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Who links to you?

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Yahoo Site Explorer [Beta], and it's just what it sounds like. And apparently the only people that link to here are Devin, Alex, Nate, and lots of stupid search aggregators. Though I know it's more than that, so most likely the crawler hasn't gotten enough data yet. Still pretty cool. And you can even save the search as a good old tab seperated text file. It fills me with dreams of writing a crappy internet topology paper...

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The .na domain is Namibia. And the list is ranked by bytes, not hits. Though we apparently got 6 hits from Namibia. The internets are a strange, strange world...
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I have now had two people use: "That's city living" to rationalize my lack of a bathroom door, floor, heat, gas range and so forth... Of course, now I have a bathroom door. My favorite though was the landlord: "Explain how it is to young Ben... living in the city." Oh... I'm sorry... I guess living in the styx of downtown Boulder got me used to frivolous things like toilets... things that people in the brave new city have moved beyond with their mystic city powers of sophistication and peeing on the sidewalk.

Model PS-6-26

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(a) Yes, that piece of crap electric range we cooked mussels on is my range.
(b) No, it is not gas.
(c) Yes, I am getting a gas one (as soon as my landlord gets around to putting gas in).

moules marinieres

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I'm building a boat.

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I've been meaning to get around to posting some pics of the canoe I'm building. It's a really interesting design by Platt Monfort that uses a frame made from very thin strips of wood, kevlar string as tension bearing members, and then it's all covered in a heat shrink dacron. The model I'm building is called the Sweet Pea Mark 2 [name's a little silly] and is supposed to weigh about 10 lbs when finished. Two things I've been wondering about: I've been thinking of staining the frame a darker color to increase the contrast between the frame and the translucent dacron, and I haven't thought of a name for the boat. Since it's the first boat I've built I figure it should have a name. Thoughts?

I found some art...

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Seriously, two four by six foot paintings on canvas in the dumpster. I even like them.

I am haunted...

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Norman Maclean was haunted by waters [read the book if you haven't], where as I am haunted by something much less poetic: slot-headed undercut coarse thread machine screws. Rolls off the palette doesn't it?

I spent a good part of today looking for a throttle return spring for my Rover. It's not really that complicated. It's just a light gauge torsion coil spring. However four auto parts stores and a harware store had nothing even close. On my travels I looked down at the sidewalk and see this mocking me...

A slot-headed undercut coarse thread machine screw! I once spent about two weeks looking and calling vainly trying to find some of these for my '65 IIA SWB Rover before I orderd some from Rovers North, though they were coarse wentworth thread not coarse SAE or metric thread. I just ended up ordering the spring from Rovers North and though it isn't in stock and should take a while to get here only cost me $1.37... ALL HAIL THE INTERNETS!

14'8", 102 Tons.

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I found one of these stickers in the Bauhaus a few days ago. So awesome.

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We got linked to from boingboing...
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Comment from: g-money [Visitor] Email
Nice job, Seattle. Way to fuck us all over and block the monorail after all these years of planning. I hope you like your shitty Toyotas, because it looks like you'll be spending most of your remaining life waiting in traffic in them.
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You know...

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You know what sucks about nicotine gum? You can't inhale it.

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I realize that being homeless in Pioneer Square probably marks you as insane, but if you say to me "food, money, anything" and I hand you a fucking loaf of bread, I sort of expect you to take it. None of this "I don't eat that." It's not like I gave you kimchi or a tube of wasabi... I gave you a loaf of bread. A fucking loaf of bread. Take the fucking loaf of bread. What the fuck? Why not? It's bread. Eat the fucking bread and don't fucking starve to death. Fuck.

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I yield to your superior ranting skills...
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God damn it...

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Ok, let's say you have some class foo (in C++)

class foo() {
blah blah blah

Why is that semicolon there? Replace "class foo()" with "foo::randomfunction(int)" or "while(I give Stroustrup the finger)" and that semicolon shouldn't be there. It's not to help out the parser. Is it just style, or am I missing something subtle?

Comment from: ben [Member] Email ·
I was going to say something about your post, but I was too angry and covered in Lake Washington water.

I think it's just a style thing. Though I vaguely remember hearing something about compilers requiring it back in the bad old days.
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Comment from: marcel [Visitor] Email ·
see it as a declaration:
class foo() {};

unsigned int i;

if u dont like it, patch your compiler or use another languangue.
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my new place

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Comment from: Shenandoah [Visitor] Email
Very aesthetically pleasing...but wouldn't it just look much cooler if there was a grand piano?
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Comment from: ben [Member] Email ·
I tried... my friends made fun of me...
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Comment from: Steven [Visitor] Email ·
Where the hell is that? Is it a rental or a condo? I'm looking for a real studio/loft in Seattle...
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Comment from: ben [Member] Email ·
It's a loft in pioneer square. It seems to be the place to find lofts in Seattle. It's a rental. I know my landlord has a few more of these in the area... try craigslist.
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Comment from: Aaron [Visitor] Email
Hey this may be strange post to see on your site. I live next door to you. I believe I tapped into your wireless connection for a few days, my apologies for not asking. Usually there are plenty of networks to tap into in the pioneer square area, at this moment there are not. I assume your new network is Learnet... I am a student, and my roomate is a teacher for the Seattle school district, we use the internet a couple of times a day to check mail, and never surf crazy web pages and what not. What could we pay you to use your network? Let me know either biggy if you would rather not.


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Can I stick a 17 foot long sea kayak in this window?

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Heh heh heh....
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A French term for a standing wave phenomenon associated with the reflection of an ocean wave train from a vertical surface, such as a breakwater or pier. A standing wave is a periodic vertical motion of the sea surface that does not propagate horizontally. It can be thought of as being created by the superposition of two identical waves propagating in opposite directions.

