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Category: Other

Mmm.... Kidneylicious

posted by graham Email | 10/31/07 | 11:19:25 am | 6 views | random, Other, null | Leave a comment

teh catitudes

1. wen he seez lotz kittehz, he climbz tree. His BFz climbz tree too.
2. he sez:
3. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz wiv no cookies on tehy inside; tehy can has Ceiling.
4. cheezburgrz 4 sad kittehz; tehy can has petting.
5. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz taht not want pwn otehr kittehz; they can has urths when otehr kittehz is daid.
6. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz taht is liek "can i has good?"; an cookies 2.
7. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz taht no pwn otehr kittehz; Ceiling Cat no pwn tehm.
8. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz taht has bath on they inside; Ceiling Cat no invisble 4 tehm.
9. cheezburgrz 4 cheezmakrs; Ceiling Cat is liek "u mi kittehz."
10. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz taht iz pwned by otehr kittehz coz tehy iz good; tehy can has Ceiling.
11. cheezburgrz 4 kittehz taht iz pwned by otehr kittehz coz of me.
12. b happy. u can has cookie in Ceiling, cos itz liek wen kittehz pwned Ceiling Catz kittehz.

posted by graham Email | 10/23/07 | 01:49:14 pm | 8 views | random, Other, null | Leave a comment

Remember being disappointed that El Diablo didn't draw a devil in your crema or whatever? Well this is what I got at Zoka last night. I was impressed.

posted by graham Email | 06/20/07 | 09:10:24 am | 29 views | Raves, Missleaneus, Photos, coffee, seattle, Other, null | Leave a comment

Plug the Sunday Schwabacher Soiree!

Meyer, who is lives in Ben's building (the Schwabacher) and is supposedly in the band The Glasses, will supposedly be on KEXP with said band tomorrow night at 6:00PM PST. There is really no reason for you to miss it since the band is good (at least they were good last year when Ben and I heard them with British Sea Power) and KEXP is down with the intarwebs and has five different streams for you to listen to, no matter where you might live or what type of device you are listening on.

posted by graham Email | 09/15/06 | 01:54:14 pm | 48 views | music, seattle, Other, null | Leave a comment

Productivity decreasing... must... remain... focused...

need stronger... blacker... fresher...


posted by graham Email | 07/14/06 | 09:56:48 am | 18 views | Other | Leave a comment

The French Laundry Knives

posted by graham Email | 04/02/06 | 10:20:39 pm | 33 views | Rants, books, technology, rant, Toys, Other, null | 1 comment

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