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Schwinn Project Underground - 19"

Right Front
Left Front

These pictures were taken January 26, 2001. They show the frame assembled with a few of the parts.

Side View
The cockpit I plan to install (if i can ever get the stem on!)
Shot from front
Rear Triangle with Joe's Rear Derailleur, SPOX wheel, and Action Tec Cogs
The S-Works, having been partially cannibalized for the photos..

Previous Owner's Build

Another person's Project Underground
Picture of the bike
Picture of the Seat tube/Seat stay junction

Outland VPP DH

Pics from previous owner's setup:
1 2 3 4

Pics taken at The Crater in Lakeshore Park, 9-16-2003
1 2

1995 Litespeed Obed (Sold)

Picture 1
349k JPG
128k JPG

Picture 2
464k JPG
139k JPG

1998 Specialized S-Works M2 - 20.5"

As Stock: No Picture Yet

Added Kooka cranks
24k JPG
218k JPG

Added SPOX Wheels
207k JPG
279k JPG

Received Stupid New Fork from Warranty
1 2

Here is Pinky, my latest aquisition... It's a Mongoose Decade Pro from about 1987. It has a really cool freewheel that can be turned into a fixed gear by screwing out a knob on it.

And here is my Lotus "Classique." I'm not really sure when it was made, but I'm guessing that it was made around 1988, though I don't know why. As of August, 2002, it is running a 52x16T fixed gear and front brake only.

Some of my random bike components

Kooka Stem 1 2

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