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Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan

When yer head gets twisted and yer mind grows numb; When you think you're too old, too young, too smart or too dumb; When yer laggin' behind an' losin' yer pace; In a slow-motion crawl of life's busy race No matter what yer doing if you start givin' up; If the wine don't come to the top of yer cup; If the wind's got you sideways with with one hand holdin' on; And the other starts slipping and the feeling is gone; And yer train engine fire needs a new spark to catch it; And the wood's easy findin' but yer lazy to fetch it; And yer sidewalk starts curlin' and the street gets too long; And you start walkin' backwards though you know its wrong; And lonesome comes up as down goes the day; And tomorrow's mornin' seems so far away; And you feel the reins from yer pony are slippin'; And yer rope is a-slidin' 'cause yer hands are a-drippin'; And yer sun-decked desert and evergreen valleys; Turn to broken down slums and trash-can alleys; And yer sky cries water and yer drain pipe's a-pourin'; And the lightnin's a-flashing and the thunder's a-crashin'; And the windows are rattlin' and breakin' and the roof tops a-shakin'; And yer whole world's a-slammin' and bangin'; And yer minutes of sun turn to hours of storm; And to yourself you sometimes say "I never knew it was gonna be this way. Why didn't they tell me the day I was born"; And you start gettin' chills and yer jumping from sweat; And you're lookin' for somethin' you ain't quite found yet...

How can a man accomplish anything of importance? How does he decide amongst the seemingly infinite paths he can take? How after life has beaten him does he lift himself back up and continue? How does he convince others to help him along his choosen path, if he himself is full of doubt? How does he decide that it's time to give up and start something new? If he decides to stay the course, how does he gather the courage to venture into the unknown, and attempt to do something important and new? And if what he is attepmting is in fact new, and he succeeds, what does he do if he was mistaken and what he has accomplished is trivial and useless? Tell me if you know.

comment by ben on 05.04.12 at 01:44
Don't give up. It gets worse after this.

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