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Anwar fixed my self-referential camera.

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I want one...

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Bellman espresso machine...

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Holy crap, that is awesome. Fantes is awesome. My life is complete.
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
Amazon has it cheaper. But Fantes is cooler.
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I will not build a fillet brazed frame.

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I will not make a jig out of extruded Al.

I will not buy stainless dropouts, neither vertical nor horizontal.

I will not buy a torch.

I will not figure out how you fillet braze. Really. I mean it.

I have a problem.

Why does this work?

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Anwar I'm looking at you.

So it's an arc furnace. But it's really just an AC voltage source and a big ass inductor (which they call a reactance). So is that all it is? It says that theres's only 30 V on the working side of the inductor, is this just because 60 Hz is too fast to "push" 120 V through the inductor? (Assuming my weak understanding of inductor => opposite current => opposite voltage) And I'm assuming the arc acts like a resistor...

magnetohydrodynamics are teh sexxx

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Watch the video...


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Once again Coolhunting posted something about bicycles that's unadulterated advertising pap. Cause, who doesn't want a $4k Ellsworth cruiser? But the hub does look kind of interesting.

So it's continuously variable hub. And the design is pretty elegant. Too bad it weighs 4.2kg. Which is twice the weight of any frame I'd put it on.

But, it takes standard freewheels. Which mean it takes standard track cogs.

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You forgot to repeatedly mention the rotating balls.
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Gordon Pask?

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Self assembling electrochemical sensors? [linky]

Anybody every hear of him? Sounds like Widrow's memsistors. It was Widrow, right?

88.1 FM WMBR

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I think the the MIT station is run by a perl script running on a mac calling /usr/bin/say.

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or Steven Hawking.
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I can get a replacement shock for my Amp.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
You have an Amp? Which one?
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
An old dual downtube B2 soft tail.
It came from our benevolent lord the Dumpster.
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I have a toolbox.

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Anybody wanna go in on it?

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I think it's one of these. Only $1400.

Don't change your oil, yeah that's it...

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This paper provides an investigation of the effectiveness of the oil change, one of the most basic procedures for automobile engine preventive maintenance. The analysis in this paper is based on a review of oil, engine, and bearing technologies and on a survey of vehicle operators. The oil development, specification and approval process is also discussed. The results indicate engine reliability is significantly dependent on the period between oil changes. Surprisingly, the survey data shows that oil changes, when too frequent, can reduce the expected life of an automobile engine. The unexpected outcome is supported by lubrication technology literature. Changing engine oil at the proper mileage can improve engine reliability and has the potential to reduce nationwide waste and recycled oil by 325 million gallons annually. Despite more demanding conditions, engine reliability has also improved. Many automobile operators change engine oil more frequently than required by the manufacturer. All automobile manufacturer's provide oil change mileage recommendations which are based on the climate and the type of driving. A query in the operator's manuals is used to determine this mileage and most manufacturers require oil changes at about 7500 miles for “normal service” or 3000 miles for “severe service”. This paper concludes that automobile engine reliability will be improved by using these recommended oil drain intervals with potential results of a significant nationwide reduction in waste and recycled oil.

Ohhh... I want it...

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1980 109" Diesel Land Rover Series 3 Safari Station Wagon, 5-door, full roof rack and towbar, Fairy overdrive, new clutch, front-mounting jerry cans...

Why didn't anyone tell me about these?

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And it's only $26 at Sears.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
What is that, some sort of cordless drill press attachment?
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Comment from: collin [Member] ·
Bingo. I was trying to think up a way to make a jig to assure the correct angle with a hand drill, and I couldn't come up with anything good. I didn't think about a second chuck... So I googled "drill jig" and was clicking around and came across this "drill guide". That's not the Sears one, but they're all pretty similar.
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Ok this is just funny:

U-Verse is AT&T’s fiber IPTV service. No matter how many set top boxes you have in your household AT&T limits the number of DVRs to just one. So, what hardcore countermeasure did they employ to lock down their users? They unplugged the hard drive! No. Really. You don’t even have to look at this article by Hack-A-Day reader [Chad Brantly]; just unscrew the the cover, plug the drive in, and you’re done.

via hackaday

Ben, you need some...

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Like 5 or so. OEM GT LTS rear shocks. $10.

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
If the spring is the same length as my four banger's I might buy one of each stiffness. The adjustable damping sounds nice too.
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What is that tower called? Just photograph it.
Photosynth could eventually connect you to everything on the Web related to it.

Interesting... "Could"...

So Ben, what do ya think they're using? No beta, but they're giving a demo at SIGGRAPH. Should I go to SIGGRAPH? Do I have to pay to go to SIGGRAPH?

via /.

Comment from: ben [Member] ·
I suspect that if they're doing a demo at SIGGRAPH, the backend doesn't consist of an infinite number of monkeys chained in a basement, categorizing content... unlike Mechanical Turk.

You should try to sneak into SIGGRAPH tomorrow... and report back.
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If I heat up lithium grease on my stove, will it start on fire?

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Well, will it?

Comment from: graham [Member] ·
Hopefully, yes.
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Machine learning sucks.

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Why is the first hit on Google maps in Boston for "land rover mechanic" for the FSF? The FSF? Damn it, where's that business card...

But Google did find me a 1976 MGB with a 225Hp 3.5L Rover V8. Hooray! Now where did I put my gold bullion...

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Koolstof is een scheikundig element met symbool C en atoomnummer 6. Het is een kleurloos niet-metaal.

Carbon is a chemical element with symbol C and nuclear number 6. it is colourlessly nonmetal.

[idea via kolstof surfboards, dutch via wikipedia, english via babelfish]