Bicycle Liberation Front

Blaze ever brighter the flames of proletarian struggle in our homeland! The beacon of emancipation is with us!

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This is where links to local stuff will go, once we find some. Critical Mass is dead. The Thursday Night Cruiser Ride is done for the winter. For all the bikes in this town, the community sure sucks. Ten years ago things were so much better... The proletariat must unite

Bicycles shouldn't be transportation solely fit for moving around campus, or those too poor to drive cars. Everyone should bike. It keeps you healthy, it doesn't pollute. A bunch of cyclists moving around the city are much more pleasant than an equal number of cars all spewing noxious fumes into the sky.

But, most of all, cycling should be fun. Most bikes are built either for extreme economy (the Huffys and such that must be metamorphosed into BLF style contraptions) or are so bent on speed that the rider forgets to enjoy themselves. Grimacing roadies pumping GU into their mouths can't possibly be enjoying themselves. Sure it'd be nice to be as strong as Cipollini, but that isn't happening any time soon. Might as well have a good time instead.

Rat Patrol - Easily-identifiable symptoms of sporting goods addiction are identical to the symptoms of capitalist-driven automobile addiction. They are caused by the fetishization and worship of lifeless objects. What was once viewed as a useful tool, a means to an end, becomes the end in itself.

Chunk 666 - After the imminent Apocalypse, gasoline and bullets will be rare. Those who already ride bicycles and shoot bb guns and slingshots today will easily dominate the huddled masses tomorrow. The laws of physics will change as well. Bicycles that are ridable now will be unridable in the future, while our apparently foolish machines lay waste to the world.

University Bicycles - They think Collin's Yeti is aluminum, that my sister should buy some shitty specialized, and that I should ride a 15 inch. They are, however, only two blocks from my house. Oh yeah, Todd doesn't work there anymore, and he was the only person capable of making my GT work properly. Not even the BLF can help that thing.

Boulder Bicycle Commuters - If you have seen "The Life of Brian," then the Judean People's Front thereof gives a fair idea of what a BBC meeting was like. They sit around, and argue about expanding bike paths and such. Their pretension seems somewhat unneccesary considering the creek path and such, but they probably do some good.

FELDy Bikes - Almost as deadly as the BLF.

Fort Thunder - Strange minimalist website, with many pictures of crazy bikes

Intergalactic Single Speed - I'm not really sure what this is, but it seems to be somehow tied to IMBA. However, it looks infinitely cooler than other more typical IMBA things. - A pitiable attempt at a virtual community.