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Someone else post... post something... post anything...



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Anything ever happen with the RSS Devin?

name links

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I changed the link from our name on a post to go to the homepage specified in the user config gui thing. It used to go to our blogs, but nate doesn't have a blog, so that was stupid.


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Other graham has an account where he can post to the main page now. Nate does to, but his potential for posting has yet to be tested. I'm trying to convince others...

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It'd be cool to have password protected links so we could put up MP3s without the RIAA shipping us to Guantanamo.

comment by graham on 05.07.02 at 00:17
Would the "protected" status be sufficient password protection? I was thinking about this after I found my that my Joe Frank post showed up on google.
comment by ben on 05.07.02 at 00:20
I guess that would work. I was really thinking something that would check if you had a login cookie and pass if you did, but we would need to add a button to back office for that to work... and that would require figuring out how the plugin api works and I'm not sure I care.

Your idea is probably better.
comment by ben on 05.07.02 at 01:23

Even if the posts were protected, the stuff in the media directory could still be hot linked from off site... and then the RIAA would come knocking and badness would happen.