[stolen from here]

I have internets.

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The internets-man came yesterday in his internets-truck and it was playing the "Teddybears Picnic" song and he gave me a whole big box full of internets and rainbows and unicorns.

party in the big city

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blah blah I went to Thailand. Oh, I was in Thailand too. Did you go to the islands? Yes, I did too. They're beautiful, aren't they... Now stare blankly at one another for several minutes and repeat until I can take it no longer and run down the stairs.

Yes, living in the city is living in the city.

Meanwhile, the artists are starving one floor down. They weren't invited... but the cocaine addicts... they're amusing, interesting, fascinating folk...


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Is it conceited when Kahimi says it's nice to be a beautiful girl, or is that simply one of those things I'll have to grow to accept? I have the interwebs on my computer, running water and even hot water... and another one of my walls is almost white. I met a painter, an ex .com millionare (real networks) and probably someone else. That guy at Bauhaus makes the best cappuccino the world has ever seen... the foam comes an inch and a half out of the cup.

Comment from: Other Graham [Visitor] Email ·
Momus wrote that song for Kahimi.
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Razzle Dazzle!

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I am one degree of separation away from the director of FEMA [probably].

Check it...

Mike Brown [big asshole]
Igor Gamow [owner of a white arabian stallion]
Comment from: graham [Member] Email ·
I just heard on NPR that Mike Brown isn't actually a big asshole, he just put it on his resume to get the FEMA job.
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Comment from: collin [Member] Email ·
Ok a few things...

He said he was in charge of emergency management in Edmond, Oklahoma, when it looks like he wasn't. From Time

I could care less if he massaged his resume to look better. The thing that bothers me is the politicizing of important positions in government and giving them to cronies instead of people that have decades of experience. [Devin has stories about his uncle(?) at the EPA] Because who's more qualified to run FEMA than the college roommate of Bush's campaign manager? [Boston Herald]
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A better hipster PDA

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More adventures in carbon

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Check it yo!

Salty Whitewater, or Kayaking Boston

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So this is what I saw flying out of Logan to Ohare last week.

[Well not exactly that since I didn't take the picture, arguments about perception and simulacra and all...] It's Paradise Bay in Boston Harbor, and you may be able to tell from the picture it's closed off by a breakwater except for two places which are kicking up a bit of whitewater. [Here's a google maps shot in color and all.] So my thought was, "Well, if I can see it from the plane it might be worth boating."

I went down there today and even though I was delayed and got there an hour before low tide [as opposed to halfway between high and low tides which would have the maximum flow] the southern opening was running at about 800 cfs and the northen at maybe 250 cfs. Unfortunately the bottom at the southern opening is completely man made. It's basically a weir, and as we all know [or should know] weirs equal death. It might be less deadly at a slightly higher tide since the drop wouldn't be as far, but I'm not too hopeful. The northern opening was runnable even when I was there, though it was really boney.

Some back of the envelope calculations give us this...
The radius of the "bay" [it's not really a bay is it] is about 1000 feet. The difference between high and low tide [we all know this varies depending on what phase the moon is in] is about 10 feet. Which mean that about 31 million cubic feet of water flow in or out each low to high [or vice versa] tide cycle [which lasts 6 hours]. Assuming the the flow is constant, or asking what the average flow is we get about 1450 cfs split between the two openings. And since we know that this isn't going to be anywhere close to linear the max flow is most likely going to be much higher.

Hopefully enough to kick up a good surf spot.

Your knife block sucks

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Comment from: Gabriel Ford [Visitor] Email ·
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...and so does your blender.

posted by graham on 05.09.02 at 04:13, Raves, technology, Leave a comment Permalink

Who cares if it works well or not. I must have it!

Irrational Actors

posted by anwar on 05.09.01 at 11:05, Economics, rant, 2 comments Permalink
''I heard it was going to go up to $4 a gallon tomorrow and there were going to be shortages, so when I got home from work I kissed my wife goodbye and said I was going out to find gas,'' he said.

And the Environmental Protection Agency said it would temporarily allow gasoline retailers nationwide to sell fuel that does not meet stringent summer air-quality standards.

At least we'll have fewer New Yorkers driving up around here...

Matt McKenzie, spokesman for from AAA-Northern New England, predicted gas prices would hit $3.70 to $3.80 by month's end in that region of the country, causing frugal motorists to begin carpooling, curbing errands and maybe even scaling back fall leaf-viewing trips.

Comment from: graham [Member] Email ·
Oh the humanity! God forbid New Yorkers should have to forgo their leaf-viewing trips!

Note the A.N.W.R. staying very still, hoping that Bush doesn't remember it's still up there.
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Comment from: marco [Member] Email ·

Robert and Claire Smith of Rockford, Ill., had planned to take their four children to an amusement park, but the high price of gas kept them from making the drive of over one hour. Instead, they visited both sets of grandparents nearby.

So let's see..."over an hour" probably wouldn't be used for anything over about 75 miles (and that's assuming highway speeds most of the way, which may not be true). We'll assume the grandparents all live very close. With four kids they definitely have an SUV or minivan, so let's say 15 MPG. That works out to 10 gallons for the round trip. The article states that gas prices went up about 75 cents per gallon because of the hurricaine. So they decided to cancel a trip their kids were really excited about because it was going to cost them an additional $7.50. I don't know what amusement park tickets cost these days, but probably at least $80 for a family of 6 and more likely over $100. They probably would have bought food there too, and the gas in the first place was going to cost around $30. So yeah, that extra $7.50 is looking pretty scary.

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