Let's go fly a kite...

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Wow... Wonderful work man. How you got this idea ? Really it's amazing...
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White's move and mate in two.

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No hidden pieces. Black pawn direction doesn't matter.

Ba dum ching.

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A friend of mine found an interesting anagram of "BANACH TARSKI".

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Fucking mathematicians. They come up with formal systems and then complain when they don't make sense.

Also, that the notion of area wasn't formalized until 1901 (and wasn't proved consistent until 1979) really pisses me off.
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I have 60 drawers.

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And a unicycle.

Anwar fixed my self-referential camera.

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And history goes round and round...

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I. Everything is at its Acme-

especially the art of making one's way in the world. There is more required nowadays to make a single wise man than formerly to make Seven Sages, and more is needed nowadays to deal with a single person than was required with a whole people in former times.

-Balthasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom 1637

"It's an old man's drink, it's boring, it tastes like shit"

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And most people are stupid. I'm not sure I like this guy. Blending Caol Ila?

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I bought a bottle of Scapa the other day. The label's different now.
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I want one...

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Bellman espresso machine...

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Holy crap, that is awesome. Fantes is awesome. My life is complete.
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Amazon has it cheaper. But Fantes is cooler.
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Fall down.

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Lasted about a week. Back up with brackets into the ceiling.

They cut down the trees in front of my childhood home.

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Birthplace of the Schwinn of Rustiness

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Ah shadenfreude...

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After several years of hibernating in my parent's garage, I dug my bike out and brought it to the local repair shop for a much needed tune-up. They quickly informed me that my 14 year-old U-lock was not going cut it on the mean streets of New York and then demonstrated by easily opening it with a regular Bic pen.

So I needed a new lock. The recommended approach is to use at least two, one to secure both wheels to the frame and another to secure the frame to a post—which doesn't even cover the seat.

What about your fork? ZOMG!

The true test is always on the street. After a night of being locked to parking sign on a dark street off Houston, I found the bike with both wheels and the seat exactly where I left if it. The handle bars, however, were gone.


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I love the dangling participle because it's entirely plausible.
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I didn't do it.
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Incedibly precarious bicycles...

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Is the Amp all done? It looks kind of fun...
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It's rideable. Should probably get a bushing kit for the fork though.
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where's the picture after the fall? I want disaster.
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Danger bear, danger bear...

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We were more indie.

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You suck like the love child of a pornstar and a hoover CoolHunting. Stop pimping this corporate shit...

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The one in the top left reminds me of something. I can't quite place it though...
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Such a pain in my ass...

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Still slop in the frame/fork...

Lawyers make the world more boring.

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video on this page.

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I tried to click on the video.
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That's because the video is a saveable but not linkable streaming wmv. And it's mostly how to assemble/use it.
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This old guy is core.

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'51 Raleigh with a 62-42-22 triple, homemade derailleurs, suicide shift on the front.

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God bless America. That crankset is ridiculous.
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And that's why his work is better than that god damn fucking bullshit yarn.

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In Mr. Serra’s case you can also call it democratic art because it sticks to pure form that requires no previous
expertise to grasp. There’s no coy narrative, no insider joke or historical allusion or meta-art theme. There’s none
of what Mr. Serra disdainfully calls, in the show’s catalog, “post-Pop Surrealism,” by which he lumps together all
contemporary art that leans for a crutch on language and Duchamp.