This page is my journal. It is mostly for myself, just so I can remember exactly when certain things happened, but if it entertains you, cool.

03-06-2002: Have you ever noticed that really high end, lightweight bike parts usually cost at least $1 per gram?

$99 for a 99g Easton EC90 Carbon bar
$200 for a ~200g Paul's derailleur
$250 for a 135g Phil Wood Mag/Ti BB
$2875 for a 1430g Litespeed Pisgah Frame
$200 for a sub-200g Action-Tec cogset

I hate school. Michigan, too. I want to be somewhere else right now. Someplace where the sun is shining and it's about 85 degrees outside. I wish I had a spring break like the rest of the world.
I bet it's nice in Moab right now. Or the mountains outside of Las Vegas.
It's even been nice in Seattle. But here all we get is crap. The weather report for the next five days says "Flurries, Wintry Mix (whatever the hell that is), Rain, Scattered Thunderstorms, Snow Showers."
Arghh matey.

03-05-2002: So i don't lose it: My class schedule for summer term 2002.


11-21-2001: Well, Schwinn sucks, Dean sucks, Yeti sucks, Maverick sort of sucks, and all the other employers in Boulder suck. Schwinn is too stuck up to respond to my letters, emails, and calls. Dean and Yeti wouldn't mind hiring me, though they would mind paying me. Maverick and all of the rest of Boulder just isn't hiring until next Spring/Summer. And on top of it, everyone is mad at me for not finding a job. So I'm headed back to Seattle next Wednesday. I wonder what I'll do for thanksgiving tomorrow...

Spiffy Fractal Desktop Image

11-18-2001: New bike aqquisitions:

Schwinn Van Homan Mean Street Freestyle frame (2001)
GT cro-mo BMX frame (2001?)

Ahh, the wonders of dumpster diving.

11-07-2001: Here is the first actual image of the chopper known as "Barry White." Previous attempts at capturing images have failed, leaving me no choice but to use the 320 x 240 webcam to steal its soul and put it on the web.
Check out The B.L.F. for my latest project.


5-10-2001: Ahhhh.... My Project Underground is done. I have named it Mojo Jo-Jo. Mojo Jo-Jo is an amazing bicycle. It (He?) weighs 22.5 lbs. Here's my description of how it rides: It climbs like a rabid monkey being chased by red-hot pokers, descends like a drunken rollerblader down flagstaff, corners like a gokart with velcro-covered tires, and absorbs vibrations like a sumo wrestler being punched by Jarret Battenberg.

Oh yeah, I found out when I'm getting the boot. I'm getting layed off May 31st. So I'll be going out to Boulder to try to get a job at Schwinn. I wish C-H had kept me for the rest of the term though... I could still use the crappy pay they give me.

5-1-2001: I have finished buying all the parts for the Project Underground. It will be rideable by the week's end. All of a sudden I'm wildly paranoid about it's weight. It's as though I'm afraid that it will exceed Mountain Bike Action's weight limit for high-end cross country hardtails. I have started thinking about Panaracer Greenlite tubes, Titec foam grips, and 380 gram Maxxis tires. It's all the fault of the Marzocchi fork. Ahhh, forget it. It's noticeably lighter than my S-Works. It'll make it. I could name plenty of parts on it that can't get any lighter. It has to make it...

4-23-2001: Whoa, it's been a while. Lot's of new stuff going on... I'm back at work, but my days are numbered. I might get layed off, or fired, or let go, however they want to put it. Not enough sales = not enough money = Graham does not get paid. So, as I leared to say in Freshman Orientation in college, "I am currently seeking employment."

