Bicycle Liberation Front

Blaze ever brighter the flames of proletarian struggle in our homeland! The beacon of emancipation is with us!

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We must destroy the bicycles in order to rebuild them...make them stronger.

The Living Room


The Porch



Wheels (some of them)


Chain (some of it)


Mafac: Josh claims that during the 80's these were ridden on the
tour. I asked him if he meant Mavics. No, he's sure they were the
Mafacs on the Tour. So horribly confused.

On ebay I saw one of these callipers go for $10. I thought that was wrong at the time. I was sad we had thrown them out, but not that sad. Then I saw them go for $263.52 on ebay. And they're slag somewhere. They sold for more than a pair of new Record callipers retails for... and Record is overpriced... my head nearly exploded.