, null, 25 words  


Ah! well-a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young!
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

What's your albatross?

03.04.2005 @ 1:49:51 PM, Categories: nonsense, null, 194 words  

How to p0wn your own boxen...

Let's say you've forgotten the root password to your box, or cluster master node. The box uses shadow passwords so you can't boot off a knoppix CD and edit them. You lilo.conf file has "prompt" commented out so you can't boot into single user mode without changing it. You try to edit the file and run "lilo -C ./lilo.conf" but since you booted off the CD lilo keeps trying to look at "/boot/something" which is on the ramdisk, which makes no sense, and you can't figure out the right flags from the lilo man page.

What do you do?

Get really pissed off and reboot, repeatedly. Do not shutdown, unplug or physically switch off the box. Eventually when booting your box will realise the the hard drive wasn't cleanly unmounted. It will run fsck. If you're lucky fsck will fail. This is what you want. It will now give you a prompt, logged in as root (I do not know it this is single user mode or not). Remount your drive read/write and change the password. It doesn't ask for the old password! Be nice and run fsck. Reboot.


02.04.2005 @ 6:06:28 PM, Categories: pictures, null, 0 words  

I am so cool.

02.04.2005 @ 11:00:11 AM, Categories: null, science, 213 words  

Yet another reason I'm mad at the government.

Why is it so difficult to find good information on government research? The first time this happened to me I was looking for papers on scanning confocal electron microscopy which was developed at Argonne National Labs by Nestor Zaluzec. The most detailed information I could find was in his patent application, which as we all know are most often absolutely useless. Yesterday I saw an article at everyone's favorite futurist/transhumanist rag. So wondering if this has any bearing on "research" I have no business doing, I went in search of actual technical papers. All I was able to find were useless press releases and an equally (in that it's the same content as the press release) useless attempt at a research page. But there's a patent pending on the technology, so I could allways to and try to look at TIFFs of his patent application. My tax dollars should NOT be paying for broken links and fucking TIFFs. I'm glad that there is a push for publicly viewable peer-reviewed journals for fedarally funded research, at least in the biosciences. I have only a basic understanding of intellectual property law, but it bothers me severly when government funded research is at best hard to find and at worst not publicly viewable.

01.04.2005 @ 6:42:35 PM, Categories: nonsense, null, 187 words  

When people with too much education try to be funny.

From here.


Jack Napier (1), Seto Kaiba (2) and Yuffie Kisaragi (2)

1 James T. Smith Library, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York
2 Kyuzo Institute, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Available online 1 April 2005.


We proffer an epistemological, ontological, and ecumenical analysis of the informatics zeitgeist surrounding librarians and so-called information scientists. A fuzzy systems tautomerism and transformative hermeneutic lexiae with stemming metadata shows that behind an axiometric normalization of mutually reinforcing moieties, institutionalized metaphors, and naïve liturgical dogmas lies nothing more than gormandized aphorisms and pseudoscientific quanta. This endemic helix permeates the koans of nacirema determinates and quidditative paradigms alike. The operationalized gestalt is collapsed, as with its photonic counterpart, via an interaction among the cromulent a priori of epiphenomenal knowledge management and the parsimonious lorem ipsum of atomistic artificial intelligence and its ilk. Neither the nascent yet positivist hyperliteracy movement nor the transactive pedagogical convergence of jingoistic multiliteracies possess the constituent wherewithal for explicating the existence of information per se or affirming the verstehende of contemporary librarianship; you can't eat your cake and have it too. Ramifications for string theory and consciousness studies are also addressed.

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April fools.

Those cheeky google people...

31.03.2005 @ 9:51:29 PM, Categories: nonsense, null, 194 words  

It's like reading a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap, if Dr. Bronner was a "mathematician" that didn't get into Caltech. "Obscurantism?" That's almost as good as "symbological" or "technicated."

There is proof that 3 dimensional
math is erroneous, and that linear
Time is actually of a Cubic nature.
Ignoring Cubium indicts you evil.

Scholars ravage Earth's resources.
Scholars plunder America's Nature.
Nevada's 77,000 ton nuclear waste
burial should be made a monument
to Scholasticism's evil singularity -
contradicted by Cubic Created life,
relative to the Cubium dipole atom.

Time Cube is "T.O.E.", theory of everything.
Time, Life and Truth = a Cubic Principle,
a natural creation of ineffable opposites.
Caltech professors practice obscurantism
and can not ever allow Time Cube Debate -
for it will indict the word bastards as evil.
They can't argue it, their power is to ignore -
and that's why students must demand debate.
Word is most efficient form of enslavement.
You have been educated singularity stupid.
You have been educated in singularity evil.
Self singularity is cursed form of humanity.
Do you care to know that Cubic Creation
debunks the Word God and Word World of
the educated stupid human Word Animal?

31.03.2005 @ 4:54:47 PM, Categories: null, null, 97 words  


I was just listening to NPR and there was something about the latest election in Zimbabwe. One thing that was mentioned that I didn't know was that it is illegal to sell cornmeal, cornmeal being the main staple. Only the government is allowed to sell/distribute cornmeal and routinely arrests people selling cornmeal at roadside markets to make some cash, and sets up road blocks to prevent... What? Trafficing in fucking cornmeal? As one might imagine this doesn't work very well. Which has lead to at least one slogan for the opposition party, "Vote with your stomach."

31.03.2005 @ 3:45:47 PM, Categories: null, null, 54 words  

A question of etiquette...

Suppose you live in a apartment building. You walk down stairs, and in the foyer of your building you see two people; a homeless mute Vietnamese man with five teeth wearing a studded leather jacket and an albino Chicano gangbanger type. They are smoking a blunt and offer you a drag. Do you partake?

31.03.2005 @ 3:39:12 PM, Categories: music, null, 89 words  

Old fashioned morphine...

"Old Fashioned Morphine"
by Jolie Holland. It's a riff on the old classic "Old time Religion," think somewhere between Billie Holiday and east Texas Blues.

Gimme that old fashioned morphine.
Gimme that old fashioned morphine.
Gimme that old fashioned morphine.
It's good enough for me.

It was good enough for Billy Boroughs.
It was good enough for Billy Boroughs.
It was good enough for Billy Boroughs.
It's good enough for me.

Sister don't get worried.
Sister don't get worried.
Sister don't get worried.
Casue the world is almost done.

30.03.2005 @ 9:38:30 PM, Categories: null, null, 10 words  

I am the NRA

When everyone has tiny guns there will be no crime.

27.03.2005 @ 6:26:29 PM, Categories: null, null, 6 words  

Cricket Guerillas

Of course crickets can launch missles.

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