I have a few more bikes now. Here's a list of everything I have now:
Kobe Cobra (1988)- A purple road frame and fork, given to me by Lance, origionallly intended to be made into a fixed gear bike. Obtained 12/25/2000.
Miyata 210 - A [previously] brown cro-mo road frame and fork, from Lance again, to replace the Kobe which has a bent fork. Obtained 4/15/2001.
Lotus ____(i forget) - A Deep burgundy/maroon and chrome road bike, from Lance. All original, works flawlessly. So speedy. Obtained 4/7/2001.
Lotus Expedition (1983)- The ancient mountain bike that i rebuilt the Trek from a while back. I just found out that it's from 1983, making it one of the early production mountain bikes. I'll have to restore it one of these days... Obtained a few years ago...
Trek 820 (1991)- My first mountain bike. Ahhh... memories. 45mph coming down to Boulder, CO. Summer road trips with Austin Cox. While many of the parts have been literally destroyed over the years, the frame remains. I don't think I'll ever throw it out.
Specialized S-Works M2 (1998) - My first high-end mountain bike. A proven, reliable workhorse. I must applaud this bike for working so well after these last two years. The XTR rear derailleur still shifts like new! Bought in early May 1999.
Schwinn Project Underground (1997) - Perhaps my first collectors bike, if it can be called that. It's a bassboat blue wonder, made of carbon reinforced thermoplastic. It has titanium dropouts. Only 500 were produced, and they weren't sold to the public... I feel so special. It has yet to touch dirt under my control, but I know it will be an amazing ride.
The Exer-Chunk - Does this count? Hell yeah! It's going to have front wheel drive and rear wheel steering. What could be cooler than that? How about a front wheel coaster brake. Ohhh yeah...

12-22-2000: This morning I bought a set of XTR V-Brakes and some Kooka Rachas from SmaulAXE. I went out to lunch with Marty, George, Bill Carpenter, Catherine, Joanna, and Steve Wu. That's right, Steve doesn't work at Cutler-Hammer anymore. He does Oracle DBA work downtown at Nordstrom's. We went to Georgio's, a pizza place on 99, then to Starbucks for coffee as usual. Starbucks coffee is... well... funky. It tastes burned. Because of this, I had to use copious amounts of what I call "Burned-Bean-Fighting Cream," a term originating from Guido's Pizza.

Guido's was so cool, but alas, it is no more... it's a Zeek's Pizza now. In my senior year in High School, in Sra. Bunnell's Spanish 5 class, we would go to Guido's once a week to try to talk in Spanish. Fortunately Guido's had an espresso machine. Unfortunately nobody there could make decent coffee. Because of this, the coffee was always scorched, burned, too hot, whatever its called. So one time when i finally couldn't take it anymore, I tried "the cream." Have you ever noticed how the Half and Half and cream sit out forever at coffee shops? It seems like it would go bad eventually. Hmm... maybe it does! So anyway, after adding plenty of cream to my double-tall mocha I tried it, and VOILA! It was tasty! So I named it burned-bean-fighting cream.

Paul "el Billano" and I were gods in that class. Nobody could touch us. We were the Spanish masters. If any of those silly preppies tried to act high and mighty, we would laugh at them, and Sra. Bunnell would laugh too. OK Ben. So you think that I'm preppy and that you're preppy, since we went to prin. But these preppies were different. They were preppies at a school named University Prep. In otherwords, they were super-preppies. Extra-preppies. The cream of the crop of preppies. So anyway, we would laugh, and they would look all confused. Then Paul would call them some funky-ass spanish swearword that he learned in Argentina, and they would look even more confused. I think most people thought that Paul was really wierd. I honestly have no idea what most people thought about me. Maybe I'll find out at my high school reunion someday.

Ugghhh.... I wanna keep writing, but i have to go christmas shopping. TTYL, whoever I'm rambling to.

01-02-2001: Well, SmaulAXE tried to screw me, but it worked out OK. The bearings in the XTR's were all dirty, so I had to clean and repack them. Now they work beautifully. I bought a Klein Stratum 90 Handlebar which is very cool, but I can't use bar ends with it. I guess I'll sell the wound ups. I ordered some stuff from Cambria today. Mostly maintenance parts: some Ti Prep, grease, brake pads, v-brake noodles, and a BB tool.

New years was really boring. I went over to Austins at about 10:00 and watched a movie, then the last 13 seconds of the stupid ball dropping, then another movie.

