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"It's an old man's drink, it's boring, it tastes like shit"

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And most people are stupid. I'm not sure I like this guy. Blending Caol Ila?

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I bought a bottle of Scapa the other day. The label's different now.
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Ah shadenfreude...

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After several years of hibernating in my parent's garage, I dug my bike out and brought it to the local repair shop for a much needed tune-up. They quickly informed me that my 14 year-old U-lock was not going cut it on the mean streets of New York and then demonstrated by easily opening it with a regular Bic pen.

So I needed a new lock. The recommended approach is to use at least two, one to secure both wheels to the frame and another to secure the frame to a post—which doesn't even cover the seat.

What about your fork? ZOMG!

The true test is always on the street. After a night of being locked to parking sign on a dark street off Houston, I found the bike with both wheels and the seat exactly where I left if it. The handle bars, however, were gone.


Comment from: Devin [Visitor] ·
I love the dangling participle because it's entirely plausible.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I didn't do it.
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We were more indie.

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You suck like the love child of a pornstar and a hoover CoolHunting. Stop pimping this corporate shit...

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The one in the top left reminds me of something. I can't quite place it though...
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BLF member MIA

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Last seen at the Carnegie Center in D.C.

This naked aggression will not stand. There will be repercussions. Blood will flow.

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That's crap... what kind of bike thief steals a bike that's already been fixed?

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I will not build a fillet brazed frame.

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I will not make a jig out of extruded Al.

I will not buy stainless dropouts, neither vertical nor horizontal.

I will not buy a torch.

I will not figure out how you fillet braze. Really. I mean it.

I have a problem.

Grah! Stab you!

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Your participation in giving is an investment in Chicago’s quality, and ultimately, in the value of your degree.

Why do NY AG's make me feel warm and fuzzy inside?

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April 5 (Bloomberg) -- New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo subpoenaed CIT Group Inc. and Columbia University in a widening probe of conflicts of interest between lenders and college officials in the $85 billion student loan industry.


Cuomo's office requested from the colleges documents about the three officials, who may have ``improperly'' received stock and options from Education Loan Group in exchange for recommending Student Loan Xpress to students, the attorney general's office wrote.

I vote for testicular shocks.


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Once again Coolhunting posted something about bicycles that's unadulterated advertising pap. Cause, who doesn't want a $4k Ellsworth cruiser? But the hub does look kind of interesting.

So it's continuously variable hub. And the design is pretty elegant. Too bad it weighs 4.2kg. Which is twice the weight of any frame I'd put it on.

But, it takes standard freewheels. Which mean it takes standard track cogs.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
You forgot to repeatedly mention the rotating balls.
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Are they more guilty?

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I was looking at some random things...

Are the humanities guilty of making up nonsense words in a futile effort to have a semblance of logical, nee mathematical, consistency?

Bring it on bitches.

I now -officially- hate the BBC.

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It's official. I will stab them in the eye.

And here's some actual papers.

So tired.

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What the hell?:

"We've just solved a problem that hasn't been solved for twelve hundred years - and it's that easy," proclaims Dr Anderson having demonstrated his solution on a whiteboard at Highdown School, in Emmer Green.
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I hate you all...

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  • Fuck you Rossi rep. Just cause you can't ski burly skis doesn't mean I can't. And you should both have and actually know the names of your skis if it's your job to show them off.
  • Fuck you plumber for not fixing my leaking radiator.
  • Fuck you Sears for selling me a damaged toolbox.

Ok, I'm done.

Tap and die, motherfucker!

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Why can't I use a die? I've got some 3/16" rod, the size for a 12-24 tap is a 11/64" hole. I can't find a table for dies, but that's only a difference of 18 mils. I chamfered the rod and I can't get the die to catch. Do I just suck? Are my number's off? Are my shitty dies too shitty?

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
Isn't a press fit 10 mils or so? It seems like a press fit or less would be the right size for a die, so maybe the die is too big? Surely your box of shitty dies has a wide assortment of shitty dies? Why not just try them randomly?
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"It's not all youths on MySpace. Half of the site's users are 35 or older..."

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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
Why am I vomiting about this? Come be my myspace friend instead of vomiting... you're over 25.
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Comment from: Lauren [Visitor]
I saw that report. One half of unique visitors in August were 35 or older. That means that of the people who went to myspace for the first time ever, half of them were 35 or older. I doubt they're users, I bet they're perverts who heard about myspace in the news and are looking for naked girls. Or, parents who heard the news and are looking to see if their girls are naked.

Ben, you sound creepy.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
What did I do? Why am I creepy? Why the preoccupation with nudity?
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Why do you say things that make no sense?

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So I'm sitting here listening to NPR, and they're talking about the HP "pretexting" scandal. And then the reporter said something pretty close to:

blah blah blah... They did various things... blah blah blah... and sending a reporter an email with tracking software attached. But where they ran afaul of the law is with the pretexting.

Huh? Prima facie that sounds like the most blatantly illegal thing in the list he rattled off. I've heard this mentioned nowhere. Anybody know what he meant?

Comment from: anwar [Member] ·
Speculation has it that it wasn't really tracking software, but a web-bug.

The fundamental problem here is that if your employer wants to screw you over, there is little they can't do/find out about you...

Since you've given them your Social Security number, and a host of other personal information -- they can use this to steal your identity, pretext to get yet more information.
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Comment from: scott [Member] ·
"Pretexting" seems a little too euphemistic to me. How about "impersonation"?
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Can I take ice on a plane?

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Ice isn't a liquid. But at room temperature it does become liquid dihydrogen-monoxide, which can be very dangerous. What about dry ice? I'm pretty sure that the pressure on a plane is low enough that there's no danger in it becoming a liquid.

How is it possible that "liquid explosives" are new or novel in anyway? Am I to assume that no one in this administration saw Die Hard III? Why is NPR talking to "experts" about liquid explosives? It's not like they have existed since at least 1847.

Who knew that there's a Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion?

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
I was going to go off on Glass and say how it's not a real solid, and that it's a waffler, but then I read this.
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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
What about batteries? I could perform hydrolysis with a 9 volt, some paperclips, and the water they serve for refreshments. I might be able to collect enough gas going across the country to make a very loud pop. And we all know loud = fast = dangerous = scary = terrorist plot.
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God damn journalists.

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LA Times

Where this pattern is most pronounced, scientists evoke a scenario of evolution running in reverse, returning to the primeval seas of hundreds of millions of years ago.

Emphasis added. Why, oh God why, do we have to dumb things down to the point where they're complete nonsense. Or am I being an ass for focusing on one horrible sentence in an otherwise apparently good article...

Though if anyone else has any similar examples, I'd like to see them. You know, fuel impotent rage and all.

via /.

Fire or ice...

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Heat death sounds appealing. According to a chart from NOAA, it looks like it will feel like it's somewhere between 115-130 degrees F tomorrow. As opposed to the brisk 104 today.


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The "blog barrons"?
The "cybernetic commisars"?

Since I'm posting this am I either "cyberntic" or a "commisar"?

I'm going to start shooting pundits.

Oh shit...

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You pissed off Studs. Now his 94 year old body will be filled with the power of righteous indignation. He will rend his red-and-white checked shirt and use the strands to garrot spineless DOJ lawyers everywhere.

Well, a boy can dream...

Things I hate right now...

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-old paint
-water damaged plaster
-sanding all of the above

Comment from: scott [Member] ·
What happened?
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
I decided to fix the shelves in my closet.
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