My Bike Designs


Here is an idea of mine for a CHUNK bike. If you don't know what a CHUNK bike is, go find out right now. GO HERE!


Ben thinks I should build it this way, with the riders facing in opposite directions like this.

Here's another CHUNK bike I want to build. I took a little more time to draw this one.


12-11-2000: Well, last night my dad and I welded up the front dropout on the exer-chunk. FYI: I stink at welding. I'm getting better though. Anyway, now all i have to do is figure out how to make the darn thing steer. Here are two drawings of mine on how to make it steer.

The top design relies on a rear mounted fork with plenty of trail. Mounted with a very low head angle, the fork should be able to track straight when just riding along. The main idea was to just lean to one side to turn, like when riding a bicycle with no hands, but I don't know if this would actually work.

The second design also uses a rear mounted fork, but the fork is mounted at a standard angle. It is steered by a linkage running from the stem to the rear fork. In order to have the steering correct, I would have to run a link from the stem to the seatpost, and another from the seatpost to the rear fork.

12-19-2000: I primed the fork legs on the exer-chunk a few days ago. I have completely given up on the tandem idea. The frame is simply too weak to support two riders. I'm not even sure it will be able to support one rider! The fork is a dual crown design, but the legs are spot welded to the crowns, which scares me. The fork flexes more than a Judy. Ben, you know what I'm talking about. I may have to weld a brace or two from the fork's dropouts to the bottom bracket so it doesn't flex too much.

The origional front wheel on the exer-chunk was crap. It had a solid plastic front tire, and the 18T sprocket was welded (spot welded of course) to the hub body! Luckily the wheel was about 20" in diameter, so I replaced it with the rear wheel from a crappy old BMX bike of mine. The BMX wheel has a 19T cog, and after removing a spacer the hub is only a little wider, so it fits the fork and the chain length nicely. It also has a coaster brake, which should make for some interesting riding.

Oh, and I got some Wound Up Pixie Sticks Carbon bar ends for the Schwinn last night on Ebay! So close to finished! I'm so excited!

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