Christmas was pretty decent I guess. I didn't do much, but I got paid holiday time, so it's all OK. I got a road frame from my uncle Lance. It's made by 'Kobe' and is a really cool metallic purple with half chromed stays. I cleaned it all up, but I need some wheels for it. I also got a bike stand from my dad, which is kind of cool.

I can't wait to put together the Project Underground. It is so good looking...

01-04-2001: I'm bored. Nobody ever wants to do anything. It's really quite sad. I've been reduced to going on solo outings. I've gone places alone before, like to the Bauhaus and even buy-a-crack-e (i dunno how to spell it) park, but it's not the same as going alone to some place like the library. It feels a bit strange, like I'm lost. It makes it hard to sit and enjoy the coffee, the view of Seattle, or even the varied pallette of people walking up and down Pine Street. I sometime get the same feeling when I go on a long bike ride alone.

Emptiness, loneliness, insecurity.


I found out the bicycle brake law for washington.

(2) Every bicycle shall be equipped with a brake which will enable the operator to make the braked wheels skid on dry, level, clean pavement.

I don't think that any Huffy (any REAL Huffy) ever made can skid on dry pavement. Does a fixed gear count as a brake? It seems like it would as long as it's possible to skid. The law doesn't even make sense, since you can stop faster when not skidding. I don't think that any Huffy (any REAL Huffy) ever made can skid on dry pavement. (There have been some non-crap Huffy's before, but they were actually made by other companies, such as the Serotta here)

I need to learn to bike surf. I can ride backwards while sitting on the handlebars, but bike surfing is just so much cooler.

Here are some cycling links for ya:

Critical Mass Hub

Seattle Critical Mass

A Critical Mass Brochure

Washington State's Laws regarding cyclists

01-05-2001: Here's a good article from the CS Monitor. Bush's tough dilemmas on global environment.

Here's an article about Clinton trying to save some trees. Go Clinton! Clinton to Unveil Road Ban in National Forests. (this link no longer works)

On horses and shit: According to Supergo (a very reputable source, I'm sure) bicycles will soon be grouped with ORVs and prohibited from a crapload of trails in National Forests, wildernesses, or something like that. I'm sure horses are still allowed though. I hate horses. They suck. They're big, smelly, drop shit in huge piles right in the middle of the freaking trail, and freak out and try to kill you and their rider when you ride by, even when they see you coming, and even when you go 2 fucking mph. It makes me want to turn them into dogfood. Why can't people scoop up the crap that their horses produce? Maybe next time I see an equestrian on a trail I'll stop 20 or 30 feet in front of them, get off my bike, pull down my shorts, and take a big stinky crap right in front of them, all over the trail.

I'm curious as to why Dub-ya wants to drill for oil and gas in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. The US already imports more than half of its petroleum resources. Is Alaska's oil really going to reduce our imports significantly? Will this really save that much money? More hatred for Bush to come later, when i have more time.

Does anybody else here think it's odd that they refer to Bush as the President-elect? We didn't even elect him! The majority of Americans (and Floridians for that matter) voted for GORE! I'm still bitter. I feel kind of stupid for remaining bitter, but at least I'm not apathetic like most Americans. It was amazing how people actually STOPPED CARING who won the election after a few weeks of news.


This is what I think of CMS, the project I've been working (wasting time) on for the past few months at work.

01-11-2001: I'm back at school now. Flint sucks. Luckily I have an espresso machine and some beans from the Bauhaus. My schedule is kind of crappy. I have two hours of class in the morning every day except monday, then 1-3 hours of class from 2-5 each day.
The flight from Seattle sucked. I realy hate flying. The seats are so cramped that it is impossible for me to sleep. My trip was from Midnight to 10:15 AM. How crappy is that! I actually started writing down all the things I wanted to rant and rave about while I was on the plane. I think it was mostly just to get it all out of my system. Maybe I'll put them in here later.
Hopefully the Schwinn will arrive today. Then maybe I can stop mentioning it so much in here. It really is beautiful though. It should look great.
Well, that's it for today. I have to go reserve a room for a bike club meeting 3rd week. TTYL.

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