Bicycle Liberation Front

Blaze ever brighter the flames of proletarian struggle in our homeland! The beacon of emancipation is with us!

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This all started earlier thie summer of 2001, the year I took a PanAm flight to the moon. I was in summer classes at CU, and Graham was visiting. I stumbled upon Chunk 666 back in high school, but it had taken a few years for the full effect to seep in. Soon we were building bikes.

With the aid of a hacksaw, a bag of nuts and bolts, and a hammer we constructed the first two choppers. We tried to braze the mess together, but propane isn't hot enough.

Riding around town on those "contraptions" as Gene calls them is always an interesting and dangerous experience. People notice the bikes, but rarely realize the danger involved in not yielding to a chopper that is traveling at full speed.

Since those early rides, construction techniques have advanced significantly. BLF engineers now employ a circular saw with a metal cutting wheel, nuts and bolts of varying sizes, a rubber mallet, an axe wielded by Collin, and spray paint. At times we've even been known to MIG. The next generation of BLF bicycles is far more deadly than any other means of bicycular motion.