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The dangerous world of pioneering...

Looks like the end of days for transmeta. They had a nifty idea with the realtime dynamic binary translation, but in the end - it didn't save them enough transistors to make a difference.

It will be sad to see them go-- they did the industry a great favor by showing consumers (and chip architects) that power mattered. Its too bad they didn't get more $monetary$ benefit from their efforts, before the mighty manufacturing machine at Intel turned a couple knobs and dusted off an old design and built it in the new process (Ah! The miracles of voltage scaling).

But then again, I'd rather be the lead dog any day of the week, he's the only one with the great view.


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For those of us lacking fine motor control...

Now we can use surface mount (and otherwise hard to solder) parts in our prototype boards...Yea!

Soldering with your toaster-oven

Design your own PCBs

Note to self: buy a *spare* toaster oven.


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