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I have 60 drawers.

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And a unicycle.

And that's why his work is better than that god damn fucking bullshit yarn.

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In Mr. Serra’s case you can also call it democratic art because it sticks to pure form that requires no previous
expertise to grasp. There’s no coy narrative, no insider joke or historical allusion or meta-art theme. There’s none
of what Mr. Serra disdainfully calls, in the show’s catalog, “post-Pop Surrealism,” by which he lumps together all
contemporary art that leans for a crutch on language and Duchamp.

I will not build a fillet brazed frame.

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I will not make a jig out of extruded Al.

I will not buy stainless dropouts, neither vertical nor horizontal.

I will not buy a torch.

I will not figure out how you fillet braze. Really. I mean it.

I have a problem.

It's a fuck'n Calfee.

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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Lugged bamboo frames are nothing new, but these bars are wonderful.
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Functional art retro-grouch-ery

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I somehow came across this blog, and was looking around at some pretty sexy frames from small builders... In the order: Ant, Clockwork, and Pereira.

There's a lot of cool stuff on the Clockwork site. I especially like the build pictorial, check out the homemade frame jig and kick ass beltsander/tube miterer.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
I like the Pereira BlingleSpeed. Fillet brazed steel with a relatively low-gloss clearcoat. It's like Ti, only cooler.

In other news: I've completely burned out on fixed gears. Anyone know if I can put a freewheel on my chub?
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Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Come on, where's the outrage?
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
No outrage from me. I don't have a freewheel, but looking at my chub it looks like it might work. Didn't we have a flip-flop chub at one point? Frame clearance might be an issue.

You could always keep the cog and put on a front free wheel trials crank. But I don't know if those can take normal rings, and you'd probly need an isis bb.
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Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I am outraged. I've just been really busy. I'll try to keep my rage more up to date in the future.
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magnetohydrodynamics are teh sexxx

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Watch the video...

The bible code of bioinformatics?

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Strange structures (close your eyes just a little bit to see more details)

Um, I don't see anything...

Am I right? Is there any practical use to this? Or is it just the same old; large enough data will have patterns of long period regardless of the structure of the data.

I have a toolbox.

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Physics is more fun than math.

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Sometimes I wish I had stayed in physics.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Wow... some high speed photos of a splash." But that's not what they are. The time between frames is on the order of a second. What substance is it? Everyone's favorite goopy plaything, oobleck or cornstarch and water. Just vibrate it at ~120Hz and watch the amazing nonlinear dynamics. There's a video and a copy of the Phys. Rev. Let. paper on the lab's page. You should really watch the video, it's crazy. [Though I had some troubles with it not playing in quicktime. And I'll mirror the paper and video incase they disappear]

For those who don't want to read the paper or watch the video [through you should really watch the video], here's two paragraphs from an Ars Journal post [where I saw this] that sums it up better than I can:

The research team created a phase diagram for this system as a function of acceleration and frequency. They found four distinct regions: unstable, meta-stable, stable, and delocalized. Unstable is just like it sounds—the holes collapse quickly after formation. In the meta-stable region holes would form, however they would collapse after some amount of time (<100,000 cycles of the mechanism). The stable region is where the holes would exist for very long times and not collapse. The final region—delocalized—is very interesting. It was found that the rims of the holes in this region would experience a build up of material. This build up of material (the finger) could grow as high as 2cm, before falling back down and creating a new hole where this process would be repeated. This would become a chain reaction that would spread across the surface, turning it into a writhing mass.

For those thinking, "What's so new about this? People have known that corn starch solutions have odd behavior for years," the research team also showed that the same phenomena occurs for solutions of small glass beads, 1-20 microns in diameter. While the exact mechanism of why this happens is unknown at this time, the researchers believe it be due to the shear thickening behavior of the fluid. Shear thickening fluids have a "critical shear rate," where they transition from a thick fluid to a very thick fluid, it is theorized that the shear rate at the edges of the holes is very close to this critical shear rate allowing the holes to be stable.

This begs the question, "Anybody know how to build a function generator and where to steal some nice piezo transducers?"

Damn it.

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Artists get to have all the fun.

That damn zeitgeist...

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This hasn't happened to me for a while, seeing some one take an idea I had a long time ago and actually finishing the project. It's nothing that amazing, and I can't say whether or not no one else has done it before...

The 'Dodgem Interactive Lighting System' is a patented design that allows lighting to be physically manipulated and repositioned by hand within a totally transparent screen.

Well, if it's patented I guess that means there's no prior art. I wonder if I can find my sketches...

[Note: Damn blog software can't parse the link where I saw this. It was at we-make-money-not-art...]

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Someone please explain to me what this thing actually does. The snippet makes absolutely no sense to me.
Do those puck things shine at stuff ouside the screen?
Is there something conductive on the inside of the screen that lets the pucks receive energy?
Do they move around with magnets or something?

Those six blue LEDs look much less blinding than, for instance, some headlamps I've seen.

Someone say something, lest I think this thing is really stupid.
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
To answer your questions...
They glow. Yes, I guess. Yes. Yes, or with fingers of a lemur. And yes it is stupid.
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I found some art...

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Seriously, two four by six foot paintings on canvas in the dumpster. I even like them.

Razzle Dazzle!

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I want to punch him in the face...

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...and choke him with his stupid bowtie.

So some conceptual artist wants to take a photograph of a room with an exposure of 100 years. [Contrast that to this which was 34 months and actually has content] When did art stop being about creating something and become this masturbatory I-am-so-fucking-clever nonsense? And then I saw this at the end of the interview...

All my conceptual art tends to be pretty long-term. Last year, I attempted to genetically engineer God in a petri dish, with some preliminary success. (I got a lot of help from the genetics laboratory at UC Berkeley, as well as researchers at UC San Francisco and the Smithsonian Institution.) That project is ongoing, through an organization I founded, called the International Association for Divine Taxonomy.

Which involved him playing loops of religious music [gregorian chants, imam calling, etc.] to fruit flys. If your ire isn't significantly raised here's a SFWeekly article about him and breeding God. I could only read the first page.


Moss Graffiti

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Crazy-ass Bicycles!

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Mixed in with a lot of recumbents are pics of some truely great bikes. They rival the venerable steeds of Chunk 666 and the BLF. Jah is mighty.


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That canoe is awesome. The shadows on all the bikes are not.
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No it can't.

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Even when you're puking or getting swastikas drawn on your passed out face you're thinking, 'I'm making history.'

Oh, because it's art. Because they made a record. Because they were aware of what they were doing. Because it's fucking art, it's not juvenile crime. Because it's capital-A Art, he get's a show at the Whitney. Let us all celebrate the self destruction of the True Artist.

From here.

Can Architecture save us?

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In this world, information flows freely and man and machine live in blissful harmony.

From here. Does this really happen? Can art save us? I once thought this was true, now I am not as sure.

I eat art.

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Snip: (via boingboing)

Is every piece of interactive art designed to make you feel like a fascist, a dupe, a cult member or someone cornered by a pervert at a party?

I am going to posit the cynical answer of: Yes, yes it is.

The quote came from this nytimes article, which saddly answers that question in the negative.